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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The destruction of the Dagestani mafia will get the Republic back to Russia

What is happening in Dagestan can be compared with the second Chechen war. At least, the goal is the same: the return of the territory in the Russian legal field. The defeat of the local mafia clans becoming more serious, while Moscow will do everything in order not to give to rock the three-millionth Republic.

After ten days ago was dealt a mortal blow to the clan of one of the “godfathers” of the Republic Sagid Murtazaliyev – arrested the head they controlled the Kizlyar district Vinogradov and filed a criminal case against the fugitive in the Emirates of the head of the Dagestan branch of the Pension Fund were expected to continue Stripping local elites.

“We had to take up the cleaning of Dagestan – to return trust of people to power itself”

And she followed swiftly – the last Sunday of the FSB special forces once again stormed the house of the district head, this time Buynaksk. Arrested Daniyal Shikhsaidov – the son of the Chairman of the people’s Assembly of Dagestan Khizri Shihsaidov. He is suspected of “organizing and financing illegal armed groups, as well as repeated financing of terrorism”. On the same day it became known about criminal cases concerning two heads of districts – they are, however, not yet arrested: the head of the Tarumovsky district of Marina Abramkina and head of the kizilyurtovsky district of Bahaudin Adamatova suspected fraud. Abramkina refers to people of Avar Murtazalieva, and Agametov Kumyk by nationality, as shihsaidov arrested.

Thus, the impact caused by the clans, representing two of the four main ethnic groups of Dagestan – Avars and Kumyks. The third ethnic group, the Dargins, were significantly weakened after the arrest two years ago, the mayor of Makhachkala said Amirov, to eliminate that and start fighting with the clans. Now be prepared and the rest in the first place Lezghins within the four most numerous nationalities. Moscow, of course, and in the fight against mafia clans will consciously adhere to the principle of “national quota” in order not to give the Dagestanis even have a reason to see the current purges any national bias.

Strictly speaking, the principle of “national quotas” and became one of the most important reasons for the formation of an abnormal situation in Dagestan over the past quarter century. The complicated ethnic composition of the Republic and the intricate inter-ethnic relations, with the concomitant land disputes, on the one hand, frightened Moscow, who feared international conflicts, but have also allowed local clans to speculate on this, building mafia in fact, vertically-integrated power groups, and actually go out of control Federal government.

Additional condition for the formation of the Dagestan disease was the status of the frontal region, bordering Chechnya – almost to the middle of zero is also contributed to the fact that the Republic preferred not to touch from Moscow. First is the Federal center was not simple forces – but after the middle of zero the other regions more or less returned in a single legal field and began to approach the system update of the elites, it turned out that to work in Dagestan, Moscow has virtually none.

Local clans cemented on the national and Patriotic principle, had to subjugate themselves to do all in Dagestan – the economy, the state apparatus, personnel, social sphere. The country was divided into fiefdoms of clan – which were both areas, and individual sectors of the economy, such as utilities. In General, everything was decided by bribes and kickbacks. Of course, there was corruption in other regions of Russia, but there it is not acquired of this magnitude and did not reach this level of quality. But the main thing is not even that – nowhere else in Russia have not survived until today, such large-scale, the amount of tremelloni of the Republic, sustained the criminal community in the government. The real mafia.

Murder, the uncontrolled circulation of weapons, drugs, total corruption, embezzlement, mad registration, trade posts, money laundering, theft of Federal transfers and local taxes – all this became the norm, and nothing could make the Republican leadership: because the gangster methods was characteristic of all the major clans, and the bandits themselves were a natural part of clans, and sometimes led by them. The share of Russian population in the Republic decreased in two times – in Makhachkala and even more, that is to dilute the power planovima the people has become impossible. Under the full control of Moscow, in fact, only part of the law enforcement agencies, primarily the FSB (Ministry of interior has also been completely divided along clan lines). Classic mafia in power, with a Caucasian flavor.

Dagestan lived as a state within a state and the additional complexity of the situation gave the fact that in the largest North Caucasian Republic was formed and the most powerful and massive armed underground. After the defeat of the main forces of terrorists in Chechnya, Dagestan has become the hot spot in Russia – it was there since the middle of the zero was to be committed the most terrorist attacks and killings of law enforcement officers.

Formally wielded by the supporters of the “Islamic underground” – had gone into the woods by terrorists, who advocated the building of an Islamic state in and out of Russia. But in reality, as mentioned by many in the country, among gone into hiding there were many just protesting against injustice, those who were dissatisfied with the mafia way by the local authorities. And among them were many children of high-ranking officials graduated from Moscow University and have not experienced any material difficulties. In addition, everyone in the country knew that “forest” is often just used to put pressure on competitors – that is, the officials have actually hired the terrorists to intimidate or eliminate unwanted or even cheated on them that have made themselves.

It was clear that long in this format Dagestan will not last, will be a blast. Moreover, the revival of Islam in the Republic has led to the fact that not meeting any religious rules of lifestyle, behaviour and methods of “problem solving” mafia clans served the best fertilizer for the growing popularity of the radical Islamists calling for armed Jihad and to secede from Russia. It was necessary to take up the cleaning of Dagestan to restore people’s trust in the government itself. The unexpected appointment in early 2013, the head of the Republic Ramazan Abdulatipov – Avar origin, many decades ago who went from Dagestan to Moscow and not tied to any mafia clan, became a signal that the Federal center understands the complexity of the situation and is ready systematically to deal with the rehabilitation of a sick government.

Six months after the advent of abdulatipova fell the most powerful clan chief in Dagestan – a man who was considered the shadow Governor of the Republic, the mayor of Makhachkala said Amirov. In the future, abdullatipov cleaning staff, changed heads, tried to limit the influence of the clans – but the fracture did not occur.

In may last year, the presidential envoy in the North Caucasus, Lieutenant-General Sergei Melikov – Lezgins by nationality, born in the suburbs all my life and served in the internal troops. It was clear that he would have special attention to Dagestan, where his father was born. For more than a year of work on the post of the envoy Melikov had to thoroughly investigate the situation – and the initiative is now started operations, to defeat the clans is clearly not only from Moscow but also from Pyatigorsk, which houses the office of the Plenipotentiary representative of the President.

Efforts by the FSB and the Investigative Committee to restore order in Dagestan is completely insufficient. We need not just a readjustment of the Republican elite, a gradual but consistent personnel revolution on a scale difficult to respect the national territory. Not just to defeat the mafia and to create such local and Republican authorities which will trust themselves Dagestanis, most of all, tired of the era of “strong men”, privatized power and property.


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