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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The owner of Crocus Group have abandoned the station “Myakinino”

“It (the station) actually does not belong to us: or in part, in any way”. With these words, the billionaire and owner of Crocus Group Aras Agalarov commented on the allegations that he owns the station “Myakinino”, which threatened to close the Moscow metro. If this threat is executed, hundreds of thousands of people remain without transport, but Agalarov will incur substantial losses.

Myakinino will be closed for entry and exit from 22 August. “Because of outstanding property and land relations between the owner of the station (Crocus Group) and the Moscow metro can not in order to execute the Law on transport security. This issue should have been addressed since the opening of the station in 2009, but is still not resolved”, – explained the reason for the closure in a message posted on the website of the Moscow metro.

“At the moment the station is not in line with the technological, fire and transport safety”

The Agency “Moscow” with reference to a source in the transport complex of the capital elaborated on these claims. “At the moment the station is not in line with the technological, fire and transport safety. Thus, the station does not provide the proper level of occupant safety. In connection with the decision about its closure until such time as the requirements for security are not met by the owner of the station,” – said the source.

Crocus Group – the development company owns the largest in Russia trade and exhibition and business center “Crocus city” immediately adjacent to the station “Myakinino”. Actually, she was built as a transport application to the center.

It includes the exhibition center “Crocus Expo”, the concert hall “Crocus city Hall” on 6 thousand spectators, “Crocus city Mall”, a themed shopping and entertainment complex Vegas and hypermarkets “Your house”. The station is built residential complex “Pavshinsky floodplain”.

Next to the station is also the government of Moscow region, who gave permission for an unprecedented for Russia, but common for many European and not only European cities step is the construction of the subway line beyond the city limits.

Informed about any conflicts or claims related to the security requirements to the station, the public was not known.

After the news of the closure of the station, it became known that the Crocus Group is going to hold a press conference to explain the situation. However, the press conference was cancelled. The reason for the cancellation in the press service of Crocus Group, where VZGLYAD asked for a comment, to clarify did not. Self closing station there called in an interview “Interfax “misunderstanding”, which the company itself is “trying to understand”.

Toward evening the explanation was given personally by the owner of Crocus Group Aras Agalarov. In it, he essentially denied the message of the Moscow metro that the station is owned by the company, shifting the responsibility for solving problems on the Moscow authorities.

“The fact that the metro station “Myakinino” is the operation of the Moscow metro, and the collection of money, and for the transport of passengers conducts the Moscow metro, we just financed the construction of the station, so I don’t know what sort of security issues. This should be resolved between the Moscow metro and the Moscow government. It (the station) actually does not belong to us: or in part, in any way,” said Agalarov, the correspondent of TASS. He said that the closure of the station will seriously affect the attendance at the “Crocus city”. The mayor’s office from comments have refrained.

Anyway, with the resolution of the issue, the station will have to hurry. After August 24 opens the Moscow international motor show held since 1993. Since 2006 the venue is the “Crocus Expo”. The last motor show held in 2014, attracted about one million visitors. It is not clear whether it will be possible to do without traffic jams in the North-West of Moscow with her and is so busy transport routes in the case that the metro station “Myakinino” will not open or if not in such a short time found some alternative site for the auto show.


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