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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ukrainian saboteurs were both on the Amin’s Palace

Sources in the FSB revealed the details of fighting with Ukrainian saboteurs who went to the North of the Crimea. Information about the impending attack security officers received August 6, then developed a plan for their capture, but the first night didn’t go according to plan.

Simon Sychev.

August 7, about 2 a.m., the first on the way of the militants stood three employees of “Vympel”, which was waiting for them at the edge of the cemetery of the village of Suvorovo near Armyansk. Seeing the enemy commander Lieutenant Colonel Roman Kamenev shouted at the fighters and ordered them to lay down their arms. The Ukrainians replied with gunfire, immediately killing the officer, who was wearing a vest. However, after a few seconds the security forces eliminated two militants and three captured.

As explained by the veteran of “Vympel” Valery Kiselyov, the soldiers of his division are often published in a special operation without body armor. First, they do not save from the gun shot, and second, restrained the security forces. In particular, he recalled that the Palace of Amin in Afghanistan, the special forces also took without body armor.

It is unknown which of saboteurs shot Kamenev and whether he is alive. Blame militants should set the examination and interrogation of suspects.

On the morning of 7 August, it was still unknown how many fighters crossed the Russian border and how many of them still in the Crimea, so a search operation decided to conduct the entire North of the Peninsula. Eleven o’clock in the evening a new group of militants was discovered on the border with Ukraine, Sivash. This time in the clash with the enemy took part 247-th air assault regiment based in the Stavropol region.

Roman Stone

In the ensuing fight, the driver of BMD 22-year-old corporal Simon Sychev has received a mortal wound. Sychev was buried on 10 August and was posthumously presented to the Courage award, but to find his killers did not succeed, as the saboteurs fled the territory of Ukraine.

The latest status of Sychev, the social network was “appreciate life”. He never managed to finish his tattoo in his back, which was supposed to be a character from the popular computer game…

Mother Seeds, Galina Arkadyevna, the villagers are now trying to leave one.

— Gali is no longer living parents, and now he died and the only son, ” said the villager. — She to This from the age of three pulling one. Galya lifetime humpback, grabbed all the jobs, that the son in no way needed.

The villagers tell that the Seeds were brought to Primalco in a zinc coffin, and then shifted the coffin, which had chosen for him mom.

Night he spent the night at home and then the Seeds under the Anthem of Russia was buried in new village cemetery, — says Yegor. — About 22-year-old boy was said so many good words that do not mean every elderly person who has lived a long life, I can say…

The villagers say: “Our. will not soon recover from such grief.”

— We with Simeon were at school together in Kazan Suvorov military school, — says Alexey Ilyin. I came for the second course, and Sam taught me everything I know. He combined strength and kindness. He was a great friend. Anyone know how to lighten the mood. Anything no need to ask — he’s seen when someone needed help. Simon dreamed of a career of the military. In College he had a friend Ivan Yermolenko, whom he considered his brother. They were very close. Hard to believe that Seeds are not alive. After the release of us to meet and never had a chance…

— We met with Simon at the Taekwondo training. Simon was a true patriot. Always enjoy life, trying to find the positive side, shares with us Vadim Yarushin. — He was never bored.

— Simon was very bright, responsive, friendly man! — shares Elena Plant. — Otherwise it could not be, because his mother, a Tick, so invested in his care and affection. And Simon has grown a real man-a hero!

Mama Seeds found the strength to talk about his son:

— As soon as he was born, I looked into his blue eyes and knew immediately that will call him Somoskoi, Simeon. He was born in the Cool, to the seventh grade in a rural school in Premake. And then entered the Kazan Suvorov military school. He since the childhood wanted to be a soldier, he loved the military form, and order, and discipline. The son was active in sports. Our famous coach Victor Kim learned the skill of Taekwondo. Constantly with the guys in the stadium moved up on the crossbar. The son was tall — 1.86 m, very handsome…

In Suvorov military school the competition was great?

— Very large. I was worried. But the son never for a moment doubted that would do. He scored all the necessary points. Physical training he was good with math and physics he also had no problems. Were there a lot of “difficult” children. He found a common language.

After graduating from the Suvorov military school Simon did not think to go to military school?

— Targeting the Krasnodar higher military aviation school of pilots. But, unfortunately, the Seeds had a scar on his arm. In eight years in training he injured his hand. A year to recover. Like everything was fine. But the medical examination upon admission to school, the surgeon missed, because they then had to manage civil and military aircraft and requirements for the health there was very high. Simon was very worried. Then he said, “don’t worry, mom, I’m going to serve.” He was given the choice to undergo compulsory military service either in Constantinople or in Stavropol. He without hesitation chose Stavropol. Six months served and decided to sign the contract.

— Consulted with you?

— Absolutely everything. Called and said, “Mom, I want to sign a contract, I love it here”. We were very close. I have, besides him, no one was there, and my son, I was the only close person. I supported him. He always said that the orders must be fulfilled and not to discuss. He was ready to go anywhere, anytime. He loved his work. Sometimes, calling: “Mummy, how are you?” We are talking, talking… And when I asked him about the situation, he invariably replied: “Everything is fine”.

— He had a girlfriend?

— He lived with Catherine, who had a little daughter Elina. Syomka thought of her as his daughter, was madly in love. Came home, girl was pulling my hands to him, shouting: “Daddy!” He confessed to me: “Whatever bad mood, see this baby — I feel my mind clearing”. Simon with Katya wanted after his trip to get married…

How did I know that Simon died?

— August 4, my son called last time — I was sitting in the courtyard of our small private house, drinking coffee. We again said how much we love each other. I went to the sea in Dzhubga. Stayed there for two days. And in the morning I got a call from his part, said what I have to Semyon Yevgenyevich Sychev? Say, “I — mom” — and the connection is terminated. Then I was contacted by our Commissar, said, “be of good cheer, your son died.” Then I was Deputy commander of the regiment said: “If not for the Seeds — there would be more victims”.


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