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Monday, March 12, 2018

Hello, I’m Alex Baba

In the women’s kinospolku arrived: distinguishing actor Sergey Kolesne starred in the role of women, about which they say “45 Baba berry again”. Dangerous comparisons to Dustin Hoffman (“Tootsie”) and Alexander Kalyagin (“Hello, I your aunt!”) or Duuuum and Corsini (the play Mat “Diva”) is not afraid.

But in addition to sexual Changeling in his actor’s biography is an episode of length 10 years: he went to the place where art does not come back to the Church. And nevertheless returned, “sin” is actively removed, plays in international theater projects.

“He understands that, being a woman, he can make good money”

— Sergey, what a film and what a woman you got?

— “Tinsel” (Studio “28”) is a musical Comedy in the style of disco. Director — Liliya Trofimova (except serials she has made a number of serious documentaries and 4 feature). I find this picture acted in comedies, but here are finally convinced that women’s perception of humor is much more interesting than men — it is correct: there were no extremes, everything is very subtle.

— What is?

— That we are very open to all strangers, especially in social networks, a little-known people or those whom in eyes did not see. And at the same time, we are closed for the relatives, we even do not let them in yourself. Can sit for hours on Facebook, and when you come home, we don’t what to talk us to stop talking with loved ones about.

The story in “Tinsel” is: businessman-loser Alexander Groh (it is called simply Shura) is trying to do everything to make my wife pretty happy. But the business collapses, he gets in the debts, pressure creditors, and he indulges in all serious — disguised in woman. It turns out accidentally: he sells in the online store feminine products and forced to dress as a lady to escape from creditors. Out — and at some point realizes that, being a woman, he can make good money. In short, works Baba Shura, “seer”, and his Baba Shura begins to flourish. However, there comes a time when Shura and Baba Shura in conflict with each other…

Is your first female role in a male actor’s biography?

First. The role is very interesting, because it turns out two in one and with different characters — businessman-loser and prosperous Baba Shura.

— The age of your woman?

— The first time I got up, I turned out to be so Mature, 45-50 years, sometimes even wow, I would say, beautiful. She even gets indecent proposals from local bandit. So as an actor I am very interested in these border points.

— You have had predecessors, and what! “In jazz only girls”, “Tutsi” finally, “Hello, I your aunt!”. From what you’ve started, building the image of the heroine?

— From everyone. Of course, I watched all these films that have become classics. But I can say that we work more in the genre of “Aunt”, where the characters are like on buskins, on the rise. More to say, preparing for this role, I was watching women: how to walk, how to talk and so on. For wife, for women who know, and strangers on the street…

“I understand why women often look in the mirror”

— And what discoveries you have for yourself as a man did?

— Sea discoveries. First, this is the first role where I really physically hard. At the site of all the fun, but I was not laughing because I’m under the dress wear competes, and from him on my body blisters, rubs… false eyelashes — allergic: I still have swelling on the eyelid. Heels 7 centimeters, which I run. And now I understand the woman who comes home and the first thing he wants to throw off the heels, to stretch my legs and drink something cool, happiness…

— But as they say all artists ever played the weaker sex whining about heels, nylon tights… But the psychology of women felt?

— I have already said about the attitude to humor: in women it is more subtle. Then, I wonder how women keep quiet, listen. We, men, differently.

— In what way?

— I think that women see more nuances than men. The men are all clumsy. But most importantly, I realized why women often look in the mirror. When I was heavily disguised, suddenly see so many flaws: wrinkles that we didn’t notice, sides hanging… the Horror! In male clothes I always felt quite comfortable.

— How long have you been staying in the female form? This role releases or not?

Three weeks I’m already in character. But physically such a role did not immediately let go: buzzing legs, sore eyes, blistering combipres with breast…

— Sorry, but what is the number of the breast now wear?

— Probably the fifth. Anyway, all the girls on the Playground are jealous of me. And I said, “wait a Minute, Baba Shura — the most beautiful woman in the Playground.”

The Play “The Tempest”.

“Not even the thought creeps in — if I look like a transvestite”

Are you now otherwise treat women?

— Of course. I understand that you’re all heroines. The clothes, due to the fact that they constantly need to take care of myself. How do you all take? And after all for us men. Fantastic!

