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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The expert explained why the Russian space forces strike Iranian airbases

The long range aircraft of Russia – bombers Tu-22M3 will strike at terrorist targets in Syria and with Iran. Our planes arrived at the Iranian air base at Hamadan, and have already made the first combat sorties.

Why the Russian aircraft were closely Mamimi in Syrian and Iran decided on such a tight military cooperation with Russia – versed “MK”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to the military, for air strikes on targets of the terrorist groups in Syria, the Iranian Hamadan air base fits much more than Hamim. Syrian cramped for such a large aircraft as long-range bombers Tu-22M3.

Only last week the Tu-22M3 has met three bombing rebel positions. But so far it was used for airfields in North Ossetia, where, for example, to Palmyra – more than 2000 km For comparison of Hamadan – a total of 900 km. This means that the stationing of Tu-22M3 in Hamadan will not only significantly reduce the flight time of bombers to targets, but also by reducing required flight weight fuel will give the opportunity to increase the bomb load.

At the same time on the eve of the Russian military-diplomatic sources it became known that the defense Ministry has requested the consent of Iran and Iraq on the use of airspace of these countries for the passage of Russian cruise missiles.

Moreover, in the military and do not hide that on August 15 began the exercises of the Caspian flotilla, where battle, the test of the missile ships of “Dagestan” and “Tatarstan” and small missile ship “Grad svijazhsk” and “Velikiy Ustyug” – they are all far cruise missiles “Caliber”.

These are the “Caliber”, which in October of 2015, released on the Caspian sea, have done in the world so much noise when destroyed in Syria 11 sites banned in Russia “Islamic state”. Then the trajectory of their flight, too, passed through the airspace of Iran and Iraq that, according to the representative of the Russian General staff, it was agreed in advance.

The current teachings in the military establishment said that their plan provides for a test of the ability of the forces of the Caspian flotilla to the actions in the resolution of crisis situations that threaten the military security of the country, including those of terrorist nature.”

In addition, now in the Mediterranean sea are the same exercises of ships of the permanent operative connection of the Navy and strike group of small missile boats “Green Vale” and “Serpukhov” armed “Calibers”.

Accordingly, conclusion: in the near future, not only Russian long-range bombers Tu-22M3 will be to bomb the terrorists in Syria, but our missile ships will cause the cruise missile strikes on terrorist targets in this country.

This is something that concerns the military side of the issue. Its political component – how and why Iran has agreed to provide its air base for Russian long-range bombers – “MK” asked to tell the Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia, Semyon Bagdasarov.

The Iranians understand that the situation – particularly in North-Western Syria and near Aleppo – very heavy, – he explained. – Iran has a clear interest in having it reversed. But he has no such technical capabilities as Russia. So the Iranians have provided us with the airport in Hamadan. However, this is not the final solution to the problem, it should be understood that before the end of the war in Syria is still very far away. In Aleppo are fighting terrorist groups, including the former dzhebhat an-Nusra – now Jabhat Fatah al-sham (banned in Russia), combined. They were given huge, colossal assistance from Turkey, including American weapons. They received a large number of American anti-tank weapons the latest versions and God knows what else, and now counterattacked. Their operation is a resounding name of “the mother of all battles”. Moreover, their offensive is not simply attacks the individual units, but a real military operation, with the active cooperation with the artillery. We have full-fledged military actions using parts of the rear, hospitals, headquarters management – all the rules of military science. Now this counter-attack while choking, thanks to the Russian air strikes and the actions of our allies on the ground. But the situation is still far from resolution. Something drastic may change only when they closed the passes Azaz and Glabrous. The third transition in the area Manuja, the so-called Syrian democratic forces are now also actively used. So you need to close the Turkish border is the most important. Without this near Aleppo will be hard.

Watch the video on “Russian bombers from bases in Iran, the first hit of IG

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