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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New theatrical season enters into the struggle for the viewer

Opens a new theatrical season. There is no doubt that the difficult economic conditions and neminuchaya as death, optimization of cultural institutions create conditions for competition between theaters in the struggle for the audience and as a result for cash. And today she is the main indicator of work of creators and their companies for leadership of the country and the city. Rightly or cruel, good or bad for business is a moot point. But the fact that the competition in the season promises to be brutal, no doubt. Just look at the list of announced Prime the first half of the season to realize that they all claim (yet theoretically) become hits and “bombs”. Reviewer “MK” has walked on stages large and small theatres in the capital. So there you go.

Oedipus from the Vakhtangov: Viktor Dobronravov. Photo: Alexander Toloshinov

“PRIDE AND PREJUDICE” (the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov). Premiere at the famous English novel by Jane Austen. A novel with many film adaptations and TV versions (earliest refers to 1940, at the latest by 2004), a rare guest on the stage. Young Director Alexei Frandetti (actor, Director, a graduate of Tashkent “Ilkhom”) dared not only to move great novel on stage, but also to make a musical out of it. More — world premiere, the music for which was written by Broadway composer Peter Ekstrom. In short, theatre Artistic efforts Frandetti and young actors will try to overtake the Broadway.

Young the audacity and boldness of city takes. It is useful to recall that my novel Jane Austen started writing at the age of 21 in the late EIGHTEENTH century and early NINETEENTH (1813) a novel sample of romanticism, elegance and irony — I saw the light. I can not give a couple of quotes from him: “I would willingly forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine”. Or: “for the Sake of one person cannot change the views on decency and virtue. And you can’t convince me or yourself that greed is prudence, a neglect of common sense — a sure way to happiness.

Pride and prejudice…

Alexey frandetti: “the Main idea of our performance — to be open to life, to someone who wants to be with you beside. This is especially important today, when the little people speak and communicate eye to eye prefer to hide behind nicknames in social networks.

Musical “Pride and prejudice” promises to be a vast canvas, which employs more than 30 artists, mostly the younger part of the Moscow art theatre (Maria Karpova, Daria Abralinsky, Sophia Reisman, Stas Belyaev, Oleg Savtsov). At the age roles — Lika Rulla, Kristina Babushkina, Vladislav Lavrentev. Sewn more than 200 costumes. But most importantly, according to the Director, “Pride and prejudice” do without modern distortions: a classical reading of the classic novel.

“WHILE filled with BEER” (me). Here beer specifically, but not figuratively. And pour into it will be none other than writer, playwright, the darling of intellectuals Eugene Grishkovets. The basis of his new play went his own experience as a bartender, first at the Ural province, far from the capital, and then in London. The secrets of this profession, by the way, having a whole community in social networks, the character of the people involved in it, become a theme for the play of improvisation.

Yes, it is improvisation on the theme of life of people in bars continues improvisational experiments of the School of modern drama, where there are already three performances made this dangerous, but very interesting method. In addition to Yevgeny Grishkovets on stage 12 artists who take not the prop beer. But without a degree. And at the moment the theatre is in talks with several companies, which on certain conditions will provide soft drinks for the artists. Filtered or not, you will see it from the audience.

photo: From personal archive
The Bartender Grishkovets.

“OEDIPUS Rex” (Theater.Yevgeny Vakhtangov). Sophocles ‘ tragedy to present to Moscow the artistic Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Rimas Tuminas. Ancient Greek tragedy about the impotence of man to God’s Providence, fate destiny has twice tried in the homeland of the ancient tragedy in the ancient theater of Epidaurus (14 million viewers) and Athens (for 4 thousand spectators), and even with the participation of Greek chorus. The main role is performed by our artists — Lyudmila Maksakova, Viktor Dobronravov, Evgeny Knyazev, Vitalis, Semenov and others.

“Oedipus the king”: a terrible fate. Photo: Alexander Toloshinov

As the ancient Greek tragedy, played outdoors, in the natural design of the mountainous Greek landscape, fit into the walls of the academic theatre, we will see in November. Important question are whether, and in what form one incredibly huge part of the scenery, invented by Adomas by Acousticom — it can rightly be considered the most accurate sign of the tragedy of Sophocles.

Important information: a Greek chorus, performed by actors of the National Greek theater only twice will perform at the renowned Vakhtangov theater.

“MECHTATELI” theatre. Of the Council). The Prime Minister is preparing for the anniversary of Victor Sukhorukov. This amazing, anyone not like the actor in partnership with a colleague from the Bolshoi drama theater Andriy Surkovym will take us to a now unfriendly country for us — the United States of America, in new York, Central Park. Two elderly gentleman — a dreamers, dreamers, and liars — run from the world that wants to get rid of them as from the waste material. American play Herba Gardner “I’m not Rappaport” (translated by Sergei Tusk) called “Dreamers.”

Viktor Sukhorukov: “it’s not the anniversary. For me it was a confession and I want to speak without makeup that awaits me. I want to warn the world: we are all relatives old age (present and future), we have a common ancestor death. The first time I heard the topic about which you have the opportunity to talk seriously. I so loved his character, a comma will make. From this role there is a sense of “dessert”, and I want them to enjoy it.”

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
Dreamer Sukhorukov.

