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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The success of trump’s caused by global shifts in American society

Summarizing opinion polls, the media rendered a verdict of “white Christian America” – among Americans, fewer whites and more non-believers. Blame the trend of liberalization: Americans are disappointed in the Church, including her rejection of homosexuality. These changes will have far-reaching political consequences – and the success of the tramp only one of them.

“White Christian America is dying” – was the title of the American edition of the Washington Post on the eve released the interview with Robert Jones, Director of the public religious research Institute (PRRI), dedicated to the release of his new book “the End of white Christian America” (The End of White Christian America). This book is based on the results of a new survey of public opinion, according to which young white Americans in the 18-29 age group half as likely to call themselves Christians than elderly white aged “65 plus” (67% vs. 29%). In addition, young people are three times more likely than seniors do not indicate at the polls his religious affiliation (34% vs 11%).

Stumbled on the “blue question”

“People were finally able to breathe freely and Express its own identity – the identity of white conservative American nationalist”

If in 1972 the average age of white Protestants was 46 years, which is only slightly different from the average age of Americans in General (44 years), today the average age of white Protestant is 53 years while the average age of the average American has changed little in 46 years. If current trends continue, by 2051 the number of “religiously undecided” Americans will catch up with the number of Protestants. And this group is extremely complex and variegated inside. Thus, among those who are “undecided,” only a quarter – 24% – firmly call themselves atheists or agnostics.

It is noteworthy that the mass falls away from Christianity only to white youth, both Protestant and Catholic. Most of the United States is still a Christian, but the proportion of whites there simply is black Protestants, Catholics, and Protestants of the Latin American communities and even the Protestants from the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Jones, answering the question of why they left the faith in which was reared from childhood, the respondents indicated a variety of reasons. Some simply ceased to believe in the doctrine, for example, found that it conflicts with science, others that they are “not enough time” and so on. However, among young Americans at a record high – about 70 percent at the age of 18-33 years – admitted that the Church and other denominations irritate them with his prejudice regarding the LGBT community.

31 percent of people this age was called one of several or a very important reason for their leaving the doctrine that gays and lesbians need to be treated.

However, some experts believe that sociologists exaggerate. “These numbers are conditional. I am in the States, and had lived there. Something I just did not notice – said the newspaper VIEW, Professor of MGIMO, member of scientific Council of the Moscow Carnegie center Alexei Malashenko. And the Church goes to the people, and among white Christianity now. And African Americans have always been more religious. Talk about the fact that white Christianity is dying out, are there for a long time, but I think to die, if you will, for a very long time – generations. And the youth? As she was leaving the Church, so then comes. Depending on age it varies”.

Americanist Mr Morehow, on the contrary, he fully trusts the insights of sociologists. “White are most susceptible to the propaganda of the global trend of liberalization coming from the 50-ies. It is primarily aimed at the erosion of Christian identity in principle. In the early 60’s America was quite conservative country, and by the early 70s the country has completely changed. The hippie movement, the sexual revolution and so on. There was a complete scrapping of the conservative paradigm. It was mostly directed at white,” – said Morehow.

While the black population, in his view, still is set up very conservatively. “For a white youth to marry or to marry a black is no longer a problem. For black is a big problem. Black America is not eroded, it itself holds. However, the black population is also divided within themselves – both Muslim and Christian. However, blacks live in their neighborhoods, enclaves. White man on the street in a black neighborhood is perceived as a tense situation. Segregation has not disappeared,” reminded americanist.

The PRRI survey coincides with the findings of other sociologists. So, in may of last year, the website of “voice of America” published calculations from the Pew Research center, according to which Christians in the United States is becoming less of atheists and those who do not consider themselves to any religion – it is more: “the Number of Americans who do not belong to any religion, in recent years has increased, reaching 56 million people, according to the report”. “The growing number of irreligious people has political significance. Such people tend to vote Democrat, while white evangelicals usually support the Republicans,” warned the portal.

Membership card and the altar

Jones also notes how the changing political color of white youth. If earlier the concept of “white Christians” and “Republicans” were almost identical to each other, now the young Republicans do not have all the parts in the Christian canons, which, again, well evident in the LGBT movement. The results of the survey show that young Republicans have passed a tipping point: 53 percent of them – more than half now support same-sex marriage.

“I finished the book in early fall of 2015, when Donald trump announced his candidacy. The book doesn’t mention trump at all. But I think it throws much-needed light on the reasons why trump was so attractive to white Protestants,” says Jones, Recalling that the candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party is Donald trump easily won the primaries in South Carolina, where nearly 7 in 10 of Republican voters were white Protestants. According to the sociologist, trump successfully plays on “nostalgia voters, urging me to turn back time and go back in a time when white Christians had a great influence on the culture of the country.

However, like Jones, the circle of white Christian voters is shrinking. “If current trends continue, the presidential election of 2024 white Christians will no longer constitute a majority of voters in the country, warns a sociologist. – If the Republican party wants to have a future as a national party and not just the party of white Christian nationalism, she must find a way to develop in different directions.”

According to the forecast of experts, for example, Maryland in the next five years, along with Nevada will join the group of four States (California, Hawaii, new Mexico and Texas, where whites are a minority.

“White Christians, of course, trump’s support since the nationalist impulse them alive, he scored, but he hasn’t gone anywhere. Trump is nationalist and isolationist. This is the same conservative America 20-40 years, until Roosevelt. She’s afraid to say out loud, but she was tired of multiculturalism and all that, and now she found her voice,” says Mr Morehow.

“All the propaganda in America is aimed at the destruction of the traditional code is white, Protestant, conservative, who built America. And trump found and caught the attention in the shower, and that has achieved phenomenal success. Was enough one such charismatic figure to pull out what was crushed inside. People were finally able to breathe freely and Express its own identity – the identity of white conservative American nationalist”, – concluded the expert.

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