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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The number of migrants in Russia will drastically decrease

The head of the Federal migration service Konstantin Romodanovsky said that more than 1 million foreigners may be denied entry to Russia for 10 years. So they plan to punish for exceeding the period of legal residence in the country. Earlier in the FMS noted that migrant workers in Russia, and without these measures it becomes less than before.

Migrants and Ukraine

“Illegal finding more than 360 days – the barrier will close on 10 years”

For exceeding the period of legal residence on the territory of Russia entering the country for 10 years can be closed for more than 1 million foreigners, said the head of the FMS Konstantin Romodanovsky. It is envisaged by amendments to the legislation that take effect January 10. And the reason for such measures was the situation, when almost 3 million foreigners are in Russia illegally, “exhausting” the lawful period of stay of 90 days.

Of these, more than 734 thousand people are in the country in violation of the term of stay in more than 270 days but less than 360 days, another 1 million 28 thousand foreigners – more than 360 days.

Romodanovsky told Interfax that from January 10, exceeding the 120-day period will automatically be punished by closing entry for three years, exceeding 270 days will lead to the closure of entry to a foreigner for five years. “Illegal finding more than 360 days – the barrier will close on 10 years,” he added.

By the way, the migrants in Russia has become less than before. “In 2015, compared to 2014, there has been a decline of almost 70% of the number of entries and exits of foreign citizens,” Romodanovsky admitted to “Interfax” on the eve.

He said he is particularly strong decrease in the number of migrants from Central Asia, except Kyrgyzstan, and suggested that this may be due to difficulties of finding low-skilled jobs.

And the increased flow of migrants from countries such as China, South Korea, North Korea, Ukraine and Moldova. And Ukrainians in Russia, which, of course, related to developments in the neighboring country, last year was “many times greater”. As for Ukraine, we note that workers arriving in Russia from 1 January 2015 should have added difficulties. As of today, the citizens of Ukraine began to come to work in Russia only on a General basis: passport, patent, and other documents that were required.

In FMS stated that so far the Ukrainian workers were treated “extremely liberal”. “Probably in 2015, we will be back on its rails and will consider Ukrainian citizens in General. With the exception of those who emigrated from the territory of Ukraine internally and for objective reasons can not return. We will certainly in this category to help in every way,” – said Romodanovsky.

As such assistance can be called a decision at the end of the year, the Russian government’s decision on the allocation of regions of almost 3 billion rubles for the resettlement of refugees from Ukraine.

But internally displaced persons and professional workers who travel to our country to work, is not the same, it is judged in the migration service. Speaking about the latter, then, according to the national Bank of Ukraine, the incomes of Ukrainian citizens, “professional” working in Russia in 2014 decreased. Despite the fact that before, at least with 2010, the volume of the remittances has grown steadily. And yet Russia remains first in the list of countries from which Ukraine received private transfers. In second place by a wide margin, the United States.

Temporary asylum in Russia asked about 230 thousand Ukrainians for a permit for temporary residence turned 115 thousand people. Just last year to Russia has arrived about 830 thousand citizens of Ukraine.

Migrants and the economy

Last year Konstantin Romodanovsky also denied reports that the number of labour migrants may decline due to fluctuations of the ruble.

“We see the changes of the ruble against the dollar. But if you look at the value of the ruble and national currency of the country of origin of migrants – Uzbekistan, Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan, then they change proportionally. Based on this, we can say that Russia, with a small probability will become unattractive for foreign labor migration”, – he told in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

According to Romodanovsky, the outflow of migrants at the end of last year was attributed to the fact that many of them go to their homeland to celebrate the New year.

In the same interview Romodanovsky quoted figures characterizing the situation of migration not for a year, and for the last four years. In this case it was not the decline in the flow of visitors, and significant growth. The number of migrants who come to Russia for the last four years has increased by 40 percent, he said.

“And almost half of those who come, also 40% is non-adapted migrants. People come, do not know the Russian language,” he complained.

According to the head of the Federal migration service, Russia today occupies the second place in the world for immigrants after the United States. But there is one important difference – Russia has given to this place, after the collapse of the USSR in fact citizens of the same state, who have become foreigners due to the separation of a single country.

We add that the Russian authorities are doing much for the resettlement of refugees – forced migrants and immigrants from the historically close neighbouring countries, and for combating illegal stay of aliens.

In December, President Vladimir Putin has prolonged the term of stay in Russia without registration for citizens of Belarus.

In parallel, the Federal migration service of the beginning of life to close the entry into Russia for foreigners-infringers. As of mid-November, the relevant measure is related to several dozen people. Another 250 people have considered the application of the same punishment.

In early December, the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has proposed to make mandatory the fingerprinting procedure (identification by fingerprints) and DNA registration for all migrants.

At the end of November the state Duma in the second and third readings, passed a government bill that tightens the rules of employment of foreign citizens. In particular, it prohibits the employment of migrants without health insurance.

In early November the state Duma has prepared a bill according to which having a criminal record for serious crimes to foreigners for life were forbidden entry into Russia.

In March, the media reported that FMS prepares the appearance of the 2016 migration police.


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