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Monday, March 12, 2018

“European Val” Yatsenyuk was the fiction

One of the main Ukrainian and costly projects from the time of the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk – a giant wall on the border with Russia under the high-sounding title of “European Val” was nothing more than a fiction. Wall was proclaimed as “the arrangement of the Eastern border of Europe”, and now it turns out that the allocated money is gone, and built a fence will not stop, even Bunny.

The Prosecutor’s office of Chernihiv region opened criminal proceedings on the fact of embezzlement by officials of one of state-owned enterprises almost 2 million hryvnias of budgetary funds (about 80 thousand USD) allocated for the project “the Wall”.

“Ukrainian officials and foreign politicians were actively photographed on the background digging ditches, simulated activities, developed the allocated grants, and safely departed”

“Even a rabbit will not stop”

According to investigators, the officials entered into a sham agreement with the merchants, and the work was never completed. Now officials could face from five to eight years of imprisonment with deprivation of the right to hold public office for a period of up to three years.

Early last week, the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) instituted proceedings on the facts of abuse during the construction of the Wall. As reported by the head of Department Nazar Golodnitsky, “you must come to the place to see and to describe.” In this regard, we cannot exclude that this is not the last thing around the project and in the future can be identified a new theft.

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada assumed that during project implementation can be used corruption schemes. So, in July deputies from the party “Samopomich” has sent requests to the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the ARS, the Ministry of defence and other security agencies to check the progress of construction of the project. According to them, in two years instead of the promised fortifications, concrete fences, ditches and alarm on the border, they saw only a metal mesh with barbed wire.

As said the MP Borislav Birch, “the Wall” Yatsenyuk was in fact “vegetable mesh”. “Even a wild rabbit, this wall will not stop. And what do we see now? “Wall, no money, and Yatsenyuk is also no”, – he noted.

About a month ago was identified as fraud and embezzlement during the construction of the “Wall” in other border regions of Ukraine – Kharkiv. MP Olena Sotnyk has published on his page in Facebook the photo of the wall on the Russian-Ukrainian border. To protect Ukraine from the aggressor” in this sector of the front have the usual transparent mesh of metal, topped with barbed wire.

“Let me remind you, we are talking about the so-called European Vale “strategic fortification project” Yatsenyuk, in which he promoted about a year. The project is under construction, and the money from the budget continue to be spent on an epic shaft!” – wrote the Centurion in the comments on this photo. Upon the publication of a Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine has initiated the paperwork.

Meanwhile, the state border service of Ukraine claims that the border equipped with 230 km of anti-tank ditches, more than 70 km metal fence and 116 km of lateral roads. According to the Agency purchased four mobile combat module “Triton”, deployed system opto-electronic surveillance on the site in the Kharkiv region.

We will remind, the idea to build on the border with Russia, a line of engineering and fortifications “the Wall”, or “European wave” in September 2014 were made by holding then a post of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. This project became for him one of the most notorious and ambitious. In the demo it was said that “the project will be implemented within six months. Yatsenyuk then said that “European wave” – “it’s a safety issue not only for Ukraine. This question of European security”.

“This is actually the arrangement of the Eastern border of Europe. We realize that this is a very expensive project, and this is why the donor conference cooperation with the European Union after the approval of this project will handle the application for financial and technical assistance for its implementation,” he said.

But even then the adviser of the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov reported that the construction of a full-scale demarcation of the structures on the border with Russia requires huge funds, which are not in the budget.

Under the bill, the border between the two countries for nearly 2 thousand km should be equipped with anti-tank ditches, watchtowers, signaling means, and the reference points for the border guards. Until 2018 for this purpose was supposed to send 4 billion hryvnia (about $ 160 million). However, the state border service reported recently that the facility is built only 10.5%.

The public and experts are outraged by the cost of engineering structures. According to people’s Deputy of Ukraine Borislav Bereza, in the construction of the “Wall” of the Yatsenyuk government spent more than 1 billion hryvnia. Olena Sotnyk, in turn, calls the $ 4 billion (10 billion rubles). Besides, the idea of the project got a lot of critical evaluations from both professionals, who explained that such line will not be able to contain a hypothetical attack of a regular army, and from ordinary people, published on the Internet pictures blurry floods ditches and twisted fences.

The wall had to reassure Ukrainians

The Kiev expert, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik believes that the road ahead is still a lot of legal information and scandals related to the project “the Wall”.

“This project is associated with the activities of the resigned government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The project had been allowed numerous abuses,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Bortnik believes that the project originally was futile in the context of the objectives officially assigned to it.

“The wall is not able to stop the advancing army and, at best, can only hinder the displacement of the civilian objects of irregular migrants and machines,” he explained. According to the analyst, the main purpose of this project was to appease the Ukrainians in the midst of war hysteria, when everyone was afraid of invasion by Russia, and along the way, during the construction of the wall, the officials have also arisen and corrupt motives.

The money is disbursed, it is possible to disperse

“Planting local officials on the case around the theft of funds will be in place. After all, the good old Ukrainian tradition, when the theft are at the highest echelons of power, you must always find scapegoats,” – said the newspaper VIEW Director of the Centre for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov.

Besides the fact that “the Wall” originally was associated with the government Yatsenyuk, left the Ukraine, the US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt also considered this project as one of its achievements, the expert reminded. “Before he could leave, and have already started to apprehend the officials behind the unfinished building of the wall”, – concluded the analyst.

According to him, the wall at Russian-Ukrainian border also was originally conceived solely as a PR project, and from the point of view of PR, it paid for itself. “Ukrainian officials and foreign politicians were actively photographed on the background digging ditches, simulated activities, developed the allocated grants and the budget, and safely departed,” – said Kornilov.


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