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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trump: the reason for the success of ISIS – the “catastrophic mistakes” of Obama and Clinton

Monday, August 15, speaking Amstersdam University (Ohio), the Republican candidate for President of the United States Donald trump has attacked Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, accusing them of “catastrophic errors” that led to the rise of the “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL is a terrorist organization banned in Russia and many countries of the world).

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Drawing a parallel between the cold war and the war against ISIS, trump demanded waging a “relentless ideological struggle” to win over the terrorists. Trump said that he would temporarily ban immigration “of the most dangerous regions of the world” in the United States and will apply to the allies of America exclusively by how they participate in “US mission to eradicate Islamic terrorism.”

Trump said: “just as we won the cold war, exposing the evil of communism and preaching the values of a free market, we should do with the ideology of radical Islam”. Because in Ohio very important in presidential elections, trump is far behind Clinton, he didn’t mince words in the address Obama and his opponents-Democrat.

In General, anti-Islamist program of trump is very similar to looped on terrorism foreign policy of President George W. Bush, which was proclaimed after the attacks of 11 September 2001. But this foreign policy is eventually faced with the actions of China and Russia, and President Bush understood that it is impossible to focus only on terrorism face a much more multilateral foreign policies of Beijing and Moscow.

It trump on Monday was another attempt to break the deadlock, into which he drove himself. Attacking democratic leaders, he accused them of criminal withdrawal from Iraq, specifically Hillary Clinton — in a vain attempt to build democracy in Libya” (this accusation has some basis). Trump said that Hillary Clinton was loudly advocated American intervention in Libya in 2011. This intervention was criticized by Obama. He acknowledged her reckless foreign policy step for all their eight years in the White house.

Trump has accused Hillary Clinton that she “wants to be America’s Angela Merkel.” As you know, Germany has accepted tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, where there is a struggle between forces loyal to President Assad, rebels who oppose his reign, and the radical Islamists. In his speech, trump criticized President Assad. Criticism was directed against the Obama administration, which requires the removal of Assad, as well as during the “Arab spring”, Washington had demanded the removal of President Mubarak in Egypt. Trump said that this is a misguided policy, because these “strong men” were not allowed to get out of opposition sentiment in the region.

Trump said that he will form a new coalition together with Israel, Egypt and Jordan, to try to stop the spread of terrorism. He also said that the United States will win if they unite with Russia against “Islamic State”. Although trump hasn’t said whether he will send more American soldiers into the region, the meaning of his speech is, apparently, expected.

Strategy against ISIS trump concerns about a number of political figures in Washington, As Peter feaver, a former official in the Bush administration, which was responsible for the strategy in Iraq, acknowledged that the statement of trump “to everyone’s surprise is a serious one”. However, he said that “in the face of what trump so fiercely criticized national team Bush”, it is strange that he in his speech-terrorism based on the ideas developed in the administration of President Bush.

“It’s not an exact copy,” said feaver, “we never intended to seize the oil of Iraq or Libya, and showed concern about the fact that anti-Muslim rhetoric can demoralize the moderate Muslims”. The positive side of the speech trump said feaver, is the impulse of Bush’s approach and new developments — do not appear to be good.

Trump said that part of the ideological struggle against ISIL will be the friendship of the United States with moderate Muslim reformists in the middle East. He spoke out against the “terrible practice” of murder of women by their relatives because they do not dress, not to marry and generally violate fundamentalist demands.

In his speech, trump tried to get around the difficulties of real life with whom he might face if he gets to the White house. For example — Pakistan. There, women are killed for the sake of “family honour”. In addition, it is well known that Pakistani intelligence is very substantially supported the Taliban — Jack Sullivan, head of policy, Mrs. Clinton accused trump that his concern for the rights of minorities within the Muslim religion is not sincere. He said that trump’s policy in this respect can not be called serious. “How can trump with amorhouse to speak out against unity in marriage, when he is opposed, for example, the laws of the state of Indiana, against the persecution of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transvestites. This is a cynical plot to avoid addressing his outrageous proposals to expel a religion from our country.”

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

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