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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Life of human rights activist Myroslava Berdnik, captured by the SBU, under threat

In the best traditions of 1937, “the country of the victorious Maidan” authorities crack down on dissidents. On Tuesday morning in his apartment in Zaporozhye was arrested Miroslava Berdnik — known writer, human rights activist, historian and blogger. Detention and search was made by the staff of SBU in Zaporizhia. At the time of signing of the rooms was known that Miroslav and her daughter, a student can find in the SBU in Zaporozhye, where they were interrogated. During the search of the Ukrainian esbeushnik seized computers, phones, memory sticks and a brochure about the great Patriotic war (!!! — M. P.).

photo: youtube.com

Of course, the brochure about the great Patriotic war in the realities of present-day Ukraine to be an important piece of evidence. Storage and dissemination of such brochures may even cost human life. Recall that in June 2014 in Mariupol were abducted 60-year-old journalist Sergei Dolgov, whom the authorities also said that he is in the SBU in Zaporozhye. Since then, the Shop is not known, and most of all, alive we shall not see it. While all wines Dolgov was the fact that he was editor of the newspaper “Want in the USSR”.

As Debt, Miroslava Berdnik grievously wronged by the current Ukrainian regime. She is the author of the book “Pawns in someone else’s game. Page to the history of Ukrainian nationalism” dedicated to you know who. Those who are in Ukraine today revered as heroes. In recent years the writer kept a blog in “Live journal”, which published many archival documents, revealing Bandera. She did not hide their critical attitude and their ideological heirs — neither at Maidan, nor now, when the followers of Bandera in Ukraine received all completeness of the power. In his online diary (http://varjag-2007.livejournal.com) every day she recorded the crimes of the Kiev regime. Knew it was dangerous, but continued to do what seen your civic duty.

Father Miroslava Berdnik — known Ukrainian writer and Soviet dissident, one of the founders of the Ukrainian Helsinki group, Alexander (Oles) Berdnik p. (1926-2003). The author of 20 books, he is in 1949-1955 years served time in Pechora, Vorkuta and Karaganda camps, and then, from 1979 to 1984, he was arrested again and was sitting as a human rights activist.

I met with Miroslava in Kiev during the Maidan. At the time that she was talking about the forces vying for power over Ukraine, it seemed to me an exaggeration. She already knew that she and her associates are in grave danger. I was crazy to even imagine that the “democratic” government will want to kill writers, journalists, politicians. Time has proved her right.

Miroslava Berdnik seriously ill person, she had several operations, is constantly in need of the drugs, and stay in the dungeons of the SBU threatens her death. I think we should do everything to Miroslava Berdnik as soon as possible back home.

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