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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The evidence of discovery of new fundamental forces of nature

The team representing the University of California, Irvine, were able to confirm that in the past the Hungarian physics, with considerable probability, in the course of the experiment could observe the fifth fundamental interaction, not under the Standard model. Until now it was known only about the four forces of nature — strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions, and gravity.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Unusual experts from Hungary recorded in the synthesis of beryllium in the bombing of the sheet of lithium by protons. Under certain conditions, the transition of an atom of beryllium-8 from the excited to the normal led to birth of photons, as would result from the Standard model, pairs of electrons and their antiparticles — positrons, and when the angle of scattering was close to the mark of 140 degrees, the number of electron-positron pairs grew dramatically. Physicists have suggested that the nucleus of beryllium-8 emits a special ultra-light boson with a mass of about 17 MeV, and later their American colleagues went further, putting forward the idea that in the course of the experiment showed a full fifth fundamental force of nature.

A new study showed that the anomaly can be explained by the fact that the so-called “dark” photon, emitted from the nuclei of beryllium, really starts to interact with electrons and neutrons, and interactions that cannot be attributed to any of four known to date.

So far, scientists are not inclined to consider the existence of a fifth fundamental interaction is a hundred percent proven. However, if over time, it will be able to confirm the full extent of this, according to experts, will bring the understanding of the principles by which the universe exists, to a new level, and to understand the correlation between the four known fundamental interactions with dark matter. To date, the generally accepted theory that could gather all these ideas together, does not exist.

A new study published in the scientific publication Physical Review Letters.


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