— A difficult question: what had seemed exotic (the man has played a female role), and now — nothing special: living more and more men prefer the role of women. The actors and the audience now, I think, a more relaxed attitude towards men in female roles?

— I’ll tell you what, maybe I have an old perspective on all this, but we have no jokes in the direction of transvestism.

— And I’m sure the actor is gay it is much easier to play a woman…

— I think that it is easier to play the man. Because he sees what the man sees. I know some of the gay actors — how they play the love of a woman! Amazing!!! I saw it in contemporary Russian cinema one of cinema gay played superbly love. And I saw in the theater another artist (but he was not a homosexual), as he played strong sense. It was Alexander Feklistov. That’s when I realized what great actors. Love really play difficult, almost impossible. It is necessary inside your get to — and it we are different. Need over the soul and heart, to work, to play a deep and genuine feeling.

Honestly, not even thought creeps in — if I look like a transvestite or a homosexual. I’m in the film sexual Changeling pushed life. I believe that in every man there is something feminine and woman masculine. God created Adam and from his rib a woman, that is, from his essence. I don’t even like rude jokes to the side, because I have great respect for these people.

On the set of the film “Tinsel”.

“When I played Raskolnikov suddenly caught myself thinking that I’m lying. And all”

— I went to the Shchukin school, already an actor of the Taganka Theater. It happened without education. I am a Muscovite in the fourth generation, was fascinated with theater, and my friends and self-set performance that saw Valeriy Zolotukhin. After the show he came up and just said, “Here Yuri Petrovich will put the play — Sergei, I want to participate?” Then it turned out that I was enrolled in the state.

— As it turns out, was some 24 years ago…

— Time was such — 92-th year, Yuri Petrovich returned from exile, the artists tore the theater: one for Lyubimov, others against him. So I’m a year and a half had stayed there and quit, went to the “Pike”. I even managed to take part in the play “Teenager”. And after the “Pike” took me to the Moscow art theatre, Oleg Efremov.

He was amazing: for example, sitting in his office, saw you go past, and just might say, “Serge, come on” — and began to make plans for reform of the theatre. Who? Nobody famous actor Sergei Kolesne? He was so humanly open and available… I was fascinated by them not only as actor but also as a person. His mind was constantly stewing revolutionary ideas, which he shared with artists, including young.

There was a case: I first year in the theatre, as an actress, which at that time seven years he served, he asked me: “Serge, talk to with Ephraim, so he tried me on one role.” During the intermission of “Boris Godunov” (I played his son, Theodore) I go to his dressing room and ask her: “Let’s give her a chance. We are not at risk. Well, no…” when I remember, I think: crazy guy I was, being naive, said. And Efremov listened to me seriously and said, “Serge, it’s good that you strive for young artists, but…” And said nothing more. After all, why I asked? Not from arrogance or stupidity, but because he has removed the distance. You thought he gave you down, but in reality he you raised. And you talked to him on his level. But then I left the theater in General for 10 years…

— I was disappointed in the acting profession in the theater?

— When I played Raskolnikov in “Crime and punishment”, I suddenly caught myself thinking that I’m lying. And all. Lying to yourself, partners, and audience… And this thought has developed in me, what with her already it was impossible to tolerate. I then in the Moscow art Theater was not one, but five performances, the work missed. Even played Lenin in the play “Love in Crimea” – Mrozek. Since then, I say that in the Moscow art Theater, two people played Lenin — Kalyagin and me.

But Kalyagin in the Mat were some great performers of the role of Lenin — Mushroom, Zimin, and others. So, maybe you and the last Lenin but not the second.

— Well, destroyed legends, and sounded like beautiful: Kalyagin and I! Kidding.

— Maybe you drank so decided to leave?

— No, I did not drink, but as an honest man realized that he needed to leave. Maybe it’s something on my conscience pressed, but was crazy desperate. I was 29 years old. And I left. Efremov understand me. I think so.

