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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mystery of five thousand years of the Great circles in Scotland

A group of Australian researchers from Adelaide University found, what was the purpose of the so-called Great circles in Scotland — the oldest of its kind monument in the United Kingdom, extant. How did you manage to confirm to the experts, stone circles has been focused on the movement of the sun and moon, and probably served as a symbol of the relationship between earth and heaven.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Scientists have presented a model that helps to understand what path was doing every day in the sky the sun and the moon five thousand years ago. For many thousands of years this “route” has changed considerably, but experts say that they carried out calculations with a high degree of accuracy to represent where in time or another housed luminaries in the distant past.

Armed with the resulting data, experts have studied the Great circles of Callanish located on the island of Lewis, and the Great circles Stennes located on the Orkney Islands. In both cases it turned out that the stone structures were built taking into account the movement of the sun and moon. Simultaneously, the location and height of the stones in a special way “reflected” and some of the details of the landscape — hills and other hills, which could affect visibility of lights or at the time of sunrise and sunset. According to scientists, the builders of ancient monuments was taken into account and details such as the height and the distance to the horizon varies depending on the sides.

Experts believe that their findings help to learn a lot about the ancient builders. In particular, it can be argued that they carefully accumulated astronomical knowledge and gave them great importance. Also, according to the researchers, leaves no doubt that the representatives of the people who created the Great circles were tight, and with the deepest respect for their culture, because its maintenance required is incredibly heavy and laborious work.

The results of the study published in the scientific Journal Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

The great stone circles were built 500 years before Stonehenge and are considered to be the oldest in Britain megaliths (structures of huge stone blocks).


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