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Saturday, February 24, 2018

“The first guy” of America: bill Clinton can return to the White house

Hard to believe, but true: the 42nd President of the United States bill Clinton August 19 is 70 years old. And he had a good chance to re-settle in the walls of the White house. However, only as a spouse. As it will be called if Hillary Clinton wins the election in November? And what he can do, if you become “first husband of America”?

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Bill Clinton was not the worst President in the modern history of the United States. When it America has reached certain heights, the economy grew. And indeed Clinton himself – people in General are quite nice. (Especially in comparison with, say, Bush.) That did not prevent his name to be firmly inscribed in the history of dishonor. Here we can recall and in itself an ugly affair with Monica Lewinsky, and the lies that almost brought him to impeachment, and aggression against Yugoslavia, arranged, as many believe, it is in order to divert attention from a sex scandal…

It is unknown how often reminiscent of bill and his wife Hillary about the “hot days” with 22-year-old Intern Lewinsky. Now, in the heat of the election campaign, it is clearly not to family memoirs. Moreover, the support of my husband the mistress of former Secretary of state is very necessary.

But if all she had to emerge, and she will be able to overturn Donald trump, it’s probably time to think about what did bill and Monica in the oval office. And then to remind the erring spouse about the events of twenty years ago.

After the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1945, none of the presidents of the United States did not exceed the limit of two terms in power. Bill Clinton this limit is “developed”, leaving his post in January 2001. However, he said publicly five years ago that it is time to allow end-two-term President to run for a third term: “I have always believed that this should be the rule. I think that from a practical point of view, it cannot be applied to someone who has already worked period. But it can be applied in the future.”

Anyway, unlike his predecessors William Jefferson Clinton has a lot of odds to live four years in the White House. Even if it is not the role of the head of state and as a member of the “first family of America.”

Given the fact that his wife Hillary is a very substantial chance of winning the November elections the Republican candidate, Donald trump, bill Clinton “risks” to become “first husband” of the United States.

Actually, it’s no surprise that the head of state or government is a woman who has a husband, sometimes accompanying her to various tour. About the wife of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Professor Joachim Sauer, for example, has long been known that he ever avoided meeting with the press, still sometimes is forced to show up at events with the “second halves” of the powerful. But Clinton still is a special case. After all, he is a former President.

In the American (and not only) the media and social networks trending question: how in case of victory, Hillary will name bill Clinton? This topic arose when Hillary Clinton first announced his presidential ambitions in 2007. Someone thinks it is quite appropriate name of “the First gentleman” by analogy with “First lady.” There are other opinions.

– They can go the Victorian way, and to stop the choice on the “first consort”, – expressed his opinion Vivien from London, alluding to albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1819-1861), who was Prince consort to the British Queen Victoria.

Online at the both sides of the Atlantic, a discussion. Becky parton from Atlanta (GA), for example, argues: “the Former President is always called “President so-and-So”, so if Hillary Clinton is elected President, the White house will be two of President Clinton. These, according to tradition, will turn to President bill Clinton and President Hillary Clinton. So it is unlikely that the bill will be called the “First gentleman”. But Quentin Langley from the UK said: “Becky parton is not quite right. Informal can actually be two presidents Clinton in the White house, like in 2007, could be two of President Bush, when Bush’s dad ran there for tea. However, formally these should be presented as follows: “the President of the United States and President Clinton.”

Most original, perhaps, is the suggestion to call bill Clinton: First Laddy, what does “first lad”. By the way, almost the sense of ” First Bloke, that is “the first dude”) in the media name was Tim Mathieson, roommate Julia Gillard is the first Australian woman to head the government (2010-2013).

Recently news website Vox.com together with the research company Morning Consult surveyed 1921 American on the topic: “What title you want to assign to bill Clinton, if Hillary Clinton was elected President?”. 43% decided what to call him simply: “Former President bill Clinton.” 20 percent like the “First gentleman.” 11% would prefer it to be called “First man” (First man), 8% – “the First husband” (First husband). 3 percent of respondents supported these options: “First husband” (First mate) and the “First dude” (First dude).

Question name one way or another solved. Much more interesting than can do bill Clinton, if he will return to the White house.

More or less clear what he will do. The New York Times, citing advisers to Hillary Clinton, reports that the former President will no longer participate regularly in the meetings of the Cabinet of the United States, it will not be invited to the situation Room, he retires to the Clinton Foundation. And he will have no office in the West wing of the White house.

Hillary Clinton herself once mentioned that in case of his victory will instruct the husband to rebuild the American economy (“He can do it!”). But did not specify in what capacity he would be doing this.

However, what to divide a skin of not killed bear? First, the former first lady it is necessary to defeat trump. And maybe it would be the most it is a great gift for the 70th birthday of her husband.


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