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Friday, March 16, 2018

Study: top 10 Metropolitan areas with the best infrastructure

Many Muscovites want to live in Orekhovo-Borisov, Lianozovo or Sochi? Perhaps not. Meanwhile, according to a large-scale study, these Metropolitan areas are among the best in the provision of infrastructure.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Just specify the authors of the study, the experts of “Metrium Group”, made up two ratings: one with Moscow and zamkadya in principle, the other only the areas inside the Beltway (the difference was quite substantial). In both cases, they excluded the 15 districts with the highest average cost per square meter of residential real estate. Almost all of them located in the Central part of the city and obviously have a good level of infrastructure security, but the vast majority of buyers unable to purchase property in these areas because of the extremely high prices.

The experts took into account four parameters. First — security area nurseries and kindergartens (the ratio of the number of preschool-aged children to the number of places in preschool educational institutions). Second — provision of educational institutions (the share of students from the total number of children of school age). The study revealed that in some areas children were more than seats in the classrooms, so parents are forced to send them to schools in neighboring districts. The third parameter is the security of district clinics (the ratio of population to the estimated number of visits per shift in the outpatient organizations of district: number of visits per shift per 1 thousand people). And the fourth is the security area of retail space (number of square meters of shops of various sizes on 1 thousand persons). More important, the experts gave the first two parameters.

— Kindergartens and schools are the most popular among buyers of infrastructure projects, — says the managing partner Vektorstroyfinans” Andrew Kolacinski. — For shopping, many prefer to go to the major malls located outside the district of residence. And have to visit the clinic, fortunately, there is only a very limited number of people. But educational facilities most consider as a necessary addition to buy housing, even if at the time of purchase has no children.

At first, we indicate the ranking of districts included in the limits MKAD. In the first place quite unexpectedly Orekhovo-Borisovo Severnoye, scored 8.4 points out of a possible 10. “Silver” went to Sokolniki (7.8 points). The third position is located in the Lianozovo district (7.6 points). Places from 4th to 10th ranked (in descending order): Moscow, Marfino, Golyanovo, Chertanovo South, Voykovskaya, beacon hill and mountain.

Regarding the volume of new buildings and prices per square meter in borders “old Moscow”, the data look like. Experts of Analytical and consulting centre Est-a-Tet has estimated that the largest volume of supply of new buildings is traditionally Central district. It currently is focused 15.3% of the total space of the primary market in Moscow. In second place is the southern district of 14.7%. A year earlier, the second place was occupied by the North. However, over the year the volume of supply in the South rose by as much as 73%, and on the North only by 2.8%. Third place is shared by the Northern and Western administrative districts: their shares amount to 12.5%.

The most expensive is traditionally Central district: 677 thousand rubles per square meter in a new building. The second place in terms of prices took North district: 259 thousand rubles. In the West, “square” is worth 254 thousand, in the North-West — 246 thousand. The lowest prices Zelenograd: 87 thousand rubles per square meter.

— One of the interesting changes during the year include: North district came in second place in terms of prices, displacing such traditionally prestigious and expensive districts, like the West and Northwest, says analyst Vladimir Bogdanyuk.

The rating which includes all areas of the city, looks like. First or second place have divided the area Staroe Kryukovo (Zelenograd) and the settlement of Moscow (Novomoskovsky administrative area). Both areas received the same score of 9.2. Thus, according to the rules of ranking, at equal rates in a higher position is the district with the lowest cost of real estate in the primary market. Because in the Old Kryukov no new building today is not represented, the area inferior to the leadership.

Third place with 9 points is Kurkino. Followed by a group of four districts that scored 8.6 points: Nekrasovka, the village of krasnopakhorskoye (Troitskiy administrative district), MATUSHKINO and SAVELKI (both — Moscow). Projects in the primary market is represented today only in Nekrasovka, and the area takes the fourth place ranking. The remaining areas are located to reduce the indicators of maximum specific gravity — provision of preschool and General educational institutions: village of krasnopakhorskoye in fifth place, SAVELKI on the sixth, and my Mother — in seventh.

The last three places in the top ten is the settlement Voskresenskoe (Novomoskovsk district), districts of Orekhovo-Borisovo Severnoye (recall that the leader among the districts within the ring road) and East (infrastructure it OK, but no new buildings, so in terms of rating he gets the last place in the top ten).

— There is a widespread belief that “for MKAD of life” and areas with more developed infrastructure are located closer to the center of Moscow, — says the managing partner of the company Maria Litinetskaya. — As shown by our study, it is not so. Of the ten districts and villages with the highest rates of infrastructure security three are located in Zelenograd, three in the New Moscow, and of the remaining four districts of the “old” Moscow is the only one located within the ring road.


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