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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Victory” shows phenomenal greed

On Friday, the court ordered the airline “Victory” to follow the laws and forbidden to charge for carry-on baggage. But “Victory” is not reconciled, filed an appeal and decided to introduce a fee for carriage of packages Duty Free, which is not anywhere in the world. Previously the airline was regularly criticized for rudeness of the staff – and this is not the only claim to her.

Russia is very unlucky with airline low-cost airlines low – cost carriers. It would seem that with our open spaces, our network of airports, somehow preserved since Soviet times, with blatant reluctance of the Railways to engage in commercially viable transport of passengers regional aviation needs to develop very actively. Indeed, in Europe, where many low-cost airlines, most of these airlines fly not only from the capital to the capital, how much from one small city to another small city.

“Nerves of thousands of flying people – not a trifle. Maybe you think that this is the norm? No, I think this is rudeness, and we are able together to win”

However, all attempts to create a working low-cost carrier ended in commercial failure.

Was first SkyExpress. Launched in 2006, it pretty soon raised the price to market average, and was then absorbed by “Airlines of Kuban”. Then in 2009, rose in the air “Avianova”, which could work for just two years. In 2013, the emergence of low-cost carrier “Dobrolet” from “Aeroflot” has fueled hope that the largest (also state-owned) Russian airline will be able to work at least longer than the predecessors. But of all who flew and continue to fly to Crimea to Russian airlines is “Dobrolet” hit by the Western sanctions and ceased operations less than three months after starting work.

Replaced the “Dobrolet” came aeroflotska “Victory”. 1 Dec 2014 new discount store, made its first flight to Volgograd. As of today, “Victory” flies more than 20 domestic destinations. Started selling tickets for international flights to Bratislava, from where passengers the bus is scheduled to deliver a vein – by the way, at a surprisingly low rates. But agree about the announced flights to Minsk, “Victory” is not possible.

Low-cost model assumes that the passenger may take into the cabin a small bag or backpack, for large Luggage, he will have to pay. And to pay in advance online for much cheaper than at the airport.

“Victory” did not follow international experience and decided to go his own way. On domestic flights, the airline allows passengers free to take the Luggage to a backpack weighing up to 10 kilograms, if a passenger wants to have their things, then it will have to pay. This is a very strange business model, given that the baggage have to pay airport authorities, and passengers carry their belongings in and out of airplane free. But, judging by the reviews, the objective pursued by marketers of “Victory”, not whether to cut its own costs and to force the passenger to pay the maximum in addition to the fee for the ticket. And to pay passengers make in a very rough form.

“Victory” against the Deputy

26 October of the current year the Deputy of the state Duma, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education Alyona Arshinova was flying from Moscow to Cheboksary flight “Victory”. At the end of the flight, she told the readers of his account on Facebook the following story.

“I went to the front Desk with a mini suitcase, a suit case and a backpack with a phone charger, a book, tissues. I was told that I still have to hand over my suitcase or pay 1.5 thousand. of Course, refused, quietly handed him, and safely passed the area examination.” After that, before the gate of the “big bald ruddy young man named Maxim Ilyukhin took the Deputy boarding pass and asked to pay two thousand rubles for a backpack in accordance with the rules of the airline.

This, incidentally, is one of the fundamental differences of “Victory” from the normal discount does not matter to them where to pay for Luggage at the front Desk or front gate. Control in front of the gate designed to cunning passengers, for example, were not recorded, leaving the bag to a friend. But the receptionist will warn if a passenger’s baggage does not meet free standards. It turns out, the employees of “Victory” on the front there is a direct financial incentive not to alert the passengers that their baggage does not meet the rules below when entering the land, they paid for it on 500 roubles more.

Therefore, Arshinova had first to hear the loud cries Ilyukhin (“Reset registration! She’s not coming!”), and then pay two thousand rubles, you can fly to Cheboksary.

“Maybe you’ll say it’s nothing? Probably. But the nerves of thousands of flying people – not a trifle. Maybe you think that this is the norm? No, I think this is rudeness, and we are able together to win. Likely to appeal to the leadership for clarification and their vision of the situation. I think that the airline should apologize to all who were on the flight so took the money and had to return it”, – concluded the Deputy.

This record is widely dispersed on social networking, however, most users were not discussing the conduct of employees of “Victory”, and the fact that the deputies, it turns out, fly the discounters.

In conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW Alena Arshinova confirmed that it did not intend to let “Victory” rudeness and illegal behavior. According to her, parliamentary inquiries to regulatory authorities prepared and will soon be sent. She also intends to raise the issue of violations of “Victory” at a meeting of the state Duma next week.

And on Friday, the airline has given a new reason for complaint.

“Victory” against all

It turned out that on international flights “victory” of the free baggage allowance is not provided at all. Per bag in the cabin you have to pay the same amount for domestic flights: 999 roubles on the website, 1499 – stand, 1999 – at the gates. Moreover, for a package from the Duty Free will have to pay 700 rubles in Russia, or 10 euros in a foreign airport. It can hardly be called otherwise than by the apotheosis of greed. Such rules no airline in the world.

But it’s not only in the unprecedented restrictions “Victory”. According to Federal aviation rules, free baggage allowance shall not be less than 10 pounds. Thus, the rules of “Victory” on international flights obviously contradict the current legislation.

The arbitration court of Tyumen region has confirmed the injunction issued to “Win” the local branch of the CPS, with the requirement to adequately prescribe the conditions for hand baggage. The order was made after the passenger took the money for the allowance the permitted free baggage allowance, just removed the package. However, “Victory” plans to appeal the decision.

When the most famous low-cost airline Ryanair started to conquer Europe, passengers are also regularly complained that they were forced to pay for “slightly” exceeding the dimensions of the bag. But over the years, all used, largely because of the uniqueness of the rules and goodwill of the airline staff.

“Victory”, in the first place, came up with a strange format for the carriage of baggage on domestic flights, and secondly, violates the law, abolishing the free baggage allowance on international flights, thirdly, its employees, rude passengers, not making exceptions for members of the fourth, instead of having to clearly explain their obscure and not very legal rules that the firm chooses to sue the CPS.

Looks like another attempt to create a low-cost carrier in Russia, too, can hardly be called successful.


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