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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Boris Hook: how to put experts in tuxedos

It is very difficult to be a follower of someone, second. Not to spoil, not to change the case. To be a follower of the founder, “What? Where? When?” Vladimir Voroshilov it seems unthinkable, impossible. But Boris Hook, his stepson, was able. It is now recognized by all. How did he do it? What he thinks about the experts? On their mind, intelligence. About protecting Hope Savchenko lawyer Ilya Novikov, twice the winner of the “Crystal owl”. Today, the day of his 50th anniversary, host of the beautiful Game will answer this interrogation.

Photo: Natalia Nechaeva

— Do you remember the first time I played the part of Voroshilov? Their feelings, doubts…

— Sasha, to be honest, it was in another life. If you tense up, of course, I can remember how I was in kindergarten went. But… Fifteen years have passed, it is quite a lot.

— I’m not asking you about kindergarten. But when Voroshilov did not, and you replaced him… I think this is a very important moment in the life of “What? Where? When?” and yours personally, isn’t it?

It most certainly is. But, you know, for fifteen years I have “CPP” and Voroshilov slightly parted. My relationship with Voroshilov is one thing, but “CPP” is quite another, although I understand that was 15 years ago. Of course, it was scary, but I was fascinated that this was happening. How to make so that did not know it was me, etc. Only memories of that first gear is short.

Just for me and for millions of viewers “CPP” and Voroshilov single forever.

— Of course. You know, I sometimes meet people who say, “You know, “CPP” good transmission, but I don’t like that there experts play for money”. I said, “And you know they are already fifteen years do not play for money?..”

— You know, I still think that you still play on the books… You remember, the first time was worried but then there was a question to be whether “CPP”, does it make sense to continue. If you continue, how will it be ethical?

— Then — Yes, it seemed that never could be. But the continuation of “CPP” — it is a merit of Konstantin Ernst. Unlike Voroshilov, he didn’t insist that it was me. We were looking for some other options. But Ernst has decided that the game should continue.

— What do you think, that you made new in this game to she now looked with the same interest that was 30 years ago? Although, perhaps, you say that you should talk about telekritik.

— I think the only thing that I invested in it is your strength and your soul. I live all the time with this game, I want to become better and make this all possible, I think. I just give her power, and that the result is not for me to say. It is very important that I absorbed from my mother and from Voroshilov (the mother of Boris Hook Natalia Stetsenko was the wife of Vladimir Voroshilov and his co-author. — AVT.), what if something you do need to take this question seriously. I have the kids ask: “Dad, can’t you go on vacation and sit around with your stupid questions every time after lunch?” But I can’t help it. Not only because then do not have time, I just need it. Well, as a writer…

— No day without a line, like Olesha said. Maybe it’s just a disease, Bob? Remember, has long been met with Alexander Druz on the Moscow apartment of his cousin. So they talked among themselves only with questions of “CPP” and in no other way. I then thought that I was in a madhouse. You so too?

— Probably. But for me it’s like training for an athlete. I have been living two organisms at the same time. And my second body. No, of course life revolves around my children, my parents, my wife, while all the time thinking about the questions, the music pauses, the scenery.

Mom and Natalia Stetsenko and Vladimir Voroshilov. Photo: archive of the broadcaster Game-TV

■ ■ ■

“Tell me, “CPP” is good business?

— There are businesses much better can be endless. And “CPP” goes, as long as there are sponsors, while interested channel. This is a working television broadcast. Perhaps it would be possible to promote as a business, but we are a “CPP” in the old way and do not develop, do not sell mugs, t-shirts, not paint.

— Yes, you are not yet “Manchester United”. Come about you. You’re being manipulated by the players, right? Though, as did Vladimir Yakovlevich, not available to anyone.

— I do not set myself such a task, just sometimes it happens. I manipulated his wife, his children, but the players… I Have such a super-task no. I just love to play and I don’t care what. And casinos do not like, because there you play for money. Not because I feel sorry for the money, but because the money I’m not interested.

— And you’re a gambler, Paramosha!..

— I’m a gambler, Yes. Say that you need to know how to lose. This is not my story. Perhaps this proverb came up with the one who is losing all the time. I honestly do not understand why the bird in the hand is better than two in the Bush, and don’t understand why you need to be able to lose.

— Voroshilov also did not like to lose.

— Voroshilov was primarily a man of the theatre, he created the action. It all happened on the basis of the game, but he’s still a Director to a greater extent than a player and the host. He Viktyuk. And I have if something happened, it is needless to say, I on the other hand I go.

