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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Ukraine likes nightmare, but the rupture of diplomatic relations is still possible

The question of possible rupture of diplomatic relations between official Moscow and Kiev once again became the center of attention. At this time, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, communicating with journalists of the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, said that his country does not intend to cease diplomatic contacts with the Russian Federation, “despite the Russian aggression”. And if the Russian authorities will take a tough decision, the responsibility will be on them, said Klimkin. Earlier, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia is not interested in breaking. In turn, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has described such a step as extreme, but possible option. Experts told “MK”, why not exclude such a scenario.

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“The gap is quite possible, – said the Director of the Institute of CIS countries Konstantin Zatulin</strong>. In any case, it has no effect on the merits of the current tense relations, and will be a further demonstration that the initiator uses to explain his position. If the first move would make Russia, it would mean that she would no longer nourish illusions about Poroshenko. Although there is a sense that illusions do not remain after the events of the terrorist attacks in the Crimea and so on.”

According to Zatulin, Ukraine was confident to ipconfic. “It all started with the refusal of the Ukrainian authorities from Mikhail Zurabov as Russian Ambassador, who actually was loyal to Poroshenko a man, – said Zatulin. – And then vspuchivanie continued: Ukraine does not want to accept a new candidate Mikhail Babich. I can understand if the Ambassador appointed me because I have a strong reputation of “Ukrainophobia” and “evil fiends” in Ukraine, but Babych in any statements has not been noticed. So it was pure hypocrisy and self-promotion of Ukrainian politicians, which left them sideways. Now they face the rupture of relations. All this is cause for Russia to act as she sees fit”.

According to the expert, all Ukrainian calls to “break with Russia” — a bluff and a real prospect of such an outcome makes the local politicians a shock: “Ukraine, of course, loves scaring Russia, arguing that today or tomorrow the Russian collapse, international sanctions us to something forced, but deep down thinking people in Ukraine understand that a complete and irrevocable break with Russia means very serious damage to their country, because so far our cooperation in some form is ongoing in different areas, otherwise there will be neither reason nor the form in which it would be possible to show us any claim. Breaking the relationship is easy, but very difficult to recover”.

If diplomatic relations will cease, then, according to the expert, will have to involve a third country to represent Russia’s interests in Ukraine and Ukraine to Russia (in Georgia, the mediation mission was performed in Switzerland), there are difficulties with mutual travel of citizens of the state of each other, in addition, you will create a bidirectional “neblagopryatnye”.

“In the current situation, the Ukrainian authorities do not play a role, co — chief editor of the magazine “national defense”, member of the Public Council under the Russian defense Ministry Igor Korotchenko. — Russia is based on its own comprehensive analysis of political, military, geopolitical factors. Now we have to wait for the trial over the Ukrainian terrorists, the results of which will appear some more or less definite reaction of Russia. Obviously, the final decision will be taken by the President of Russia, probably based on a judicial decision.”

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