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Monday, March 12, 2018

In Moscow started the next season of the festival of reading aloud

“On the tip of the icicle passed over the drop is swollen, broke and flew down. Melt began in late February. I got kneed on the sofa and looked out the window. The window looked out onto the street and Humboldt…” of the library named after Bogolyubov serious man in a jacket and tie reads aloud “a Matter of principle” Denis Dragunsky. Long read: he has only one minute. Then stops and reads the next minute. 17 August in Moscow started the next season of the festival of reading aloud “Open your mouth”.

Photo: Association (MFC)

The rules are simple: you must love books and love reading them aloud. Each participant is given one minute and a completely unknown book he should read: with feeling, with properly, with deliberation. Author Mikhail Faustov says it’s more sport. There are finals and semi-finals, there are players and Champions.

— It was originally a get-together, ” says Michael. He is an electrician by training. I suggested: let’s have a championship. And all I think of in 15 minutes: the name and rules. And the funny thing is that all this original was conceived as a pure sport. There is a table, a calendar of competitions, the champion will receive prizes. Beginning to unwind and drastrically to some cosmic scale.

Judging by the geography, the scale seems to be absolutely prohibitive for such a festival. Good idea born six years ago in Novosibirsk, grew him to the size of our vast: Irkutsk, Murmansk, Vladivostok. Literally the repetition of the fate of “Total dictation” is rich in ideas Novosibirsk.

— This year has involved 111 cities across Russia, — continues Michael, 29 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Exactly yesterday, the 16 of August, there were 28, and in the morning we received a request from the Republic of Tuva. There “Open your mouth”, will be held in early September. And every year the number of cities is doubled. And it now goes parallel courses: one city one leading, the other another. Soon all this will be out of control that scares me.

Now — the next competition in Moscow. Read chose the most suitable place — the library named after Bogolyubov. The first rounds of the competition will be held online. That is, the participants read to the camera, and the recording will upload later in the festival’s group in the social network. September 1 kicks off voting on the Internet will choose the participants of the “live” finale Moscow. It will be held in SKOLKOVO: “We decided to show them some real innovation — when there is no money, but everything worked.”

First, read aloud easily. Here are a few other decorations and a different jury. And the result is a true spectacle.

Lawyer Denis Novak read slowly and thoughtfully. Swallowing — on the contrary, tasting every word. Sometimes looking at the camera — someone who reads. Hourglass ticking minute — enough for a couple of paragraphs. In the light of a Desk lamp in the office library is like just reading into the record not even audio, and videoknigi tales.

Were and I (you can participate without reservation). Minute it turned out to be incredibly small. You only have time to swing to get a taste. At first, my knees tremble and treacherous letters add up to some really unreadable words. After a couple of technical errors — reservations and proceratiinae offers — you begin to calm down and to feel the taste of text. But the sand in the clock was already awake on the other side, and the speech is cut off on the proposal. This is skill: to read from the very first second as if studied and reread this book starring life.

Behind me, the book takes Jeanne. Jeanne learns from speaker works in radio, but it is clear and without views. No similar intonation: in the eyes POPs up crotalidae muscular nymph and Satyr from the novel.

Books read by the participants of the festival, never duplicated: the same person will not get the same paragraph. At the opening of the season in Moscow Faustov chose not yet released novel by Denis Dragunsky “Matter of principle”.

— What year book? The next month, ” says Michael. Edition Elena Shubina our friends, they decided to give us something completely fresh in the opening. And that gave Dragoon. So no one exactly in advance the text is not known.

What can I say? To read well is difficult, this is pure acting. But I read everything.

— We ask: why don’t you share Amateurs and professionals?— continues Faustov. — Why do you have one scene can get some well-deserved artist and student? Well, firstly, for a student is the wildest rush, and secondly, not always deserved win. And that’s how to be the mom that child throughout his confused life reads a fairy tale? She Amateur or professional?

In the adult “Open company” (the desire of the creators of leaning all one word) involving people over the age of 18. The oldest participant, remembers Michael, was 93‑year-old woman from Zelenograd in 2014.

— There is a man, we call him weasel. Actually it’s Alex Kosmynin from Arkhangelsk. To participate in senior competitions, he “added” them. And then back to “rendered” to read in little League.

Judge all of the readers jury. Among them there were Vladimir Posner, and Thekla Thick. Technique of refereeing adopted from figure skating: the highest rating of “six” for the technique (if you read without stammering, stuttering and other “garbage”) and “six” for artistry.

— Jury judges to be honest or get. Basically how it goes. But we’re not all that similar to sports — doping control we have. I’ll say even more, it’s the only sport where dope is allowed: though Meldonium, even yogurt. Acidifies and read.

