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Thursday, October 27, 2016

“Please do not tell about the difficulties”: Medvedev issued a new loud quote

Working visit to Pskov, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev marked a new phrase in a loud, this time converted by him to the governors complained of the lack of money in the regions.

photo: premier.gov.ru

“Please do not tell about the difficulties of life: it’s difficult,” – said the Prime Minister, quoted by the portal “Pskov province”.

Complaints of the heads of regions were associated with raised during the visit, Medvedev topic: fiscal capacity of regions, in which the government intends to offer them to earn income independently, thereby reducing subsidy dependence on the Federal budget.

Medvedev, in particular, had to listen to complaints of the head of the Pskov region, noting that while none of the social facilities “was not closed physically, although since 2010, the subsidy region decreased by a billion three hundred million rubles.

With the thesis about insufficiency of Federal funding and agreed to other governors, in response from the Prime Minister though and heard the promises of budget support, but also received the Council that “each region needs to earn an income for myself.”

Many of its proposals, the governors expressed behind closed doors, however, the press were able to hear the idea of the head of the Mari El Republic, believing that, as in Soviet times, send nespravivshegosya officials in the camp. The Prime Minister said, is this “offer”, but in the future to develop a theme did not become.

Recall that the previous loud saying Medvedev was the phrase “no Money” followed by the wish “to keep health and good mood”, they turned to the Crimean pensioner, complained manisku retirement.


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