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Friday, January 19, 2018

Unhealthy lifestyle for 18 years closer to death

People who quit Smoking, but has not abandoned the charge in the morning, on average, have the chance to live 6 years longer than those who to a lesser extent takes care of itself. The difference between the most consistent opponents of an unhealthy lifestyle and the most ardent of his “supporters” were even more impressive and amounted to 18 years. This is evidenced by a recent study conducted in Canada.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to the researchers, certain components of an unhealthy lifestyle to be one of the main reasons for every second death in Canada. As shown by the experts of the statistical analysis, it is primarily factors such as Smoking (26 percent of the deaths), sedentary lifestyle (24 per cent) and malnutrition (12 percent). Called scientists and various other components of an unhealthy lifestyle, negatively affecting its duration — including the abuse of alcohol.

The main risk factor for men scientists called Smoking — the representatives of the stronger sex, this habit does not possess, according to the findings, live 3.1 years longer. In turn, for women the most dangerous was the lack of physical activity, which is the average “cost” of his three years of life. In General those people who should have absolutely all the canons of a healthy lifestyle, live 17.9 years longer than those who to the greatest extent they have been neglected.

Based on the obtained data, the researchers developed a special algorithm to calculate the individual risks for health of various people. This algorithm, according to experts, it can be useful, in particular, on the scale of entire States: as the researchers note, full enough for its application of information about every citizen of the country today is going to about 100 countries around the world, including in Canada.

The scientists published their study in the journal PLOS Medicine.


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