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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Theatre “School of modern drama” opened the season

On collecting troupe the art Director spills the beer. What would it mean? Several meanings, and they are not secret.

Beer from the hands of Joseph Raihelgauz — the symbol of the house, where all are welcome, and second, plans. Them and announces artistic Director of the theater “School of modern play”, which is the second in Moscow after the war opened the season. Details observer “MK”.

Photo: School of modern drama

However, the theatre building in Moscow, where after a fire the third season, the troupe, begins not with beer, but with memories of summer holidays. On the screen a photo downloaded from Facebook — social networking artists actively post their holiday. These frivolous pictures — evidence of shaky well-being: yet can afford to travel to distant lands, to feed on sanctions products, to be in a gorgeous mood. Who knows how life will turn after the elections on September 18 the State Duma.

By the way about the election. Joseph Raihelgauz, summer journey, which can be considered the most exotic and extreme, told me a fascinating story of the political life of the country. In the company of friends (one of them, Anatoly Chubais, he did a five-day March on the Quad on the Yamal Peninsula.

— A stunning place, it’s incredible. Can be a long story about nature and about people, but one story struck me. Enter the tent: there all the generations, someone is born, someone is sick, someone dies. The elderly, children — all together in a heap. Ask grandpa: “And if someone gets sick? Where is the doctor?” — “And we don’t get sick,” answers grandpa. Apparently, the principle of natural selection operates train. Ask him: “Here you will have elections. For whom will you vote?” — “Elections… It’s beautiful… Fly a helicopter, will bring a lot of cigarettes and gifts for the children.” “I understand, and which party you gonna vote?” — “The helicopter will bring a lot of cigarettes and gifts for children. The helicopter will vote”.

Vladimir Kachan tells me that in the summer he began to write a book — funny stories from the lives of their friends, which, alas, is no more.

— I would continue the work of Leni Filatov, his program “To remember”. Only it’s not a memoir, not a pominalnik and sharp these stories.

Alexander galibina exciting news: first, his son Vasily for a year! “The late parents of genius children, even the global statistics there,” I say to him. And secondly, his new film “goldfish” is a success, and was awarded the Moscow film festival, though there are problems with the producers. Oh, those I produced by: many talented people and the pictures hurt these ambitious mediocrity with the money! Suffice it to recall the movie Kara’s “Master and Margarita”, which is due to a conflict with the producers still has no wide screen, just a pathetic copy of low quality video. I hope the “goldfish” such a fate will not befall.

Elena Sanaeva, Irina Alferova, Olga Guseletova, Vladimir Shulga, Vadim Kolganov, Aleksandr Ovchinnikov, Anzhelika Volchkova, young artists, film Directors are all gathered, all in a good mood. I love gathering groups, because it is possible to judge about the state of theater in the moment and predict almost without error season. Judging by the mood in shsp, it promises to be successful.

So why artistic Director Raihelgauz pours all the beer? Because the closest premiere is called, “While filled with beer.” In the courtyard of the theater on Tishinka poured well, the food was delicious. Commemorated albert Filozova, which lost in last season, remembered Lyubov Polishchuk — and she’s finally unveiled a commemorative plaque on the house in a Big State, where she lived.

And on the opening of the theater played by Boris Akunin. The Seagull” where is albert Filozova investigation of the murder of Konstantin trepleva lead actor Vladimir Shulga.


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