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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mikhail Shvydkoi: “We left Mr. X is alive!”

Traditionally the gathering of the troupe at Theatre of the musical started… with the announcement of babies — no, not new artists at all, and that is babies and their brave mom!

Is not a theatre, and hospital. — Smiles Shvydkoi. — Only one request (especially main characters): how you are going to have, at least for a week let us know, okay?

Jokes aside, the theatre was harnessed to a story, except Shvydkoi and Smelyanskiy, hardly anyone mastered to make a killer mix of trick of the circus and drama on the basis of a textbook Kolmanovsky “Princess of circus”, but no reader here don’t wait…

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Arrived in Moscow all canadian production team (and puts not just anybody, but one of the most famous “Seven fingers” directed by Sebastian Soldevila, SEB). On stage — lovely Golden amphitheatre of the circus, inside of which everything will happen. Known acrobat Andrey Koltsov, long time working abroad, responsible for truckaway part in his possession 12 circus pure geniuses, here they warm up, and God what they do! By the way, perhaps the audience, too, will play Mr. X in turn with the main contractor — Maxim by Zapaleniem.

Sebastian — and he is strict on the one hand, but a terrible bully on the other, turns to the troupe:

— I will spend two months. I promise by the end of the performances to learn the Russian language.


— Now, — continued, — any show stands on two pillars: trust and… trust. Marina Shvydkoi (co-Director of the project, — Y. S.) — two captains that lead you across the ocean to some wonderful island. There, the island on the right side. No, he is now on the left. No, a little to the right! No!

Sebastian desperately, gesturing, indicating, where magical island.

— Doubt is a normal thing. When the ship was thrown from side to side. And you need to trust us, and not throw the captains overboard… we Must remember that the finish will be when we finish our show. And if something does not work, is only for me and Marina. But… we have a great team! And this is the key to success. Don’t make me regret that I left in Montreal her seven year old daughter. Now you are all my kids, someone with a bit more baby, someone smaller. I heard the words “we have a problem” is already more than two hundred times. But we will overcome. And I don’t want to wish good luck — it’s not about her; it is necessary to work hard. I need you all the time and all the time. Leave personal problems outside the door, go!

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Directed By Sebastian Soldevila

…In contrast to fees of other companies, where the aged unclaimed troupe falling asleep, here are all the artists — energetic, toned, versatile, snapped in all projects in Russia and abroad. All the greats are here — Marat Abdrahimov, Alex Colgan, Paul Favorites; performer starring Theodora Julia Vostrikova and Maria Birk.

— Michael E. the game of “Princess of circus”, where you open the season? — Ask Shvydkoi.

Only yesterday decided on the final. Oh, it was a battle of opinion that it is in the end supposed to happen with Mr. X. This mystery of the century, because the current art does not involve great joys in the end. Logically — they should break up, Theodora, X must be broken. But… he still will live. Art decided not to follow here for the truth of life, deciding to find their own truth. And here we begin to rehearse in full foot…

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

And the circus guys and your drama?

— So in this case: the circus has to sing, and drama have to learn to do tricks. And all this without insurance. Libretto (Ivashchenko) written in such a way that it is not at all the same as classic versions. As you know, the scene in the first libretto — it’s all Petersburg. But we are going with you to Paris, you see these wonderful decorations. Besides opening a new storyline that someone will surprise you, and someone will appreciate. There are roles written specifically for actors — the role of the Secretary for Efim Shifrin, the role of Agnes (women in love to the Baron) for Anna Gusenkova. I’m very excited. For the guys physically handled a circus task and not injured. The performance is very complicated technically. Sebastian is in this sense that man furious, and he will bring about risky tricks. As said, one of my neighbor, the hair will freeze to death.” So — for the cause!


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