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Friday, March 23, 2018

Directed by Stanislav Sokolov quits over “Germaniade”

The animated film Director and former artistic Director of the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” finally finishes work on a joint artist Mikhail Shemyakin project “Hoffmanniana”. This feature-length puppet film created more than 10 years.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

By the end of the year will be made the final cut. Stanislav Sokolov protracted work does not frighten: “Such material can be enjoyed entire life. The film is based on three works of Hoffmann — “Little cahes”, “the Golden pot”, “the Sandman” — as well as the diaries of Hoffmann. He was one of the main characters of our film and speak with the voice of Vladimir Koshevoi. The actor had to dub the film even with a broken leg, on crutches. Voice actress Et Cetera Anna Artamonova speak, almost all the women on the screen, including the main character Serpentino, a nanny, and Olympia.

In the Vyborg film festival “Window to Europe” Sokolov presented a part of the film, part puppet, made from sketches Shemyakin, showed fragments of his paintings and a film about the film “Germaniada. Frame by frame,” directed by Kevin Mack Nira — about how it was created, “Hoffmanniana”. Drive added harsh words of Mikhail Shemyakin, sounding from the screen. He is dissatisfied by the style of work of Russian colleagues, who, in his opinion, still remain in captivity of the Soviet mentality. A “Hoffmanniana” seemed corny, it lacks rigidity. Stanislav Sokolov refers to a snooty judgment philosophically Shemyakin commented their funny examples. For example, seeing a single sketch, the famous artist said: “I Have a suit of this Venetian velvet, and you bum painted”. In the film we see him in carnival costume in Venice.

Falcons — disciple of one of the founders of Soviet animation Ivan Ivanov-Vano. He holds the chair of animation and computer graphics of the Institute of Cinematography. His films “the Tempest” and “Winter’s tale”, created in conjunction with great Britain, awarded a prize by the American Academy of television Emmy. Scenario “Germaniade” written by him together with the late playwright Viktor Slavkin, and work on it all these years comes at “Soyuzmultfilm”. Among the characters of the film is Hoffman himself. It is similar to the Sokolov and moved into their characters. Over a hundred. For Stanislav Sokolov, they are all native people, even treacherous Coppelius, speaking with the voice of Alexei Petrenko. You never know what he’ll do. The characters live their lives beyond their creators.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Artist main dolls and scenery “the office” Mikhail Shemyakin, a few years ago, personally presented Germaniade” at exhibitions and festivals. Work is periodically suspended owing to lack of money. Even the glorious name living in the West Shemyakin was not saved from downtime. By art Directors “Germaniade” began Elena and Nicholas Livanova — the wife and son of our own Sherlock Holmes, Vasily Livanov. And operator of a painting by the famous Igor Skidan-Boshin, who worked with Yuri Norstein on “Tale of tales”. It removes almost all the doll movies coming from us. Voiced the role, in addition to Vladimir Koshevoi, Alexei Petrenko and Anna Artamonova, Paul Favorites, Natalia Fisson, Slava Polunin, Alexander Shirvindt.

Stanislav Sokolov says: “Almost all the characters have prototypes. Someone of the characters are endowed with traits of Mikhail Shemyakin, someone Lyubimtsev actor who has performed in “Germaniade multiple roles: watchmaker, Burger, parrot and theatre Director. In the film about the film shows the process of recording Alexei Petrenko Shemyakin, who is also ridiculed. He did it on purpose to add drama. Do not show the same benevolent process of painting. Need conflict. We have several thousand drawings, and the exhibition presents a small part of them. Dolls are an independent work of art. The scenery is done very carefully. We tried to reproduce goffmanesque time, not to indulge in excessive styling, though the element of the grotesque is present everywhere, and sought the wholeness, despite the fact that the movie is a few artists.”

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Giminiano, according to Sokolov, is a kind of split personality: “There is a real life, which many people perceive negatively, is an imaginary world. Hoffman hated his law practice, although he was a great professional. When his Opera “Undine” was set in Berlin, the poster there was a bad entry for it: “the work of the musician-the fan.” He was a professional musician and composer, was terribly worried about it. By the way, the composer “Germaniade” was Sandor Sandor Kallos whose music was often criticized Shemyakin. But Hoffman eventually started writing wonderful stories. Everything that happened in his life, reflected in our film. Sokolov himself is a fan of puppet animation. Plenty to say about her: “When a person is immersed in puppet animation, he gets up to the machine at 9 o’clock in the morning and forget about everything. BAM! But the clock is already 8 PM. This is the state in which, apparently, was Hoffman when he wrote the tales, music, drawing. Shemyakina have a large collection of drawings by Hoffman. In part, he imitates his manner of grotesque and eccentric. The multiplier in the process, subconsciously transforms into his character. This is the difference between tactile puppet animation from the virtual, when with the cursor have to move some parts of the doll. It makes her movement is partly synthetic and unreal. But a cartoonist can make it alive, by removing all unnecessary. Animators and artists with whom we worked for our wealth. Today’s puppet animation is engaged in only a few countries — Russia, England, Czech Republic, Poland. In many countries, it just is not because it is complicated and time-consuming work.”


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