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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Acting head of the Sevastopol Ovsyannikov started with the wipers and return of land

On 17 August, the acting head of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland”. So President Putin pointed out the work of competent managers in the defense industry. As head of state will encourage the work of Ovsyannikov for the post of the head of Sevastopol, and encourage it at all, time will tell. Meanwhile, experts in one voice say about him with a gasp. That he managed to do at a new position, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, found out “MK”.

photo: News

Dmitry Ovsyannikov has already settled in Sevastopol.

Acting head of the Sevastopol immediately after the appointment promised not to do sharp movements and not to change EN masse the so-called team Menyailo. However, the first resignations of confidants eks-the Governor became known for a few days. “Voluntarily” resigned, two Deputy ex-the head of Sevastopol Alexey Eremeev and Alexander Reshetnikov, Director of the Department for property and land relations Alexander Svechnikov. Last Wednesday, under the “sweep” got the acting Deputy Governor Eugene Dubovik. These people have caused a sharp rejection of the Legislative Assembly of the city. So the actions of the acting was accepted on hurrah.

Dmitry Ovsyannikov also stated the need for revision of the program of development of Sevastopol, around which the battle was in full swing, the Executive and legislative powers of the city. Now, he said, to work on a program to actively connect and personally the legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly, who even in 2014 suggested arrangement of Sevastopol. The acting Governor already has identified three main lines of work. First and foremost is the service of the black sea fleet — “repair, service, domestic services, construction” that will help both the Navy and the locals, as will be more jobs. Ovsyannikov also decided to support small business. According to him, the development will affect such sectors as health, culture, energy infrastructure. Well, the last line of development, only the account, not value, is tourism. In this connection, the acting is back to the question about the fate of the airport “Belbek”, which in the period Menyailo was in limbo. According to Ovsyannikov, on the site of a military airfield will appear for civil airport complex.

Managed the new head of Sevastopol to penetrate and painful land question. If Vice-Admiral Menyailo Sevastopol literally handing out land to all and Sundry, Ovsyannikov has already started to return it to the city. For example, of 0.53 hectares on the street Captain, who belonged to the company “Al”, one of the structures of the former Minister of defence of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev, August 16, returned to Sevastopol. It is not excluded that the cast of “Night wolves” land at mount Gasfort, too, will again become a city.

Their impressions of the work of the acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov with “MK” shared by the experts from the Republic of Crimea:

Oleg NIKOLAYEV, the Chairman of “Business Russia” in Sevastopol, a member of the popular front:

— At the end of September, will be appointed Directors of the major departments and the Deputy Governor of Sevastopol. Already assigned to Ilya Ponomarev, the man who came to Ovsyannikov, and Grigory Builov. They are the same age, acting Governor and worked with him. Very progressive people.

Dmitry Ovsyannikov said Chaly is back in the position of speaker of the legislative Assembly. You think that’s possible?

— Alexis said somewhere in mid-September, after the vacation, he will announce his decision.

— That the acting Governor has already made in his post?

— He drew attention to the urban farm, located in an indecent state. I and Sevastopol see that with his arrival the city has become cleaner. Just three weeks, the wipers began to work better as it may sounds funny.

Together with the business Ombudsman of Russia Boris Titov you were meeting with Dmitry Ovsyannikov. What questions were raised?

— We were talking about excessive pressure on business. In Sevastopol, there are currently 21 Supervisory body. Ovsyannikov said that some of them will be eliminated. Also raised the issue of author’s wine. Ovsyannikov made a very positive impression. We have high hopes and think they will be moving forward in the development of the city.

— Ovsyannikov has identified three priority areas in the development of Sevastopol. Do you agree with the list?

— The black sea fleet is our priority. The essential military-historical and Patriotic tourism, and the development of instrument cluster and original wine.

Ivan MASUKO, President of the Regional Institute of political communications:

— Ovsyannikov will have to start from scratch in many socio-economic and political interaction. In fact, the conflict between Chaly and the IMF did not allow to solve the pressing economic problems of the city. Ovsyannikov manifests itself as a bold and ambitious politician. This is confirmed by his consent to the introduction of the direct election of the Governor, if so decided by the legislative Assembly.

— You describe Ovsyannikova as the ambitious politician. What he has done in his post that you have that impression?

— Specific actions Ovsyannikova is too early to say, but now he shows himself as a good Manager. It is very important that the Prime Minister will deal with the economy, not politics. However, without the support of members of the legislative Assembly, in particular related to the group Chaly, Ovsyannikova no chance to implement his economic plans.


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