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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Donbass lives again with a premonition of war: Poroshenko promised a full-scale Russian invasion

Around the self-proclaimed DND sharply intensified shelling in groups of Antimiani ” on Saturday, August 20, call the people to protest against the mobilization. And the President Poroshenko said that does not rule out “full-scale Russian invasion in all directions”. In the East of Ukraine again, the smell of war.

photo: president.gov.ua

And it is in the details. The attacks may be different — more artillery caliber, more shots, more casualties. This time we can say that the war in the Donbas is losing the border — are sounding more and more… the Artillery of the Ukrainian village in the direction of Mariupol, in which shells flew a year and a half. Border war in the Donbas is very conditional, but most often maintained. The whole entire Donetsk and Mariupol in the affected area of conventional field artillery type howitzer 122 mm, but craters on the Central Lenin square in Donetsk or in the center of the drama theatre in Mariupol you will not see. Sdns don’t shoot.

Also the village of Chermalyk were not fired projectiles since the war began, though, and is only seven kilometers from the contact line. But on Wednesday covered the Andreevka and Chermalyk. In the latter burned new agricultural machinery holding, owned by Rinat Akhmetov, in Andreevka just damaged the house. Both villages were surround military installations. In Chermalyk the repair base, where two soldiers were wounded and killed by the volunteer. In DND, in turn, reported that the shells of the APU for the last day flew to villages zaytsevo and Golmovsky, in the village of Vasilyevka, Yakovlivka and Mineral. Artillery skirmish in the contact line around the DNI (around the LC traditionally quieter). August 18, for example, the new administrator of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko said that in his city on the morning of the 80 is de-energized transformer substations, two high-voltage lines and remains without light, the room is mine them. Rumyantsev.

The spread of war is a new and dangerous trend in the Donbas. Usually this means a deep impasse in the negotiations and the expectation of hot flash fighting. In Donetsk they’re just defiantly — checked bomb shelters, which are the water supply, officials warn of the need to have a home, a three-day supply of food, the military has cancelled leave. War waiting “day by day” since the first reports of the shootings on the border of Crimea.

And Torect (renamed Dzerzhinsk), controlled by Ukraine, on the eve arrested the mayor of the city of Vladimir Sleptsova. For the Donetsk region, the news is akin to alarm. The blind years, since the late nineties, the mayor of Dzerzhinsk and in 2014, tacked together with the situation, as a mayor elected from the Party of regions. 15 APR 2014 he spent the session of the city Council, where in the presence of representatives of organizations only created the DNI, it was decided to hold a town referendum on may 11. Then the city entered the APU and the blind safely re-elected in 2015 in the Ukrainian Dzerzhinsk. The video of that session all those years freely in the Internet. Now it came to the Prosecutor of the region Evgenie Bondarenko to personally hand over the charge of committing a crime, the SBU raided, and the court yesterday arrested the mayor for 60 days under the article of “participation in a terrorist group”. To be clear, all such “separatist” articles in 2014, lawmakers of Ukraine stripped of any opportunities to leave the detention center during the investigation: no bail, no house arrest, no capture on bail or recognizance not to leave — nothing is impossible.

These mayors, like blind, in the Donetsk region with a dozen. And this promises to arrest the field late for a couple of years sweep. Before with “constructive local forces” tried to cooperate, now the situation has changed, clearly in the air war.


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