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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Remains of Russian Efimova in California

Olympic medalist Yuliya Efimova already a few days in the spotlight of the press. First, because of the attacks on her American athletes, then because of his own statements that after the Games she’ll be back in the US, where “easier to live”. But the problem is not Efimova, and how we should treat those who bring the glory of Russia, but lives abroad.

On Monday, the media reported a quote from an interview with three-time Olympic medalist in swimming Yulia Efimova American TV channel CNN – it turned out that the Russian woman said that he plans after the Games to return to Los Angeles, where earlier training.

“There is no purpose to lock up all in the country-the fortress – and there is a desire to make their country a better place”

Efimova admitted that in the United States “life is much easier, than in Russia. All smiles… Russian live a very difficult life from an early age. Day-to-day. Therefore, they are aggressive. America is changing. America changed me.

These words aroused the indignation of the Russian public, after just a few days ago for Efimov worried after she was subjected to obstruction of the American athletes. Her rival at the swim Lily king was troubled by the fact that Efimova after winning the semifinals held up his index finger and shook it: “wiggle your finger, and you were caught doping. I don’t support it”. Then the famous Michael Phelps was negatively expressed in the address Efimova, Recalling that she had two incidents of doping, one of which she was acquitted.

In the end, even the functionaries of the IOC stood up for Efimov, stating that the athletes should have the opportunity to safely compete and not be attacked by rivals. And the winner of silver medals commented on the incident:

“It was a war. It was like a nightmare. The end of the competition is a relief. I love to compete, but it was like a war. It was horrible I have no ill feelings for the Americans for what they say, but it was a shame for Russia. It was a trick!

It was just a global injustice. As if all this was specially made. Take the situation with inflammation, because it is not excreted from the body. I am in very good shape, and then it all started… Kind of like me I admit since Meldonium, I will. But, apparently, not Dolman yet – let’s take her! This is the state of “here and there”, it was, of course, terrible.”

Then the king, first saying that pleased that she “found the courage to call a spade a spade”, yet apologized to Efimova, and our swimmer reiterated that it did not hold a grudge against a rival, which just don’t have enough life experience.

It is clear that after such a history of the word Efimova that in the United States to live a better life and she will be back to were perceived in Russia, to put it mildly, bad. The next day, however, Yefimov said that her words were incorrectly stated:

“Russian media perekoverkali my words in an interview with CNN. I said I’ll be back in the USA, only to pick up my stuff. My apartment’s paid up for another six months, and I will come back to collect their things. Then there’s the world Cup, and after that I will decide where I train in Russia, Europe, USA or start my own club.”

So be it – but the sediment, as they say, remained. Efimov nothing to criticize – she had trained in the States, now decide again to go there or to return to Russia. Even the words about the aggressive Russian and smiling Americans can be attributed to the fact that the person Efimova happened. Having lived the last five of my 24 years in the United States, born in Grozny and raised in Taganrog, girl really had to face the hard life in the Rostov region and comfortable in California. And to make your personal experience far-reaching generalizations. So God is her judge.

Here the problem, or rather question, to Russian society: how we treat those of our compatriots who live abroad and serves as Russia brings her fame? It is clear that the medals Efimova is its contribution to the “Russian victory”, and at least for that she deserves respect.

It is clear that everyone wants to see our Olympic Champions and talented mathematics and Opera singers have lived and worked in Russia. It’s a natural Patriotic feeling. And it needs only one thing – that same feeling was a particular champion of the winner and just a talented person. If he has no love of country, any conditions you can’t hold it. Another thing is that the lack of good conditions for work (whether research or practice) puts even loving Russia is facing a difficult choice that one makes based on his personal scale of values.

It is clear that the country needs to be developed to acknowledge the talents of all its citizens and not only of the Olympians, or scientists, but still they must be cared for particularly. And now, in contrast to the mid-zero, not to mention the 90s, these conditions or is at least created. Although it is clear that there are still “gaping holes” that you can make only abroad.

But to make sure that they worked in Russia, there is no purpose to lock up all in the country-the fortress. There is a desire to make their country a better place, in no way inferior to foreign countries. In General, the living conditions, and in particular, in terms of creativity and productivity. In this ambition, it is the basis of desires that Efimova has been training in Russia.

The world certainly became very close and global, and even for simple experience is useful and interesting to work in different countries, especially where there is a lot to learn. But in the past, frankly, not all Russians are sitting at home. Otherwise we would not have built the world’s largest country, he came to California in the East and Afghanistan in the South. As the great Russian went to Baden-Baden or Rome, there to write great books. Not because they were bad in Russia – but because it was interesting to see how it works, see Rafael or medical treatment famous doctors. Especially that the very post-Petrine Russian elite were raised in a European spirit, seen in Europe, a cultural and civilizational landmark (although already in the XIX century, in the course of acquaintance, and began to realize the difference between us).

Now everything simultaneously easier and more difficult. Easier because Russia is regaining its sense of self-sufficiency, uniqueness, and more difficult because experiencing as the rest of the world, of the extraordinary strength of the pressure of supranational, global culture.” In these circumstances, it is possible to live a Russophobe and in the center of Moscow, and to remain Russian, working on the banks of the Thames – it all depends on the desires and attitudes of a particular person. And work in Russia, its power and glory from anywhere in the world. And not only scouts.


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