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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Russian realize their independence

Russians don’t consider Russia a European country – as evidenced by the survey “Levada-center”. And it is not a consequence of the conflict with the West. This is the basis of the present, natural as the air of patriotism without humiliation and without faith in their own uniqueness, but understanding their history, values, and forces.

Sociologists have told about how in Russia belong to the thesis that Russia is a European country. This question for the last two hundred years has been extremely important for the elite, and in Soviet times, and became almost the main slogan of the Pro-Western reforms.

“The Russians refused to be Europeans – as if they either painted the delights of Western life, and no matter how dark nor portrayed all their past and present existence”

After the beginning of the conflict with the West over Ukraine, where the authorities under the slogan “Ukraine is Europe” (replaced the old “Ukraine – not Russia”) came Russophobic forces, our liberals began to talk about the “national tragedy” – “yet another attempt to deprive Russia of its belonging to the European civilization”. Here, again, darkness covers the Asiatic Russian plain, destroying all of the bright, democratic, European. Alleged power to inspire people, so uncivilized, aversion to the West, intimidates coming from the West threatened military and moral. And the people turn away from true values, choosing serfdom and stagnation.

That figures, sociologists say “Levada-center” – for the past seven years has changed radically the number of those who agree with the statement that Russia is a European country. If in 2008 there were 56 percent vs 32 percent disagree), now, in the autumn of last year, there were only 32. While 59 percent, nearly two-thirds, do not consider Russia as Europe. Difficult years have come…

I must say that the “Levada-center”, as is often the case with him, a little disingenuous – that is, trying to present the case so that supporters of neuropahty Russia has become much more in recent years and, therefore, is a consequence of foreign policy events and political discussions. But sociology is a tricky thing – it all depends on how and whom you ask. For example, the results of the survey “Levada-center” for the beginning of 2007 – they were published on February 14, just four days after the Munich speech of Putin, but the studies themselves, of course, was held before her.

Even then, “the Perception of Russians of European values” looked, and 71% did not consider themselves Europeans. And that’s nine years ago, before any open conflict with the West. Even then, almost half of the respondents were sure that the EU is a threat for Russia, its financial and industrial independence, and a third believed that it is necessary to strengthen and develop long-term relationships. Half of the respondents thought that Russia may borrow from Western democracy and culture, and about a third believed that Western democracy does not suit Russia.

It is clear that over the past two years, the number are critical to Europe have increased, but it is caused primarily by the conflict with the West. Also increased and the number of those who negatively assesses European values – but this is understandable as an active information campaign highlighting all the charms of multiculturalism and tolerance, and the General rise in Patriotic sentiment in Russia. But the most important is not how Russians relate to today’s Europe, and what they consider themselves. The question of identity is key for any civilization, especially in times of crisis, and the search for common values.

Russia imposes self-determination through the European, of course, was initially incorrect and biased. Just like the favorite thesis of the systemic liberals “Power in Russia is the only European” or the creed of ” liberal revolutionaries “Russians are genetically incapable of democracy”. But given that the main purpose of recoding the entire policy of Russia in the 90s was the belief of the people that it belongs to European civilization and the inculcation of an inferiority complex – we are the wretched child “enlightened Europe”, you can see what results have been attained by our internal “europeization”.

And it turns out that virtually no. On a site “Levada-the centre” the results of the answers to the question “To what extent do you now feel like a man of Western culture?” in 1993 and 2015. I always remember this: in 1993 – one percent, and 22 years later – two percent. “This is for me quite important,” growth of 5 percent to 10 percent. But “I don’t feel it answered 50 percent in 1993 and 53 in 2015. Not recoded Russian people – and despite the fact that in the last two decades the idea of European culture (part of which are free market and capitalist relations, and postmodern morality) became much better.

You can argue about what is the real European values, and what is not, what Russia received from Europe, and lost from her role model is all very interesting and important. In the 19th century debates about national and European Russia was more than rough – and despite the fact that Russia, starting with Peter, borrowed much of Europe, even people from the westernized classes understand the threats that conceals the existence of two Russias – French – and Russian-speaking. But in the 19th century for the vast majority of Russians – including the educated class – the question of the independence of the Russian civilization, not even standing. It was taken for granted – for all disputes of Westerners and Slavophiles.

The Soviet period, at first the General was an experiment to create a new community – ethnic Soviet people, although soon the Bolsheviks actually surrendered to the national factor. But then the Soviet (most of whom still saw themselves as the Russian people, there is no question of “are we Europeans or not?”. The originality of the Soviet edition of the Russian civilization was realized by all.

But by the time of the crisis of socialist values and the disintegration of the Soviet Union the “European issue” again began to unfurl in full. First as “we should be together with the West, going to friends houses, will learn them proper farming” and then, after coming to power in Russia, the radical Westerners, and is in the form of “Backward barbaric Russia is the stepson of the West, and she needs to catch up with the departed ahead of advanced Nations.” And to drive the Russians to a bright future began as a radical methods, as with the early Bolsheviks – through total demolition of the social, economic and cultural order.

Started a real colonization of Russia by the West. Moreover, the principal conductors of it was not even foreigners, and their own “Europeans”. They blindly adopted these Western models, from the Constitution to the advertising, not worrying about whether they fit Russia, and about how well they will ensure the domination of the newly created “elite”. Westernization has naturally led to the formation of semi-colonial ruling class – he became not just the main beneficiary, but the main “European Russia”.

Another very important item on the program was the integration of Russia into the Western world on the rights of dependent satellites. But since she was too stubborn, had to convince people that he is a dolt and incompetent, greedy and lazy, and his only salvation is to learn from the older brothers of the West wits. But, surprisingly, the Russians refused to be Europeans and to recognize their lack of independence – as if they either painted the delights of Western life, and no matter how dark nor portrayed all their past and current existence.

The Russians chose their identity, their civilization, their way. Yes, for thousands of years we have interacted with different cultures and civilizations in the East, West, South. We learned they have different, sometimes too carried away by dressing up, sometimes got into a terrible ideological dependence on foreign schemes. There were periods of chuzhebesiya and adulation, comparable to the 90s, there were times of bitter disappointment in the overseas idols, and the realization that the pursuit of “correct books” or rebellion almost lost the faith of the fathers. But every time the Russian people had found in himself the strength to fight your, anyone not like the way of the future.

Europeans, Asians, our neighbors in the past and present will always be interested in us, we will always compare their life with mine. But just realize its self-sufficiency, we will be able really properly equip your home to take a worthy place in the world. In a world where almost no one has ever doubted that the Russian – is unique, no one else like civilization.


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