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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The conclusion of a psychiatrist: Donald trump has called a dangerous lunatic

In the midst of the presidential battle in the US over a thousand psychiatrists declared Republican candidate Donald trump is unable to work as the head of the White house and listed his personal defects, such as paranoia, megalomania, crossing into self-worship. And one of the thousands of psychiatrists called trump a “dangerous lunatic”.

photo: flickr.com

In the historical memory arises 1964, when Republican candidate Barry Goldwater, a Senator from Arizona, who miserably lost the presidential election. This did not prevent him to sue the magazine the Fact who has devoted his personality for the whole room, and to win ($75000). But the same journal has undergone and attack doctors. They were protesting against his nothing confirmed “clinical language” and undisguised unilateralism.

Only in 1973 the American psychiatric Association has endorsed a document called “Goldwater Rule”. This rule was declared unethical any diagnosis by a psychiatrist of the health of any political figure without that he personally examined the patient and received with the publication of her diagnosis the necessary permission.

And now let’s go back to Trump.

His strange statements that pop out of the “stream of consciousness”, according to many psychiatrists, strained to break “the Goldwater Rule” and forced to doubt that it is applicable to our day.

Psychiatrists and psychologists publicly violate “the Rule” hanging on trump’s diagnoses, accusing him of megalomania, malignant narcissism, lack of sympathy for others. These “clinical insults” are so frequent that the Association was forced to repeat: “Violation of Rules “Goldwater” irresponsible, potentially offensive and certainly unethical”.

But, apparently, sticking a mental stigma on the candidate that the enemy is insurmountable. According to the Professor-Columbia University psychiatrist Paul Appelbaum, “this year psychiatrists more than ever convinced that they are saving the country from a terrible fate.”

One of them is a University of Minnesota Professor William Doherty. In June he published on his website a Manifesto against the “Transma”, which was signed by 2200 specialists-neurologists. “The case of the trump for me is the exception to the “Goldwater Rule”. In this case, we are faced with a threat to democracy itself,” says Professor Doherty.

According to The New York Times, supporters of the “Rules” indicate three points that make them follow this rule. Diagnoses are made at a distance. Themselves stigma can cause real trauma Trump and his family. And finally, this practice undermines faith in psychiatry, particularly in its privacy policy.

However, the psychoanalysis of political figures, commentators, columnists and pop psychiatrists spreads on both beds. So many suspected the Democrat President Lyndon Johnson in megalomania and narcissism. The end of the presidency of Richard Nixon raised suspicions in his paranoia. (I was Dating both of them, and Johnson even made a ride, but no abnormalities of their psyche is not found.)

Recently the trump tried to shift the accusations against him on the shoulders of her rival, Hillary Clinton, called her “unstable” and “off the hinges”.

Despite the fact that accusations of mental instability mainly falling on the head of trump, some experts believe that “public psychoanalysis” should be subject to both presidential candidates. But can such analysis to reach the diagnostic level? I personally do not presume to answer this question, ” says dawn sizemore of Lexington, Kentucky. But if we start to diagnose the trump, we will have to do the same thing with Hillary Clinton.”

But history warns against such “persons tests. Psychiatrists point as an example, the Goldwater. he died in 1998. In the obituary on him, the newspaper “Washington post” wrote that he was “one of the most respected senior statesmen of his party”.

In the course of Monicagate” many people were waiting for a medical diagnosis to begin the persecution of President Clinton. Recalls Dr. ned Scotland, psychiatrist Medical College of rush in Chicago. “I remember all those phone calls to media asking me: was Clinton a narcissist or a sex maniac? While addiction to sex is not considered a mental disorder. But even if it was, does that justify it? I stopped dancing around these questions, as such a diagnosis of people wrong,” says Dr. Stotland.

However, those who use the clinical dictionary to describe the behavior of the trump, saying that the presidential election is something quite different. Comments social media and video clips that enable direct approach to candidates did not exist in previous years. The depth of this material creates an image of a public person, giving the opportunity to analyze it based on them, they say.

Dr. Doherty and the other doctors who signed the Manifesto, not diagnose personal qualities trump and his public persona. The Manifesto characterizes termism” as “reinventing history”, which never apologises, humiliates his critics and excites violence. “People can talk about the public behavior of the tramp, not knowing if he behaves with his children, wife or friends,” says Dr. Doherty.

Doctor psychiatrist Steven Bazer, who along with his colleague Dr. Leonard Cruz recently released a book called “a Clear threat: narcissism in the era of Donald trump”, emphasizes: “We are extremely discreet and don’t hold here clinical analysis do not claim that Donald trump suffers narcissistic disorder. We focus only on the image that he projects on television, on Twitter, in their statements”.

Dr. Applebaum says that the definition is an attempt to dissect the hair into two parts. “Even for an experienced specialist required months and regular access to the patient for guiding questions to solve — is it a disorder or not,” he says.

The stigma of mental illness particularly affects political leaders. In 1972 Senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri, who ran for Vice-President with presidential candidate Magovern, was forced to withdraw his candidacy only because for several days he was undergoing psychiatric counseling and electroshock therapy. In 1988, the candidate of the Democrats, Michael Dukakis issued a medical report about yourself to deflect accusations that he was treated in a mental hospital.

When the sword was raised over his head Goldwater, he was struck by the comments of some psychiatrists to his personality, including one in which it was alleged that he was “anal character.” To this the Senator replied, “I don’t know what the “anal character.” I have not found it even in the dictionary.” Another accusation that he is “a fake figure of the masculine”, Goldwater said: “This accusation weighs several tons, and its effect is to cause depressive feelings.

So, are there exceptions to the “Goldwater Rule”? The views of psychiatrists on this subject are divided. Historical figures of the past are still here and there, for example, the melancholy of Lincoln. The book, Joshua wolf Schenk under the title, where Lincoln is diagnosed with “depression”, were met with approval, they say, of course, Lincoln is great, but…

As for the current politicians, who are far not like Lincoln melancholic”, in relation to their psychiatrists require a revision of the “Goldwater Rule”. For example, a Professor of new Hampshire University John Mayer. He believes that it is necessary to emphasize both negative and positive features of psychological portraits of politicians. So, if you believe the liars of the current presidential candidates trump and Clinton, it is necessary to balance this statement with something positive. “There are always reasons why you don’t tell everything you know, or what you think,” he said.

Donald trump is not concerned. For thousands of psychiatrists he was “dangerous lunatic”. That’s what they say. It is hard to imagine what they think about it.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis


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