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Friday, February 16, 2018

Gazmanov hopes to get to Vilnius at “the next government of Lithuania”

Trip singer Oleg Gazmanov in Lithuania ended before it began. He was not allowed on Vilnius airport. Here Gazmanov said that he is in the black list of persons banned entry to the country. The head of the Lithuanian foreign Ministry explained the ban of “aggressive propaganda (Gazmanov) related to Russia’s aggressive actions in neighboring countries.” The Russian foreign Ministry has already given the answer.

About the situation Oleg Gazmanov told himself. “I’m in Lithuania, in Vilnius airport. Despite my Schengen visa in the Schengen area according to EU rules no boundaries, I was not allowed to leave the airport. It turns out that there’s a secret list of undesirable in Lithuania persons from Russia. They say that the lists in advance can not be obtained, and no notification are sent and the reasons also do not explain, to his status of a citizen of Russia could only find in the airport upon arrival. Arrived and was turned down. They say, so additional moral effect!!! Despicable SYSTEM.

“People just respects me, and people let me. I think the next government that is elected by the people of Lithuania, perhaps, make conclusions from this

To explain why not allowed, the customs officer I can’t. He’s extremely uncomfortable, and he awkwardly explains that he respects me and like my songs, but nothing depends on him etc. I told him that I understand. The officer” – wrote in his Instagram Gazmanov, which is his first specialty as a combat engineer (he graduated from the Kaliningrad higher marine engineering College) and the captain of the third rank stock.

The singer arrived in Lithuania late in the night. According to established international practice got blacklisted are waiting for repatriation at the airport or in the premises of the border guard service. However, Gazmanov made an exception. 65-year-old singer spent the night in the hotel at the airport. Then at noon the first flight went to Moscow.

Visit Gazmanov in Lithuania were private and not connected with touring activities, he said. Therefore, any speech in this country was not disrupted.

The Lithuanian foreign Ministry, where VZGLYAD asked for comment, a surprised reaction Gazmanov that he was a person undesirable to stay in this country. “Actually, he already was included in the list of undesirable persons in Latvia, and he had to be aware of that,” he recalled there.

Indeed, in July 2014, the Latvian foreign Ministry announced that it, as well as Joseph Kobzon and Alla Perfilovo (known under the stage name Valeria) will not be allowed on the contest “New wave” in Jurmala, where they had to act. Then the Minister of foreign Affairs Edgars rinkēvičs has called all three in his “Twitter” “apologists of imperialism and aggression.” The fact that all three were among the 511 Russian cultural figures who signed a letter of support for the position of the Russian authorities towards Ukraine and Crimea. Because of him, by the way, Gazmanov denied entry to Ukraine.

Subsequently, Joseph Kobzon tried to appeal to the constitutional court of Latvia its inclusion in the black list, but lost the case.

As you know, include unwanted in one Schengen country automatically means a ban on entry to all Schengen countries (they are, recall, 26). To come back to the blacklister possible. However, it should be only in one specific country that gave him permission, and only under special conditions – for example, if a person needs treatment there.

As reported by “Interfax”, Gazmanov has a Schengen visa issued in Italy. When it was given, the singer did not elaborate. But, given that the Italian Consulate is willing to issue visas, for example, for five years, it is possible that the visa he got before the ban on entry to Latvia.

However, the Lithuanian authorities have to Gazmanov and his claims. In December 2013, in Vilnius he performed the song “Made in USSR” with the words: “Ukraine and the Crimea, Belarus and Moldova – this is my country. Sakhalin and Kamchatka, the Ural mountains – this is my country. Krasnoyarsk Krai, Siberia and the Volga region, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus, and the Baltic States too”. With the appropriate protest then made by the Lithuanian foreign Ministry. However, to enable Gazmanov in the black list is not reached. In any case, this has not been announced.

By the way, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius in his comments to BNS Agency did not link the inclusion Gazmanov in the list of undesirable persons with the decision of the Latvian authorities. “In General terms I can say that it’s because of the aggressive propaganda related to Russia’s aggressive actions in neighboring countries,” he said.

The Russian Embassy in Lithuania reports that to him Gazmanov didn’t see the incident to Russian diplomats have learned from the media. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the actions of the Lithuanian authorities in respect of Gazmanov “inappropriate and unfair”, and promised that the relations between the two countries occurred anyway affect. “Oleg Gazmanov went not to visit the head of Lithuanian foreign Ministry. This is the punishment of those people who were waiting for the Russian singer. We’ll take note of this for inclusion in the bilateral agenda”, – she said.

The singer in interview to TV channel “Russia-24” has declared that is not going to appeal the decision of the Lithuanian authorities in any jurisdictions. “People just respects me, and people let me. I think the next government that is elected by the people of Lithuania, perhaps, make conclusions from this,” – said Gazmanov. It supported Joseph Kobzon, who has repeatedly declared abroad undesirable person. “To change the situation is impossible, because it’s not even Lithuania’s position is the position of the European Union. Then, most importantly, you need to be quiet”, – quotes its words of RIA “news”.


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