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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Russian society is rapidly recovering

The events of the last two years significantly accelerated the changing attitudes of citizens to the future of Russia. Grow not just Patriotic sentiments and a sense of responsibility for their country. This is evident in the data of various sociological polls, such as the new study about the attitude of Russians to the army and universal conscription.

For the upcoming defender of the Fatherland Day sociologists publish data of surveys on military issues.

“The General is again higher than personal means, a key law life of Russian people working again”

New polls by the Levada center and VTSIOM predictable showed that the majority (65 percent) believes that there is a military threat of Russia, while 80 to 90 percent (the highest figure for all years) are sure, that our army in case of war to protect the country. But the most interesting and unexpected results gave the answer to the question about the attitude to compulsory military service. The majority – 58 percent – of respondents “Levada center” called for the preservation and the future of mandatory service in the army.

The debate about whether to keep conscription or need a gradual transition to a contract army, conducted the entire post-Soviet period. The slogan “a Proper and modern army is a contract” was one of the key in a gentlemanly set of Pro-Western reformers. While actively implement the contract service become zero but gradually it became clear that to replace conscription army hired will not work, and the mixed principle of formation is optimal.

With all this, although the lifespan was reduced by half, the idea of giving up universal conscription remained popular in the society. The same surveys showed that from 1998 to 2012 supporters of a future migration to a contract army was a significant majority – 64 percent to 51 percent (only in the beginning of 2008, there were 48, but still more than supporters of the call).

But in January 2014, i.e. even before the Crimea, supporters of the contract was 48 percent and the current survey show a decline in the level of support for this idea to 37. Accordingly, the number of supporters of universal conscription has increased over two years by almost half – from 40 percent to 58 percent. This is a very noticeable change – and it speaks volumes.

And not that “fear drives people to scoop” is now the favorite mantra of liberals about any unpleasant changes in public attitudes. And not even the fact that people see the growing external threats, and therefore, is “the militarization of consciousness.” It’s much more serious is the attitude of the people towards their country.

The fact that the attitude of the army as the distinguished society Institute – it is normal and right regardless of how tense the international situation. But more importantly the attitude of the army as to the cause – that is, to what brings people together. Contract army with all its advantages has one disadvantage outweighs all: it is not universal. No matter how to use the word – “duty”, “obligation”, even “duty,” but the universal service – it is universal. That is the same for all – regardless of origin, place of residence and social status. Even if equality is not respected in the same corruption – that it is at least declared that is important. To abandon it would be to knock a further support from the already battered General house.

The fact that people again begin to perceive military service to their children – but the bulk of the respondents referred to persons of military age – as a duty, is a good sign of improvement in the General atmosphere in our society. 10 percent, to 58, and increased the number of those who said that they would prefer military service of his relative, in case the need arises – and only 27 percent said that would help him to avoid military duty. 27 – too much, but ten years ago this answer was given twice more, 53 percent!

Of course, in relation to military service played a role and that changing the army itself, but still, it’s not the main reason. The most important is the attitude of the people in the state, to country. In spite of all efforts to discredit all sides of our Russian reality, in spite of all the real socio-economic problems and injustices, more people are again ready to serve his country. So the total is again above the personal and the personal is seen as part of a common, not opposed to them. That is the key law for the formation and life of the Russian people and its state is working again.

No matter how trying to divide the society, no matter how set against him to the government, no matter how ridiculed the army and the Church (and uniting people), no matter how indoctrinated the public that the government is in the hands of anti-national elite, and so instead of Russia you’re going to shed blood for yacht Abramovich”, no matter how broken buckles failed. And returns a natural, normal attitude to yourself, to your people.

Because the service of the Motherland – this is service to his people, that is the same as you, and that this attitude is a sign of the existence of a single nation, which by common efforts and the war is won, and the country will retain for themselves and their “elite” form, and go their own way.

Good that more and more people talking about the fact that there is a common, sacred things that are not even discussed, because it is a shame to question their value – family, people, faith, justice, army, homeland.


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