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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The United States suspected Russian space forces in violation of UN security Council resolution on Iran

The Russian foreign Ministry called “bootstrapping” the approval of the state Department that the use of the Russian BKC Iranian airbase allegedly violates a UN security Council resolution banning arms supplies to Iran. New level of cooperation between Moscow and Tehran – which, according to Western media, became a major failure of the US – forcing the state Department to seek out the legal basis for his allegations.

US find out whether it is legal to use Russia’s military base in Iran from the point of view of the resolution of the UN Security Council prohibiting the sale or supply of that country combat aircraft without the approval of the security Council. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the official representative of state Department Mark Toner.

“We need unanimity of the permanent members of the security Council, and here it is clearly not”

State Department spokesman acknowledged that the Department does not have the exact answer. “If reports are true, it may very well be a contravention of resolution 2231 UN security Council,” said Toner.

Attempts to “pull the ears” 2231 a resolution of the UN Security Council in the case of using the Russian space forces of the Iranian airfield for attacks on militants and accusing Moscow of a violation of this document are totally groundless, said a source in the Russian foreign Ministry. “Americans need to take a closer read 2231 a resolution of the UN security Council, the source said in comments TASS. – The wording of the relevant item on the supply of arms to Iran, no relation to the situation of Russian aircraft in Iran.

“Irrelevant to reality”

“Pulling the ears” of Council resolution may imply that Washington built some kind of theoretical scheme to “prove” indirect Russian assistance to Iran. For example, hypothetically you might suspect that Russian planes are not temporarily based at a base in Hamadan, will be handed over to the Iranian side for some reason and thus the ultimate beneficiary will be Iran, said in comments the newspaper VIEW head of the Council on foreign and defense policy, the scientific Director of the Valdai club Fyodor Lukyanov.

“That is, a theoretical scheme can be built. In practice, this has no relation to reality, – said Lukyanov. – Russia uses Iran’s facilities solely as a support tool for its operations in Syria. Clearly, this is very not like not only the United States. A tense in the region. The rivalry and enmity of Iran with Saudi Arabia and in General many Arab elites are well known. Therefore, the reaction is quite predictable, but I don’t think there’s legal grounds to demand to stop it.”

Even if the United States will require, for example, to arrange a test at the airport Hamadan, they can face problems. “I don’t see the legal mechanism as it can be done. To put the issue to create a certain political atmosphere anyone can. But how to formulate a query, in my opinion, it is quite difficult. This means that there must be given the appropriate mandate to the relevant inspectors and the inspection structures. To obtain this mandate, we need the unanimity of the permanent members of the UN security Council, and here it is clearly not” – the expert believes.

The state Department was at a loss”

“The resolution 2213 from 2015 prohibits the delivery of military aircraft to Iran, that is transfer directly to Iran’s combat aircraft in various commercial transactions, – said in comments the newspaper VIEW military analyst Konstantin Sivkov. In our case, the Russian aircraft were conducting airstrikes with one of the “bases of departure in Iran; the transfer of Iran’s combat aircraft is not relevant”.

Sivkov believes that this “unfortunate and, quite frankly, very foolish attempt of the US to accuse us of violating resolutions of the UN Security Council says that Russia’s decision to use a military base in Iran has led the Americans in utter confusion.

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographic)”the state Department was confused and just could not come up with better. In the future, I think the pressure on Russia in this issue will continue, but this assumption will be forgotten,” – said the expert. Sivkov expects the West to increase foreign pressure on Iran, and perhaps to be joined by the Gulf States and, perhaps, Israel, and Russia, in turn, will once again be accused of destabilizing the situation in the middle East.

“Unfortunate fact”

Yesterday evening it became known that the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry in conversation with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed concerns of Washington about the use of Russia’s military base in Iran in the bombing of targets in Syria. State Department spokesman mark Toner, in turn, called the fact use base “regrettable.” The diplomat noted that this fact is regrettable, but not unexpected”.

