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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The use of database in Iran, dictated by the protection of spying for terrorists

Relocation of parts employed in Syria, the strategic bombers of the Russian Federation videoconferencing at the airbase in Iran is a response to the changing tactics of warfare by militants. The main hindrance was not the novelty of this tactic, and alleged assistance to terrorists from the influential player trying to protect them from Russian aircraft.

The arrival of the Russian bombers and support units at an air base in Hamadan, Iran was perceived as a sensation that needed clarification. In reality, this base was operated by the Russian airborne forces over the past year repeatedly, including as “airfields”. Now this term once learned all the Western media, although, strictly speaking, in the case of Hamadan it is just not true.

“This relief is partly rescued Iran – the usual US military doctrine a massive strike with cruise missiles was technically impossible”

In Soviet times the concept of “airfield” was used solely for polar runways, which would need to refuel strategic bombers attacking North America via the shortest route – via the North pole. It was not base in the modern sense of the word, and a concrete strip in the permafrost, which contained the warehouses and small garrisons subservient to the airfield, which usually banished for “moral character, unworthy of the Builder of communism” (cases of successful “re-education” at the same time is not known). Bomber taking off, for example, in Kazakhstan, was supposed to land on the Yamal Peninsula, a few minutes to refuel and “jump” further to ultimate or intermediate goals. In the 90s the whole system collapsed, and now is recreated into a very different technological level and with very different objectives.

Iranian airfield near large cities Hamadan example of a very different kind. The first and most simple explanation of the reasons for the relocation in the Central Pars of Russian strategic bombers – reduce flight time to targets in Syria. And this was immediately demonstrated by the RAID on the main purpose of Aleppo and Deir al-Zor. It is clear that reduction of flight range reduces the fuel load and increases the useful – bomb. According to estimates of based aircraft and artillery – it is often pure mathematics), about 60%, and therefore such a decision asking for a long time.

At the same time – terrible to say – your own airfield in Engels became strategic bombers of the Russian Federation cramped and small. Giant planes, loaded to the eyeballs, had to rise from the runway at the last moment, as the loading of additional fuel and ammunition is critical weigh down the car, and she needed a long acceleration. This could cause accidents on the rise, which is unacceptable, and talk about the relocation of the strategic bombers closer to their goals were already a couple of months. Now the fighting near Aleppo and some other critical war in Syria, the districts entered a decisive phase, which required new technological solutions. In particular, to increase the bomb load and reduce flight time.

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographic)Jihadists strongly tied to the land, so to speak, and quickly invent ways to avoid privykaet to the raids. A few months ago and it was under Aleppo they switched to a new tactic: hiding from the raids of the Russian HQs. jihadist parts, especially the reserves and reinforcements moving in small groups, often at night, possibly taking advantage of the masking terrain (relatively speaking, in the desert mimikriroval under sand dunes and camels, while in urban areas – under concrete). Now the movement of large columns for them have completely ruled out – too easily they are destroyed strategic aviation, as it was six months ago. But at the same time was required and great flight time with Engels.

Now the front and the jihadists of communication has dropped dramatically, and the goal (column reserves, oil convoy, a tank unit, “Shahid-mobiles”) are going to overcome the desired distance until the aircraft arrives. So the scope of strategic aviation narrowed to static targets, such as fortified, but they are now a little bit, but on the ground requires that the operational backup – the destruction of the reserves at the stage of moving them to the front line. After all, the ability to manipulate reserves and expeditiously to remove parts from other sections resulted in tactical successes of the jihadists, who now have to deal with the world. With the air support of offensive impulses of the government troops cope well with stormtroopers Mamima.

While many questions arose on the part of the information security of flights of strategic aviation. I would not want to point fingers, but the jihadists who joined them, and “moderate” were suspiciously often hide in their burrows, responding quickly to approach the Russian HQs. Like you can successfully do only by using data from space exploration, fixing crashes with Engels as its own satellites and electronic warfare systems from the rebels, thank God, no longer is. And there is reason to believe that someone is interested and generous can provide the “fighters against the Assad regime” such information.

