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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why PARNAS and Yabloko scare their voters with calls to return the Crimea

Party, oriented towards European values and the group of the Russian population, which is relatively recently called “angry citizens”, defy your potential voter in horror. The feeling that their bosses are just crazy. A few days ago the founding father of the Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky said that the Crimea should almost give Ukraine, and the representatives of the PARNASSUS addressed to the Ukrainian leadership with a request to allow them to work in the Crimea before the elections to the Russian state Duma. Political scientists and sociologists have thoroughly commented how evaluates requests of the electorate. Or they are perceived as a betrayal, or cause a feeling of disgust or raises suspicion that Kiev pays these parties money, but in any case, the voter from such participants of the political game were scattered. So I will not repeat, and try to understand why these parties do with themselves and cut their own electoral campaign in the Bud?

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

To start ask them.

— Yes, we know that our position is not everyone can understand, — told “MK” the former Chairman of the “Yabloko”, and now the head of the Moscow Communist party organization Sergei Mitrokhin. But we do not Zhirinovsky, for the sake of voters to sacrifice their ideas. We proceed from the universally recognized values, and that means that Crimea will be Russian only after it recognizes the Ukraine, and all the main world. Therefore, we propose to hold a referendum on Crimea with the consent of Ukraine.

— But to vote on 18 September will not be Ukrainians and the whole world, and we, the Russians. And to me your position on Crimea and flirting with Ukraine prohibits to vote for your party…

Is to choose each, that’s your business.

So. These parties are not interested, vote for them or not. That is, they probably believe that some mythical good uncle “on top” throw them some votes is the voter. By the way, the “Yabloko” party, which is currently financed from the state budget and that financing save, she needed to recruit 3% of the votes in the elections to the state Duma. Another option: the party bosses had pre-programmed the defeat of their parties, then it is possible to speculate and to make your personal foreign career. Now attempt to ensure that this defeat was more devastating and noticeable. It seems this complaint is “all progressive mankind”: in Russia not less than 15% of the electorate professed democratic and other Western values, don’t want to vote for the party associated with the Kremlin (and polls prove). But we have not collected a tenth part of this weight. This means that our parties are harassed and voters intimidated. Well, then it is clear: take, give money, etc. And it will. Only, of course, not a party that can not receive foreign funding, but specifically to the party boss, all the persecuted.

However, this is only my personal speculation.

Not speculation that these 15% of voters, as it turns out, to vote is simply not for anyone. And it’s a shame.

By the way, the political scientist Igor Bunin absolutely do not agree with my speculation that the party of the democratic field intentionally disperse and alienate their voters. They’re just wrong.

“Of course, Western experts highly appreciate the position of these parties in the Crimea and praise them,” said Bunin “MK”. — But the fact that they approve of the Western politicians, does not mean that they will support the Russian voter. The leaders of these parties know from the open sociology and that up to 10% of Russians doubt the legitimacy of the annexation of Crimea. But this does not mean that the same percentage will vote for parties that propose to give it or even challenge its belonging to Russia.

The leaders of these parties have gone in understanding Western values much more than their potential voters. They did not even bother to understand what happened to “the annoyed townspeople”. In Moscow, supporters of this movement, in my estimation, was from 600 thousand to a million. After the annexation of Crimea this group was divided into 3 parts. One — not more than 50 thousand people remained irreconcilable to the current regime. The rest is split in two. A significant portion joined the Pro-Putin majority, adopting Patriotic rhetoric, and are ready to vote for the Pro-Kremlin party. But the other part remained unconvinced about democracy in Russia, but doesn’t want to spit against the General joy on the accession of the Crimea. She wants to preserve your “self” and focus on the West, but it’s hard for her to be perpendicular to the majority. This part wants to be heard and represented in Parliament. For her, the Democrats need to fight, but finding much more balanced wording in the Crimea.”

However, our Democrats, unfortunately, chose the opposite path.


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