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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Producer Andrei Sigle starts film about Palmyra

Producer Andrei Sigle, who worked on the films “Taurus”, “Sun”, “Alexandra” and “Faust” Alexander Sokurov, “the Ugly swans” and “the Role” by Konstantin Lopushansky, is launching several new projects. One of them — “Palmyra”.

Photo: festival window to Europe

— What typeface is it?

— The very same that is known each of us since high school. Although in this case it kind of a collective image. In the word “PAL” is the essence of the picture, but the focus will be the doctor, whose wife and children have fled to ISIS (banned in the Russian terrorist group). Our hero is sent to rescue them out of there.

— Oh, God! Based on real events?

— Yes, it’s modern and contemporary history, and it’s not the only one.

— Who would you trust this stuff?

— Director Ivan Bolotnikov, with whom we have already made a film about Daniil Kharms. While appends the script to spring it a go.

— Your project “Alexander II” is also linked with the topic of terrorism?

The picture will be removed at the very Dmitry, will talk about his beginnings at the state level and will be based on comparison of the sumptuous Imperial palaces and dungeons, which were made of bombs. Those who were engaged in it were absolute idealists and fanatics. Nothing today ISIS? If I am not mistaken, Stepan Khalturin asked for the death penalty, although at the time of the assassination attempt on the Emperor was already in prison. He said, “I want to be hanged together with all.” What is not a suicide bomber? Dostoevsky wrote a remarkable novel about them. All this will have in the picture, the tragic fate, roll of the time with the current.

— Filming will take place in St. Petersburg?

— In our city it is impossible to remove. Advertising, leads, asphalt — all of this is very disturbing. If you have unlimited budget, then you can certainly build a piece of St. Petersburg, but we have no such possibility. Working does Svetozarova on “Crime and punishment”, we realized that in such a situation, need a welcome. And this project is courted for seven years. “Alexander II” — big production movie that requires serious investment. On the knee will not make it. As Voltaire said, a good idea badly expressed. Therefore, in order for her to properly Express it, you need to have enough money. The third attempt on the Emperor’s happened in the Hermitage, where the almost collapsed ceiling. It is necessary as-that to remove. We immediately realized that I have to collect the money. Tell a Grand love story with Katya Dolgoruky. I wonder why none of it still did. It is very cinematic.

— Who wrote the script?

— Edvard Radzinsky. He used the technique of story about historical events through a literary character. He’s fictional, but has historical roots. Is a worker of the secret police, a story about what happened. This technique gives the range and the ability to interpret events, assuming that the hero could see them in their own way.

— In the role of Alexander II, we will see a famous actor? Maybe Mikhail Porechenkov?

— While we search. I think the debate will be hot. The image of Alexander II — controversial from a historical point of view, and acting — difficult. The singer of this role may not always be present in the frame as a portrait. Edvard Radzinsky believes Alexander II the last Russian Emperor, Alexander III and Nicholas II looks now as followers of what he laid.

— At the festival in Vyborg you presented the film “Close your eyes” by Olga Subbotina. It’s started Valeria Gai Germanicus, and it was called “Nightlight”. The case ended in court.

— With Valeria Gai Valeriya, we started to work on “Light”, but at some point I realized that we have a completely different approach to the film, its essence and destiny. Quarreled. The initiative to go to court belongs to Valeria who considered themselves wronged. But the court showed that we did everything correctly and legally.

Information has been conflicting…

The first court, we won. Then there was the meeting where, in my opinion, adopted the illogical and emotional decision. But the third court, all put into place, returned the decision of the first.

— What conclusions did you make?

— I have always worked with Directors who know. Although I was experimenting with, for example, Ivan Bolotnikov. And with the “night Light” I got in trouble. Had teeth to show. But I was not the initiator of the war. Don’t understand how is it possible that came the Director and said, in this filthy city can not remove, Petersburg — depressive, do you live here?.. Demanded to remove all in Moscow, to provide a car of a business class, three-bedroom apartment, flights in business class… I worked with many Directors, who all deserve it, but that’s not required, realizing that all this will have to be taken from the budget of the film. In the case of the guy Valeriya had a different attitude. Maybe it’s personal, Moscow. We are St. Petersburg country people, surprised at this. The result took a picture of Olga Subbotina. It’s just another movie. Every Director in his reading the same script.

— How many of you have projects in the works?

— Besides those that I named, on the approach of the cartoon “Cats,” written by Oleg Egorov — the gang Petersburg cats living under the Palace bridge and Vasileostrovskaya belligerent brethren. Today, our delegation went to China, where he became interested in the project. The Chinese protect their markets, allowed him no more than 30 paintings. Run the movie “Through dark glass” with Konstantin Lopushanskiy where the main character — the oligarch, saving the orphanage the girl. After the operation, it returns to the sight, and he takes her as his wife. This chamber and completely the author’s story. An ongoing project by Irina evteyeva “Khlebnikov 4K. I think the main recipe for a time of crisis: do what you can no matter what.


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