Effect and the absence of so-called “disengagement” of the various armed opposition groups, which refuse our American partners. During heavy and bloody battles on the ground, targeting long acquired an exclusively military meaning (“he shoots at you, it means he’s the target”), while the Americans continue to insist on a political principle (“no matter what he shoots at you, the main thing is that he knows the word “democracy”, and therefore he is not a terrorist”).

It is clear that a sharp reduction in flight time fundamentally change the situation and tilt the protective tactics of the enemy, secured, perhaps someone influential hand. Of course, the modern system of record and the arrival of Russian bombers in Hamadan, and their departure from thence (Hamadan has just one hard runway), but operational passive defense (“hide all who believe in Allah!”) is not going to work – no time. But the Russian VKS, on the contrary, will get the coordinates of moving targets before they scatter to the desert, or bury in the nearby cellars.

All this does not negate the operational counter-intelligence activities, to which foreign military bases are always a weak spot. The performance characteristics of Russian aircraft, their weapons systems and provide now a tidbit for all intelligence agencies in the world. But stay strategic bombers carrying nuclear weapons in Hamadan can indeed be provided with a sufficient level of secrecy than, say, Turkey or Iraq. It is necessary to consider and such moment as the geography of Iran, the location of its airfields and air defense. At the time, at the peak of the “nuclear crisis” the Americans have refrained from the use of force against the Islamic Republic because of the inability to use a familiar Arsenal of weapons, primarily, the cruise missiles of sea basing. The fact that Iran, the same Hamadan and a few other major towns of the Central provinces of Pars with their airfields and military bases kind of tied to the terrain. For example, Tehran and Hamadan is so well covered mountains, the guidance system cannot guide the Tomahawks to targets within a certain range. This feature of the relief in part and saved Iran – the usual US military doctrine a massive strike with cruise missiles was technically impossible. Iraq – an example of the opposite: plain, desert, stretched over the surface of the city, like Baghdad, is a perfect target for the “Tomahawk”.

Interestingly, in parallel, continue the odd game around the Turkish base of Incirlik, and, despite some tightening position of Russia against Turkey in the last two days. Namely: Moscow again, and almost in the categorical form has demanded from Ankara stops supporting a number of groups in the North of Syria, while Turkish offers a joint operation is clearly not treated as equal. Turkey will not get more in the events in Syria independent role, and the use of its military capacity can be agreed solely with Russia – and no one else. In any case, the base Incirlik does not meet the required parameters in terms of privacy and security, not even to mention the presence in Turkey of a huge number of American electronic warfare systems, tracking and listening. And in dopatka Erdogan “to get into the last car” and to offer itself as the third military partner already held tactical unit Moscow-Tehran needs to be supported by something more than a few phone calls.

Yes, coordination of joint activities with Iran is also not an ideal situation, and yet the points of contact with Tehran, Moscow has far more than Ankara. Iran is now seriously involved in the fighting around Aleppo. He required and tactical help, and information security, including drones, and operational support to those units who regularly bear heavy losses, because there was not a single case that the Persians were hiding from the battle. While in Tehran recently was dominated by the view that Russia avoids direct contacts with Iran and generally slows down the event because of some informal arrangements with the United States. Search of conspiracy theories to Persians, too, is peculiar, as the nation and the state, so many years lived in isolation during the sanctions regime. Some times even the technical suspension of the blows the Russian VKS (for example, due to the worsening weather conditions, Tehran has turned into a geopolitical tragedy.

Yes, they are hard to deal with due to the peculiarities of national character, but to exist and intelligence to understand, evaluate and propose remedies. And the current relocation in Hamadan our TU-22 – evidence that Iran is quite possible to deal with, not paying attention to peculiarities of local thinking or still paying, but making the right conclusions from this. And it brings victory.


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