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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Medvedev looks to vacationers all their towns will be a “non-profit partnerships”

Innovations as highlighted on Thursday at a Cabinet meeting Dmitry Medvedev, raised, in fact, half of the country — 60 million people.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Changes in the field of country economy, gardening is long overdue. First and foremost, officials say, they are associated with discrepancies in legislation. For example, many country towns still exist in the form of “non-commercial associations of citizens”, though this notion no longer exists in the Civil code. “Therefore, it was necessary to prepare a new document, which, on the one hand, is more understandable, and with another — more realistic, especially from the point of view of law enforcement,” — said Dmitry Medvedev, promising that the bill drafted by the MAYOR, “will really make life easier for all gardeners”.

First, the authors propose to assign to all the associations of cottagers, gardeners of a single legal status is a non — profit Association. Re-registration of existing associations do not seem necessary. But all the constituent documents, and the names of country towns should be fixed, however, in quite a humane time — until 1 January 2027. Experts believe that innovation is in any case will entail additional expenses for lawyers and possible confusion over the registration of land and common property. By the way, it is now proposed to divide among the cottagers in the shares and not the rights of joint ownership.

According to Medvedev, the bill will also regulate the management partnerships — “how to use the common property, which fees may be collected which houses and buildings can be placed”… “Matters of a purely domestic, but very important, around them all the time there are any conflicts,” — said the Prime Minister. The authors of the document propose to recognize of garden buildings suitable for permanent residence, “if it falls within sanitary requirements for dwelling-house”. In this case, change the permitted use of the land for individual housing construction is not required. This provision is intended to permanently legalize residence in the horticultural associations. Theoretically, this possibility truckers have now, but the registration process is fraught with numerous bureaucratic obstacles, and has a lot of limitations. The bill stipulates that the villas cannot be divided into separate apartments. And their limiting parameters — area and number of storeys should be set by local authorities. In addition, there are conversations about how to register in SSS could only citizens of the Russian Federation. According to experts, it will reduce the risk of “rubber cottages”, which spelled out dozens of illegal migrants, similar to the “rubber flats” in Moscow.

One of the main innovations of the document is article about membership fees. Now garden Association determine how much to pay, which naturally results in conflicts, litigation and outright hostility between the neighbors. Many unions avoid clashes contributions generally the same, regardless of whether the person owns a hut on chicken legs or a multi-level cottage. The authors of the bill propose to rectify this “social injustice”, by setting the relationship between the contribution and land area or total area of the house. “Innovation will help to balance the interests of all members of the partnership will lead to a fair allocation of costs among its members,” — noted the MAYOR. In addition, the document is registered, on what purposes the Board may spend the funds collected and must be accountable to the vacationers.

At session of the government Dmitry Medvedev announced that he soon plans to hold a special meeting with members of the garden associations: “Discuss the provisions of the bill and any additional proposals that may be.” Local authorities are also interested in this conversation. In particular, the authorities of defense has already expressed his concerns in connection with legalization of residence in the cottages. Potentially the number of residents of the area could grow by 5 million people — suburban budget simply will not be able to Finance the necessary social security.


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