“Ten years spent in the Church was very important for my formation”

— Went into business? Indeed, in the late 90s even to the Moscow art theatre, not only, the audience went bad. Artists rushed to make that clear: families, children…

— No, I went to Church. And in the Church, I received even less than in the theater. Probably, I had such an internal crisis that I could go only to Church. Besides, I’m pretty firmly dealt with by the pastor of the Protestant Church in the Transfiguration. He said to me, “Come on, Billy, come.” There I studied the Bible, engaged in with teenagers, with young people. We went to the Altai, went Hiking. Then the boys grew up, and now they have a beautiful family. And that’s when they have a family, I thought: “Maybe we should go back?..”

And then there was a friend of mine, a classmate Maxim Kubensky, who began to shoot a movie and asked me to try on one of the main roles in his film. After that, I went to my pastor, said that more can not, and he has blessed me.

— So you’re disappointed in the Church, as his time in the theater?

— No, no. I thought a lot about this topic, because at first the pastor spoke to me: “Imagine all your classmates will be popular, and you’ll be in the Church to serve. Are you ready for this?” It seemed to me that he is ready, but the 10 years spent in the Church was very important in my formation. In the Church I met my wife, 24 years live together. No, she’s not an actress, directs the medical center. And it is good that she understands that I’m a freelance artist that sometimes I don’t have a job, but she’s not pounding his fist on the table: “Where’s the money?! You’re a man and…” my wife helps me a lot.

— Usually the actors, who had gone to the Church, from the womb of her in the theatre not be returned. And you came back. You’re from the Church brought to the theatre in acting?

— The feeling of happiness. Every day is happiness. Sometimes I say, “You’re incorrigible optimist. I say, “I am not optimistic. I’m a believer”. I see the bad and see what is happening in me and around me, but have faith that it is possible to change something. For example, when my wife and I lived for four years, and we never had children, we went to the doctors to get tested. Those that list rolled out, I thought, “wow — how many it is necessary money in order to have children?!” I prayed, “God, please, it is very expensive. You can give us children.” And that same night I dreamed that I was on my hands I have a young son. Woke up, told my wife the dream. Most interesting is that this month she got pregnant. We now have two beautiful children; a son in that year he entered the Higher school of Economics faculty of media communications, and there stabulnieki learn.

In General, I’m back in the movie. Starred in the series “Everyday life of captain Chernyaev”. And then I went to the casting to Declan Donnellan — he had just assembled a team for the Tempest by Shakespeare and I got the role of Stefano. At the time I weighed 101 pounds, because especially plumper for the lead role in the movie “the Olympic village”. And now for the “Tinsel,” for my women Shura, especially thin.

The film “Olympic village”.

“I even wonder: I have a lean will succeed or fail, what happened to Tolstoy?”

— As the Church now helps you in the acting profession, if it helps, of course?

— Helps a lot. Michael Chekhov believed that the actor struggling inside love with our selfishness. And love the actors have to defeat your ego. Here Christianity gives me a feeling of love helps us to do everything through the prism of love. Plus moral core: it stores and warns against evil deeds.

— What eyes you’re now looking at fellow actors? How do you find their lifestyle choices?

— Maybe I was lucky, but those with whom you work, I adore Alexander Feklistova, Mikhail Zhigalov, or Ilya Ilyin. Or my classmates — they are impossible not to love. I came to one small role in a long series. Grimiruyutsya, and next to young guys who are playing the main roles — they are still nine months to plow in the series. And I catch peripheral vision: they complain how they are all fed up, and tired, and generally… Speak with disdain about the profession, about roles, about which they maybe never dreamed of. I then thought: “Lord, save me from me appeared this neglect!” And I don’t like about my colleagues: they are approved, given the opportunity to do — and here begins: “tired”, “when will this end,” certain whims… Why would a person tormented in this profession? Would have gone, I think. This is more than just our brother the actor annoying.

— Last question is about your woman… Chur. How do you do that — the voluntary renunciation of colorful textures? Colorful fat man with humor is always in demand in the movies, in the theater, and you suddenly lose weight. Because you can lose a job. You are not afraid?

— Of course, there is a risk. But I wonder: I have a lean will succeed or fail, what happened to Tolstoy?

— If offered the role of Falstaff? Are you ready to gain weight?..

— Not very desirable, but if you will be interested in the material and the Director, I am ready on feats. But while the image of the women Shura I very much hope that she will help me.


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