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Friday, March 16, 2018

Maxim Shevchenko: Insane liberals staged obscene stuffing information

“In Dagestan, there are a lot of problems. But this problem, of this there is a mass phenomenon. If there are any small Wahhabi sect, where it is practiced, is a crime,” – said the newspaper LOOK member of the HRC Maxim Shevchenko, commenting on the report of human rights defenders on the practice of female circumcision in Dagestan. Shevchenko is sure that the publication of the report caused by purely political considerations.

Russian health care is in solidarity with the international medical community speaks out against female circumcision, said Wednesday night the representative of the Ministry of health Oleg Salagay. He recalled that in 2008 the world health Assembly adopted a resolution on the necessity of complete avoidance of this practice. In 2012, a similar resolution was passed by the UN General Assembly.

“The state itself contributes to the creation of severe living conditions of women in mountain Dagestan

In the early weeks of the organization “Legal initiative” published a report, which tells that in the remote regions of Dagestan EN masse is like a surgical operation.

Commenting on the report, the head of the coordination center of North Caucasus Muslims, mufti Ismail Berdiyev confirmed that in Dagestan circumcision really practiced, and added that it is necessary to reduce the sexuality of women. “If it were applied to all women, it would be very good. The woman God created in order to give birth to children and brought up them. And it has nothing to do with it. Women do not cease to give birth. But corruption would be less,” said Berdiyev. However, on Wednesday, Byrd adjusted his position, stating that circumcision of women is not stipulated by Sharia law and cannot affect the character of a person.

The head of the Commission of the Public chamber of Russia on support of family, children and motherhood, the singer Diana Gurtskaya on Wednesday appealed to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to check the information from the report.

The situation around the report on the practice of female circumcision in Dagestan in an interview with the newspaper OPINION was commented by the head of the Center for strategic studies of religion and politics of the modern world, member of the Council on human rights (HRC) Maxim Shevchenko.

OPINION: Maksim, the report’s authors argue that this phenomenon covered the entire areas. For example, Tsuntinsky and Bezhtinskiy plot – “the entries are almost all at least, all respondents”, the Botlikh district – “nearly complete coverage”. If this is so widespread a practice, why is it still nothing was known to the General public?

Maxim Shevchenko: of Course I women in Dagestan about it never talked, but never the topic of conversation and not sound. Nobody never discussed. It’s not a real problem. The report is not unfounded. I think it’s a dirty political technology, deeply obscene stuffing information, which is staged jointly by the crazy liberals and related local officials to discredit all those who criticize from the point of view of the Russian Constitution arbitrariness prevails in Dagestan.

The report has been a regular contributor to “Novaya Gazeta”. It is possible that it is connected Yulia Yuzik, which is running now in Dagestan from the party “PARNASSUS”. Have you noticed that election campaign Yuzik in Dagestan, no problems at all? This is the same Yuzik, which supported the Bandera movement, were against the Donbass, against the annexation of Crimea. This is a deliberate spoiler to compromise any critical agenda regarding authorities. I do think that there are Dagestani officials and their spin doctors. It’s like you and write such reports.

OPINION: so, in your opinion, the authors of the report just bring litter the information space, the electoral agenda?

M. S.: Where does this journalist, the author of the report made it all up is unclear. By the way, I know her – we already had a conflict. She once wrote an article about “mass honour killings” in Chechnya and Ingushetia, – say, brothers mass murder of its sisters. I then I asked her: “Why do you defame and lie?!” It turned out that was the only case, and the unofficial.

So, this is a deliberate provocateurs. The fact that we impose this shameful topic, is the installation of political strategists to divert from talking about the real issues.

OPINION: However, the mufti of the North Caucasus Ismail Berdiyev also confirmed that the phenomenon in Dagestan is. The mufti was even greeted and advised all women to do. However, today it said it did not understand…

M. S.: He is not the head of Muslims of the North Caucasus, it Secretary an abstract of the coordinating body. Ismail Berdiev – Karachai. What does he have to Dagestan? He Karachay-Cherkessia-that space is not all obey, and Dagestanis themselves know what they have is true and what is not. It does not reflect the opinion of the imams. Each nation, each Republic its own scholars, their ulama.

The difference between the Karachai and continue is between Norwegians and Bulgarians! Completely different people with completely different traditions. I don’t understand why Ismail Berdiyev is in principle respected man the old Soviet school, far from any of Wahhabism, expressed such absurd, wild idea. His statement seems to me a wild, monstrous and offensive to the local people.

OPINION: the report quoted the Commissioner for children’s rights in Dagestan Intizar Mamutaeva. It says that on may 26 the meeting of the public Council for the protection of motherhood at the Head of Dagestan, she raised the issue of female circumcision, and thereby brought this subject on a public level.

M. S.: I only know her a few days ago dismissed. Now in its place a young girl assigned. Frankly, I’m embarrassed. I myself am not Caucasian, but even I, Russian, ashamed to discuss this topic.

In Dagestan, there are a lot of problems. But this problem, of this there is a mass phenomenon. If there are any small Wahhabi sect, where it is practiced, is a crime. Including a crime from the point of view of Islam, because according to the canons of Islam the man must give the woman such pleasure that a woman gives a man when they have marital relations. Other relations in Islam and is not provided. Mutilation of women’s bodies are some kind of barbaric, wild customs, common somewhere in Somalia, Sudan, in some archaic Saudi Bedouin tribes. But I never heard about this in the Caucasus!

VIEW: the Report claims that women in Dagestan, especially in the mountain areas generally are discriminated against. What do you think?

M. S.: Discrimination comes from the fact that the state completely abandoned the mountainous regions of Dagestan. There is not enough of hospitals, smaller health centers, schools, kindergartens. No one is having post-Natal care. Mountain Dagestan are actually discarded in archaic, but not because of some Saudi preachers, and thanks to the officials, who generally does not invest in the social infrastructure of mountain Dagestan.

That is, the state itself contributes to the creation of severe living conditions of women in mountain Dagestan. In many villages there is no gas, even though the President reported, as I know that the gas is everywhere held. When the President came in Botlikh, before it lit the gas, which actually was brought out of the cylinder.

Many villages suffer from power outages, including in the winter. While in Dagestan, built a cascade, it seems, of nine hydroelectric power plants, light is sold in Azerbaijan, by Russian citizens, this light lacks. In many villages women are forced to heat their stoves with firewood, going for water to the spring at 500-600 meters, in the mountains.

As a rule, is very conservative worlds where families are born a lot of children. But sometimes to the nearest children’s clinic have to travel for hours on rough mountain roads, through checkpoints. Some places to take a woman to give birth is a special operation.

Normal medicines in Makhachkala to buy is not easy, and in the mountains – even more so. Even “the parent capital” it is not always possible to obtain. Mothers at checkout accused that they invent something. Not all people have a legal culture, and to suggest how to write papers, no one.

So, if anyone humiliates the women, it is the local authority, and not some fictional preachers from Yemen. Any such humiliating custom.

Women in Dagestan are respected, they are at a high level, because, as a rule, they are mothers, often mothers of many children.

So to insult the people of Dagestan, as did the authors of this report? They translate arrows with real difficult socio-economic situation of mountainous Dagestan on any fictional problems just to not talk about the lack of roads, schools, hospitals, gas, electricity. Of course, it’s not everywhere. If there is a billionaire who comes from some village, he reached his village, build a good road. In the area from where the head of the Republic, also all under construction.

In General, the socio-economic system, which was created in the Soviet Union and was quite progressive for 50-60 years degraded, so the standard of living fell back there at the beginning of the twentieth century.


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