To influence the jury impossible. According to Mikhail, he tried once, and that didn’t turn out in his favor:

— We in respect of the main prize the rule: won — have at it. And then only one person knew what the main prize is a refrigerator. You know, so — and- good-sized wardrobe. In the end, in the final three, the jury vote. One gives voice to one, another — another. But the refrigerator was known, the specially chosen winner of the guy from Vladivostok. And so is the refrigerator, it is not visible at first… Then I push the wall: and here’s the prize. All the people who took the second place and below — they were happy: thank God, not me. Last year the main prize was a device for reading couch. It won Muscovite, poet Tasha Granovskaya.

And this principle exists from the beginning. Just before it was books.

We brought two big packages, and packages immediately threw in the trash. And here the man gets a mountain of books — 46 pieces. And all people are divided into two categories: some start these books to give away, other take. In the final of the 2013 man from Krasnoyarsk won two TV. Two such plasma, not big-bellied. And now he won, all standing there looking at me. I said, “Here’s a screwdriver in there behind the curtain two boxes — can make. Well, it is, of course, immediately began to grumble that he had 40 minutes to train. I don’t care — that a screwdriver will not help. So, they took mice of both TV and went to his Krasnoyarsk.

The question “why bother to read books out loud, tormented, of course, all the time.

— Had no purpose ever, ” says Faustov. If she was, it’s like the centipede asked: how are you going? In General, we are here, of course, life break. The same weasel was going to study for the programmer. And then I went to enter the Shchukin school, but didn’t get the two points and received in some theological College. We had one chemist, after participating left to write his PhD in biochemistry and went to the radio. Ended up leading us.

Some “Open your mouth” brings sudden glory.

— The last time a member of the jury I was in Omsk, ” says Faustov. — All passed in children’s theatre. 12 hours of the day. A huge number of participants at the age of nineteen and a woman of 53 years. Of course, it makes all one-sided wins with a clear advantage. But the jury sat three people: I, a local actor and a German Director gay with my friend from Kazakhstan. Full sur. So this German all put “one” or “two”. As the lady put three complete victory. We used to have a tradition: in the finals we have staged demonstrations gave the participants read a book about a hell of an axe. And this woman — Irina Kuchinskaya — just won competitions in all of Siberia. And we, of course, she shoved this book, and there is the Mat on the Mat, blood, guts. In General, a hell of an axe. Performance record and post it on the Internet. And Kuchinsky was a teacher. And now the students when they come to her in the first year, begin to Google about it and immediately find this video: “And here is our about how…”

As in any sport, participants lures first and foremost passion. Lawyer Denis last year ranked second in the League and now with tie and jacket directly from the scientific conference came to read Dragoon.

— Of course, it is a good experience in public speaking, ” says the man. — But most importantly — it is a very pleasant circle of friends, constantly get acquainted with interesting people.

Yes, and Michael adds: “I travel a lot around the cities and see different people. Someone wins, someone there, someone comes each time to hold his ninth place. But I haven’t seen outright scoundrels. Our championship just attracts good people.”

And it is the same story as with the “Total dictation”: “bastards” is just not going to write some texts or read them aloud. To get bogged down in the “Otkroite” the long haul, you need to really love to read, and this is a certain brand of “their” people.

We asked the participants to “Open company” to give advice — how to properly and beautifully to read aloud.

1. Need more to read. The Council, may be banal, but effective. Learn to dive in the unknown for a better book in practice. And most importantly: do not deny yourself the emotions.

2. Accent. They are for the jury — a red rag, and for participants — a stumbling block.

— Last year was adok, ” Jeanne says. — Made a lot of mistakes, and in simple words, calling-calling. You know, like during his speech to fall on the ice. The jury just sits and thinks, God, as possible.

Michael its supplements: there are lots of funny stories with kids. Alas, the children have either read less or do not read it. And then there are the great French poet Arthur Rimbaud and Victor Hugo.

— The horror I experienced in Yekaterinburg, “he says,” when the girl who should have been at school to pass “Dead souls”, began to read the passage about a man named Chichikov.

3. Some participants advised to stretch his mouth. But here again, better practice, and public.

4. All participants unanimously advise you to read slowly, pondering the text.

5. You need to love what you read.

— I like this rule, although it is strange, — said the future speaker Jeanne. — Read an unfamiliar book is how to marry the first comer. But better to do it out of love. I love anything emotional, maybe even vulgar. Although the scientific text can be read interesting. There was a story last year, when the jury at some point get bored, and then I got the book so, with materkom and thug vocabulary. Became more fun.


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