But any confession the talent of Viktor Ivanovich is known to easily turn into a farce. Therefore, the genre of their “Dreamers”, he defines as a tragicomedy. The Duo Sukhorukov—Sharkov help young actors theatre. Directed by Sergei Aronin fundamentally without modern technology will try to materialize on the stage of the imagination of the characters of the play.

“MOSCOW — OPEN CITY/the TRANSITION” (CBD Kazantsev and Roshchin). Vladimir Pankov, the newly appointed artistic Director in a dying theatre, decided to breathe in the experimental area of youth life. He once started in the CBD, where I participated in a wonderful project “Moscow — an open city”, which showed our capital from the informal side. And now as the artistic Director intends to make a new “Moscow” with all of the changes that have occurred in recent years.

It will be a kind necklace of dialogues, monologues and short stories, United, of course, the original music in live performance. More specifically, the musical theater style, whose author is Vladimir Pankov, — SounDram’Oh. In addition, this project should finally show Moscow theatre acting potential of the company, namikawa without good leadership the last few years.

Vladimir Pankov: “it is no Coincidence that in the well-known name appeared, the word “transition”. This designation and social topics (“Transition” I’m in my SounDram’e did a few years ago), and transition as the style: from word to music, from music to dance and so on. It’s a kind of parade of different types of social characters, today living in our favorite city.”

What would be the types that strikes our imagination, nor was inhabited by the ancient capital, there is no doubt that the play is under the unofficial motto “Moscow — my love”.

“PARADE” (Contemporary). New Comedy by Alexander Galin directed by Sergei Gazarov. Despite the title, no parade, demonstrations with banners on the stage of “Contemporary” is not expected. The action takes place in a single hotel room Amsterdam, where we arrived a large provincial official with his wife and got chicken in oschip, in the gay pride parade. And not so much for the parade itself, many are faced with the participants. This contact turned out to be hilarious.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev
A Ephraim: father and son on parade.

The clash of traditional looks with nontraditional situation and non-traditional characters written by a virtuoso Galinam and cause Homeric laughter. But in the end the laughter turns into a hell of bitterness and pain. Surprisingly, in the scene first meet, father and son Ephraim, who play father and son. Efremov, Sr., Michael O., to date, distinguishing the best Russian comedian and actor, and Efremov, Jr., Nikita Mikhailovich, full of promise. In the role of wife and mother will perform Alena Babenko.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Sergey Gazarov: “There is not the parade itself is the main subject we are talking about the pressing problem of society, Russian and, in principle, is the intolerance of one generation to another. Not only parents are intolerant of children who are constantly taught to live, but also the children themselves that actively set their own rules of life, parents often say that “zeroes”. And for me it does not matter where the action is — at the gay parade or drug addiction, I say as the father of three sons, what is the problem unsolvable. Intolerance can lead to fascism.”

Sets and costumes, performed by virtuoso masters of Alla Kozhenkova also highlight the conflict of generations.

“DEAD SOULS. The history of the PRESENT” (School of dramatic art). Director Dmitry Krymov continues the theatrical conversation with the children in the presence of parents, using the Russian classics. Last season in Moscow thundered his first series of the cycle “by A. S. Pushkin. “Eugene Onegin”. In your own words”, now the subject of conversation will be N. In.Gogol and his immortal “Dead souls”.

Based on historical fact: Pushkin gave Gogol story of “Dead souls”. But the fact is, of course, an excuse to talk about Pushkin, Gogol and the role of the two great pillars of Russian literature, which the world feels to this day. In “Dead souls” Krymov, continuing experiments on the territory of the synthetic theatre brings actors, puppets, improvisation, and all this creates a unique atmosphere and style of its performances.

photo: Marina Raikin
Sasha Pushkin Kolya is waiting for Gogol.

Dmitry Krymov: “Dolls for children, I believe, and dearer, and funnier, and easier. Of course, the age for play is important. I prefer 10-12 years, when children are already able to sit and take a difficult conversation, but at the same time still deprived of teenage skepticism”.

In Gogol will be occupied by nearly the same actors as in the “Eugene Onegin”. In your own words”.

“WHEN SHE DIED” (again Theatre. Vakhtangov). It — attention! is Vladimir Etush.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Vladimir Etush will play the lady.

That is the oldest actor of the Vakhtangov will perform in female roles. In all stage versions of the famous play of Hope Ptushkina main role was always performed by honored older actress. Well, here we are going to surprise Vladimir Etush, able to subtly combine the tragedy and Comedy of paint.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Vladimir Etush.

Vladimir Ivanov, the Director: “I Must say, this is not his first audition for a women’s field — was the experience in “hamlet” at the Peter Stein. It would seem that episode but remember. This time he’s got the main female role.”

BOLSHOI DRAMA THEATRE NAMED TOVSTONOGOV. Here is the latest confirmation of the severe competition for audience and the search of new forms of modern communication, from the oldest Russian theater. BDT in its 99th season launches interesting campaign: the audience is invited to a certain period on the theatre’s website to complete the survey. 10 artists will determine the 10 winners, each of whom, wherever he lived, will receive an invitation for two persons to play with the artist, vitamincheg in the lottery room of the viewer. Moreover, after watching the performance the viewer will meet the artist to discuss what they saw, and, as expected, for the history to be photographed.


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