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Thursday, March 15, 2018

On opposition journalist in Ukraine withdrew a brochure about the great Patriotic war

The security service of Ukraine continues to detain public activists that have other than a bright nationalist political views. This time stop and search have been the author of one of the most popular Ukrainian blogs publicist Miroslava Berdnik. She is known for her criticism of Ukrainian nationalism.

On Tuesday morning, the SBU in Zaporozhye detained journalist and blogger Miroslava Berdnik, who became famous many years ago for his critical studies of the origins of Ukrainian nationalism.

“It is difficult to understand how publication of historical documents can encroach on the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state”

The security service of Ukraine conducted searches in the home Berdnik in Zaporozhye, announced later, the press Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya. “In the framework of the open criminal proceedings validated its involvement in the dissemination of your blog in the LJ materials with evidence of incitement to violent change of power and overthrowing the constitutional order. It has been established that the destructive activities were coordinated with the Russian curators, which M. Berdnik received organizational support”, – wrote in his Facebook Gitlyanskaya.

The investigation is in process

However, in the evening, the SBU reported that it did not take bloggers into custody. “The information spread by some media about the alleged detention of the blogger Miroslava Berdnik, not true” – quoted Galansky RIA “Novosti”.

A month ago, Ukraine was banned books Berdnik Pawns in someone else’s game. The secret history of Ukrainian nationalism,” published last year in Moscow. The distribution of the book will be prosecuted according to article 110 (encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) of the criminal code of the country.

“This is a book about the history of Ukrainian nationalism beginning with the vestibule of the First world war to the present day, written on the basis of documents from the Ukrainian archives, wrote in July Berdnik portal “One homeland.” – So it is very difficult to understand how publication of historical documents can encroach on the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state. But it is deeply symbolic that my books are banned by the same people who in Soviet times was banned from my father’s book, which in the years of the great Patriotic war was shot in the back of the Ukrainian nationalists, when it cleared in Western Ukraine, the objects of life, mined by the Germans and Bandera, collaborando the essence of which I open. Even before the ban of his book Berdnik went from Kiev to Zaporizhia, to the relatives, since they were hiding from the nationalists, which were known home address of the writer in the capital.

Recall that the father of Miroslava Oles Berdnik widely known in Ukraine. In the years 1943-1945, he was involved, and the ordinary, in the great Patriotic war, in 60-70th years became famous as a writer. In the late ‘ 70s, he joined the human rights movement and became a co-founder of the Ukrainian Helsinki group, was sentenced for “anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda” and spent several years in prisons and camps. In 1991, Berdnik participated in the presidential elections in Ukraine. Now in the role of arrested, though only for one day, turned out to be his daughter.

First about the arrest, Berdnik said in the morning in social networks Kiev journalist Dmitry Skvortsov. “We Miroslava spring 2014 met with the authorized of the UN on minority rights Rita izsák. Talked about violations of the rights of Russian-speakers in post-Maidan Ukraine”, – said Skvortsov newspaper VIEW. “I want to draw attention to the fact that the blog Miroslava is one of the most popular in the Russian segment of LiveJournal. Especially on Ukraine,” he said, urging the case of the arrest of their colleagues to draw the UN’s attention to this outrage.

“And brochures about the great Patriotic war”

Another friend Berdnik, the journalist of the edition UKRAINA.RU Alexander Chalenko reported that he had contacted her daughter Irina Immortal, which was also taken for questioning to the SBU.

Irina – the student of one of Kyiv universities, is now in Zaporozhye on vacation, ” he explained. – According to her, Miroslav in the morning, went to the doctor. On the way home from the medical facility she was met by representatives of the SBU, and home Miroslav returned to their escorts. SBU officers behaved correctly, was read a search warrant in connection with some criminal charges, but no criminal case was discussed, Irina couldn’t remember. The search lasted three hours and seized a computer, flash drives, and brochures about the great Patriotic war. Then Miroslav and Irina was taken to Zaporozhye SBU for questioning”, – told Chalenko newspaper VIEW.

About the same, why claim to Berdnik appeared just now, Chalenko can only guess. “According to one version – in connection with the detention of subversive groups in the Crimea. SBU beginning in retaliation to the arrest of the last remaining free journalists and Pro-Russian activists. On the other, as Zaporizhia is in the front area next to the Donbas, we are dealing with the usual seasonal prevention by the security forces”, – Chalenko.

Freelance correspondent of the newspaper VIEW Artem Buzila, who served 10 months in prison of the SBU in Odessa and convicted for advocating “separatism”, said the prosecution Berdnik does not cause him surprise.

“On the contrary, in the conditions of modern Ukraine, surprisingly, blogger, journalist or public figure with similar views is on the loose. If earlier we were all screaming “help”, “violation of freedom of speech”, we now say nothing, as we understand: that’s statistics. Although details on her accusation no prior information is separatism. And if, for example, in my case the formal reason was the participation in the round table Council of Bessarabia, here, I think, will be directly judged for publications and statements,” said Booze.

“Miroslav is a very sick man for the past two years, suffered several serious operations, he needs medication and special care,” wrote the Ukrainian political scientist Vladimir Kornilov. He also recalled that in June 2014 in Mariupol has been captured by the opposition 60-year-old journalist Sergei Dolgov, who is also allegedly took away the very Zaporozhye SBU. Since he has no reliable information”.

The Union of journalists of Russia (szhr) on Tuesday afternoon expressed deep concern about the fate of Miroslava Berdnik. “The Russian Union of journalists expresses its deep concern regarding the fate of our colleague, Miroslava Berdnik, Ukrainian journalist and anti-fascist, arrested this morning by forces of the security service of Ukraine”, – noted in the message.

“We demand the early publication of information about the fate of Miroslava, her whereabouts and the charges against her. Pending official charges against Miroslava Berdnik cjr sees her arrest as an absolute violation of freedom of speech and the journalist’s rights,” reads the statement on the website of cjr. “We will closely follow the fate of Miroslava. We won’t stay aside,” – said the journalists Union.


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