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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Expert transfer of American nuclear bombs to Romania would be a provocation

The online edition EurActiv, citing two independent sources reported that the United States made a decision on the removal from Turkey of their nuclear weapons due to the deterioration of relations between Washington and Ankara. We are talking about dozens of bombs of the B61 that are stored in a warehouse on the Turkish airbase Incirlik. If you believe the sources, the ammunition will be forwarded to the Romanian base Deveselu in Romania, which in turn, could anger Russia and to escalate,” says EurActiv. “MK” asked the expert, to understand how the removal of American weapons from Turkey is appropriate, and whether to send it to Romania.

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“First of all, we are talking about anecdotal evidence. But, assuming that they are true, that the necessity of the removal of American tactical nuclear bombs B61 warehouse next to the airfield in Incirlik is long overdue. – said in an interview with “MK” head of the Center for international security, IMEMO ran Alexei Arbatov. “Against the backdrop of recent events in Turkey, the feasibility of such a step no doubt: to leave there a large stock of tactical nuclear weapons given the unstable situation in the country, the unpredictability of the future course of the Turkish leadership, unclear state of the army as a result of mass repressions, it would be complete irresponsibility. In addition, the security of these munitions are not guaranteed, and they can be stolen, including terrorists. Therefore, if the US really went for the removal of bombs, this should not raise doubts or objections.”

Turkey entered into the Alliance in 1952, is the only country-partner of NATO, which has nuclear bombs but no aircraft capable of carrying them. However, the B61 are on Turkish soil since the beginning of the sixties of the last century, and loud talk about the need for their displacement have been conducted. And it is not obvious that the Romanian warehouse — the best place for them.

“The transfer of these munitions to Romania would be the largest international provocation exacerbated the already tense relations between Russia and NATO. – Alexey Arbatov. I doubt the US will take such a decision; furthermore, nuclear weapons is not a suitcase of dirty Laundry, which can be simply transported from one place to another. Need to equip the appropriate warehouses, to place American troops to protect these warehouses, the air defense system that they would be covered. So this kind of solution is no joke, this is a huge political step. I doubt not only that the US is capable of it, but in the fact that the Romanian authorities would agree to such measures. They have enough trouble with the American missile defense system, which is now deployed there. To add to this nuclear weapons – means to provoke a serious conflict, including with Russia. I think if the Americans and would take out bombs from Turkey, they will simply return them to US. In the same way as they did in the recent past with nuclear weapons tactical weapons class that was in the UK and Greece.”

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