“It is well known that Iran is actively supporting the Syrian regime. Russia also supports the regime, said Toner on Wednesday. The fact is that now they are working together to conduct bombardments against it, as they say, the terrorists.”

In turn the Chairman of Parliament of Iran Ali Larijani said that Tehran has not transferred the Russian military nor a military base, reported Tasnim. So the speaker replied to the remark of the Deputy of Hismatullin Falahatpishe, who said that the deployment of Russian military base in Hamadan violates the Constitution of Iran. Explaining that Iran is not transferred to the Russian military bases, Larijani said the Islamic Republic is cooperating with Russia on regional issues, particularly on Syria.

Very fast deployment

Recall, on the eve of the Russian defense Ministry reported about a unique operation, which became possible thanks to cooperation between Moscow and Tehran. Bombers Tu-22M3 and su-34 taking off from the airport of Hamadan in Iran, struck the objects of the IG in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Deir-ez-Zor and Idlib. The cover of the planes taking off from Iran, carried out the su-30CM and su-35S fighters based in Syria on the basis of the videoconferencing Hamim.

The airbase near Hamadan have previously used Russian aircraft involved in the operation in Syria. However, there was only the intermediate landings, the shock of it was applied.

Washington was surprised by a very fast (possibly overnight) deployment of Russian forces at the air base in Hamadan. One of the sources Associated Press the Pentagon said that Russia has dispatched four Tu-22 transport aircraft with ammunition a few hours before departure.

The sides AP claim that Washington was aware of the fact that Russia discussed the possibility of flights of Russian aircraft from Iran since the end of last year, but Moscow’s decision to exercise this Tuesday was for the administration by surprise.

Then, on Tuesday, the Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani confirmed the granting Russia the infrastructure for terrorism in Syria. Note that the 176 article of the Iranian Constitution, which, in the opinion of Hismatullin Falahatpishe has been broken, concerns the powers of the High Council of national security.

“We have opened a corridor”

The Prime Minister of neighboring Iraq, Haider al-Abadi has called the conditions on which aircraft of Russian air force allowed to cross the airspace of the Arab countries. “We have opened a corridor for the Russian bombers, however, we did not allow them to fly over Iraqi cities. This corridor, which we opened, goes near the boundary line in a particular area,” explained Iraqi Prime Minister.

According to al-Abadi, for permission to fly missiles requires a separate request on the part of Russia. “I gave permission to fly bombers because information on them was very clear. They strike exact blows, avoiding casualties among the civilian population. Therefore, we will consider all requests concerning the security of the civilian population in Syria. Syria is a neighbouring country and we have some responsibility for protecting civilians in Syria,” – said al-Abadi.

“Did US a big mistake?”

The Western media regard the deployment of the aircraft of Russian air force on the Iranian database as signs of the strengthening of Russian influence in the middle East. “Moscow is stepping up its military presence. It shows that now its influence stretches not just on Syria but also on Iran is that it is a regional power to be reckoned with,” said a senior international correspondent for CNN, Matthew chance, quoted by RT.

Financial Times commentators also see in the appearance of our aircraft at a base in Hamadan signs of strengthening Russia’s position in the region and talk about the opposite aspiration of Teheran to cooperate with Moscow. Publishing expects that Moscow will do more to put pressure on Washington, urging coordinated action against ISIS in Syria.

The expert of the British Royal Institute for defense studies Shashank Joshi in an article published in London’s The Guardian, says: the Russian military for the first time since 1946, appeared in Iran. “Over the past year, Russia has repeatedly launched planes and helicopters from bases in Syria, but for the first time in the region, Moscow has placed its air force on the territory of a third country”, – says columnist for BBC News Jonathan Marcus.

“Reaching a new level of Russian-Iranian interactions raises the question of how did the United States a major strategic mistake,” RT quoted a note published by The New York Times. According to the authors of the article, refusing at the time from the deployment of large-scale military operation in the skies of Syria, on Capitol hill opened the window of Russia to participate in the conflict.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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