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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ufologists saw on Mars creeps “living stone”

The Curiosity Rover found on the red planet, an unusual stone, which, as suggested by ufologists, is a living and travels on Mars. In any case, that’s exactly what self-proclaimed experts offer to explain the picture, which, according to some media reports, was made by the Rover on 7 August 2016.

Reportedly, the photo was taken by a camera mounted on the right side of the Rover. In the picture you can see a small object, which is a thin white line, and it looks like he’s “crawling” from the right side of the picture, leaving behind a trail or scratching a surface on which he moves from the left part snika right upper corner. With a little imagination, you can imagine that the ultimate objective of stone is located about in the way of his “movement” a dark stain.

This kind of “sensational” discoveries are made by ufologists, studying the Martian pictures, with enviable regularity. Only relatively recently in mass media there were messages that on Mars discovered the skull of a dinosaur and Bigfoot, ancient shells, remains of prehistoric fish, live gorilla and camel, man-made pyramids, cave drawings, the robot arm, the man in the suit and more. In all these cases, even readers of this news for the most part agree, what is really mysterious outlines represent only the stones or the shadows of fantastic shapes, and are not something mysterious.

However, some serious experts are of the opinion that a small probability of the existence of primitive life on Mars (or traces of her dwelling there in the past) which now should not be excluded. However, in this case we are talking about microorganisms, and not “living stones” or creatures big enough during your movement to leave scratches in the sand.


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