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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

25 years of imprisonment

August 1991 brought a great burst of enthusiasm. It was possible to move mountains. You can catch up and overtake America, and even England-France-Germany — as there is nothing to do.

Imagine: hundreds of thousands of scientists, doctors, engineers would have stayed here and got Singapore freedom — freedom for the mind and the present case, and not for cops and gangsters. All these Breen, Startup would here, half of the current professors of the best universities in the West would teach here, the invention introduced here, Chichvarkin would not have to run, Geim and Novoselov received the Nobel for graphene would not leave Russia… But is someone like Lee Kuan yew (the reformer of Singapore, which made his friends the prisoners, not billionaires), the government gave Yeltsin-Korzhakov-Gaidar — the functionary of the CPSU Central Committee, undercover from the KGB and the professional liar from the journal “Communist”.

Those who fell into the hands of the government and a unique historical chance, proved unworthy. Drunk and plundered. The country and its future. And this process continues (theft is certainly growing incredibly).

About Gaidar-Chubais even say uninteresting, although it is still full of fools who believe them honest men, talented reformers, the lights of democracy, etc. But the fools prove nothing, because they believe. Someone who believes in Putin, someone- in Gaidar, who in Zhirinovsky and Paul… There are even some who have pinned their hopes on Medvedev, tried to rally some intellectuals around this nincompoop and a laughing stock.

…Really interesting to get to from the world of Andrei Sakharov, Yuri Afanasiev (who else was there in that lovely “inter-regional” group?) and ask:

— Oh, great! as you were smart enough to choose a Secretary of the Sverdlovsk regional party Committee the leader of the democratic Russia?

…And then we staged the First Chechen war. Then Yeltsin “selected” for a second term. Remember, in what fashion? Not that it was free, huh?

Then the First President of Russia has chosen us to Putin and the Second Chechen…

Everyone grieves Putin, remember: he came from Mars and not from the US abandoned. He’s my guy, he is a natural consequence.

But at the same time — remember: who did you vote for in the last 25 years. While the power was drunk and stole you drank and squandered. It is not even on the loans, and on Time. How many years have you spent watching TV? You had a quarter of a century of freedom, that’s crazy!


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