■ ■ ■

— I have met many experts. Maybe I’m wrong, and it would be a shame for them, but, in my opinion, the percentage of not very smart people among experts is higher than the average hospital that is across the country. No offense.

— Are you kidding?

Not quite. Sometimes I think their brains turned primarily on those endless repetition, memorization, and then for the flight of thought there remains.

There is a problem. But when I go into battle with untrained people — players, for example… In my opinion, the program with players of Russian national team was one of the most successful.

— Yes, now, if they played football just like in game!

— I’m not talking about football. I think that the Slutsky generally unique person, regardless of the performances of the national team in France. He’s a natural. Here in that game was the inspiration…

— Because they were not burdened with unnecessary knowledge.

— Trained guys with his knowledge heads… most, not all, of course… They light up is not necessary, they all know it. That is, these their training, they are to a lesser extent for yourself is able to come up with something new. They level so much higher than the average person… They are the same ten years, every day, answer about twenty questions! But sometimes this knowledge affected their thinking, I agree. It is better everyone thinks the child. Because he still doesn’t know.

— By the way, you weren’t by chance a child Prodigy?

I was obedient, gentle child, but was not a student. Was horoshistom. And in College years. The study applied a minimum of effort.

— Well, our man! Now, the manners. Was aware of the conflict of Alexander Friends and Ravshan Askerov, where both duelist doused each other in good mud. It is talking about? That knowledge of people do not replace intelligence, morality?

— Friends plays on the team, the last of the Mohicans of the distant past. There they are, even if the host recognizes that the answer was correct, I can say: no, we didn’t have this in mind, we answered incorrectly. Most of the teams this can’t afford. We have Andrey Kozlov and the same Ravshan Askerov, that even the wrong answer will scream that they answered correctly. They need to win at any cost. As they say in football: just remembered the score. And friends then Askerov said that he sacrificed his reputation for the team’s victory. In a good way. But after the game Rovshan was so turned on, “Yes, I’ll tell you about the reputation of Friends!” And friends yourself in that situation led very well. In recent years, it actually has changed life became more calm, balanced.

Well, it is time for the seventh decade. But what was about the public house to talk?

— (Laughs.) Viewers do not know, but he strives with Havin ten years. Right as Ivan Ivanovich with Ivan Nikiforovich. Before Askerov was arguing with Potassium, but Potashev calmed down now. And about knowledge and intelligence… Well, of course not, it’s not the same. But for me the most important thing in game” you know what? Minute discussion. Voroshilov’s notion number one. And the second notion is to put experts in tuxedos, because it is immediately covered their essence. When friends played the game in a plaid shirt, and no one asked about his intelligence.

— That is, the form creates the content.

— Of course. If the average viewer to wear a Tux, he would have immediately began to think about themselves differently. But Victor Sydney was in a Tux, even when I went in a t-shirt…

— Remember how twenty years ago we came to you live from the Neskuchny sad. It was funny to watch how, after scholars had undressed and dressed in their “ripped jeans”.

— Although now people have become more affluent, and come in their tuxedos. But someone dressed so far.

Photo: Dina Moshkalo

■ ■ ■

— I want to say about Ilya Novikov, two-time holder of “Crystal owl”. Don’t know what attitude you have there to him now, after he’s great, from my point of view, protecting Hope Savchenko. Maybe he is considered an upstart? Well as in the theater, when someone in films, but most don’t.

— With all my good attitude to Elijah, he had to choose first, that it is more important — Club or political career, and then deal Savchenko.

— What, protecting Savchenko, he cannot remain a member of Club “chgk?

— Look, if you’re defending Savchenko and you’re a player “ESC”, then “ESC” — also for Savchenko.

— What! You are all individual, individuals. What does “CPP”?

— “CPP” — out of politics. And if you decided to go into politics, I must say: thank you, I’ll do it.

— Then he should leave “CPP”?

— Of course. We do not have a policy irrelevant.

— Well, what to do, if he is by profession a lawyer?

First say goodbye to us, and then do what he Savchenko.

— As a Jew, he’s gone, but not forgiven.

— We had an expert Georgy Zharkov, now deceased. Against him opened a criminal case on the fact that he molested students. I’m sorry, but people soon began to associate “What? Where? When?” and pedophilia.

— Bob, what are you saying! It’s a human story. All people are different. You’re not chained.

But we Club. In the Club there are rules, and they must perform.

— Well, tell me in conclusion that this game is forty years. What is important it hurt already in Soviet and post-Soviet people?

— Probably, it is a picture of how the person is thinking. The birth of a new idea — it’s so good!


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