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Friday, February 16, 2018

Restrictions for migrant workers is unlikely to increase the number of jobs

In the state Duma propose to extend to the whole of Russia the experience of the Novosibirsk region. Here the head of the region Vladimir Gorodetsky banned migrants with work patents, to work on a variety of qualifications – in particular, drivers of passenger transport. What impact such innovation can have on the labour market in General and the number of migrant workers in particular?

In order Gorodetsky says that foreigners with work patents should not take on a job in 16 activities. In particular, in children’s institutions (kindergartens, schools, children’s camps during school holidays), in the production of baby food and dietary food, and most importantly, in the passenger transport (taxi and buses: urban electric vehicle in this list not included).

The initiative has already received the support of the Vice-speaker of the state Duma, a member of LDPR Igor Lebedev.

“There is a request – water will find a hole. If something is good for business, he somehow will do

“I think this is absolutely the right step, and we need this program to expand to the whole country. Need workers: janitors, cleaners, because their activities in other areas may threaten the lives and safety of our citizens”, – quotes the Deputy of RIA “news”. Indeed, this wording is in the text of the Governor’s orders. However, the text emphasizes more on the need to ensure priority in employment to Russian citizens. For the area this is particularly important. According to Novosibirskstat, the unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2016 made in the region of 8%, slightly higher than the national average.

According to Lebedev, the order of the Governor no nationalism or racism, as “you can’t bring racism and nationalism” protect the citizens of their country.

Other opinion of the head of the Russian Association “Tajik labor migrants” Karamat Sharipov, who called Gorodetsky adopted the decision a “humiliation of people”. He fears that by the end of the year in the Novosibirsk region will begin the mass deportation of even those who have all the necessary documents. “I roughly know that around 80% of labour migrants in the region – Tajiks. For someone to replace these people?” – said Sharipov. The initiative of the Governor, he linked with upcoming elections. In the field in September will be elected deputies in the national Parliament, for regional legislative Assembly, deputies of the Novosibirsk city Council and the election of deputies of representative bodies of regional municipalities.

In addition to the electoral dimension, Professor of the Department of economic and social geography of Russia, geography faculty of Moscow state University Natalia Zubarevich sees a Governor and a desire to solve the problems of the local budget. In conversation with the newspaper VIEW, she noted that a number of officials, and in society too, “I have the naive feeling that if you block the oxygen to the workers, it will be a big salary to hire Russian citizens and to report on them in white.” That is, the employer will pay all required taxes. And the tax to incomes of physical persons, as you know, goes to the regional budget.

However, according to Zubarevich, by prohibitive measures to force employers to abandon the workers is impossible. In a crisis the business is trying to reduce costs in all possible ways, including by hiring cheap labor. “There is a request – water will find a hole. If something is good for business, he somehow would do it. The economy of the decrees of the Governor not being repaired,” she said.

A more detailed examination of the situation casts doubt on the fact that at least part of the fears and hopes associated with the spread of the Novosibirsk experience, in fact, is groundless. First of all, as stressed in an interview with the newspaper LOOK at the Ministry of labor of Novosibirsk region, the order of the Governor does not apply to foreigners working under employment quota. That is actually from the scope of the order fall to citizens of foreign countries. They rarely buy patents and work on quotas when they are hired by an employer, proving that this person is an expert, who can not replace the Russian. That is, for example, parents of Novosibirsk should not fear that their children will lose their English teachers – British citizens. By the way, in Novosibirsk oblast the quota for the admission of foreign workers this year is almost two times higher than the number of those who wished to use it.

In fact, Novosibirsk experience, if it extended to the whole of Russia, will affect only citizens of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova. These people often acquire employment in Russia patents are documents granting the right to engage in employment according to the entered in the patent profession. The price of this document – 3,5 thousand rubles.

But the citizens of the countries of the common economic space (besides Russia includes Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) the acquisition of patents are not concerned: they have the right to work on Russian territory without these documents. So, the same Tajiks in the fleets of Novosibirsk can replace Kyrgyz. By the way, one consequence in the case of a Novosibirsk distribution of experience across the country is beyond dispute: the States of Central Asia show great interest in integration processes with Russia.

However, to reason about the consequences of the Novosibirsk experiment will be possible only if it will be extended to next year. The order of the Governor made in accordance with the law, which came into force from 1 January 2015, which allows the Governor to establish a ban on the recruitment of foreign nationals to certain types of economic activity. However, such prohibitions are introduced annually. In addition, the disposal of employers have three months to bring its staffing in line with the requirements of the legislation. Consequently, migrants from the fleet region will retire in mid-November.

Meanwhile, according to the Association “Tajik labor migrants”, a significant part or even most of the immigrants from Tajikistan, working in Novosibirsk, are natives of Mountainous Badakhshan. Came from this poor region workers have very modest even by Tajik standards, salary expectations (having different expectations usually go to Central Russia). And badakhshanis tend to go home before the onset of winter, when the Pamir snows begin, and the whole mountain areas are often cut off for months from the outside world. That’s why they usually quit in October – November.

However, the Novosibirsk experience still has considerable value. Because the order of the Governor made after months of consultations with employers, the results of which identified a list of 16 activities. All this will give the opportunity to approach the problems of labour migration comprehensively, so that the economy does not hurt, and take into account the wishes of Russian citizens who Express dissatisfaction with the situation in the labour market.


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