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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Don won the “bread Olympics” Russia

Agrarians of the Rostov region has collected a record harvest of early grain and leguminous, which in total amounted to 10.5 million tonnes, almost 400 thousand tons higher than in the eternal rivals – the recognized leaders of the domestic agricultural sector farmers in Krasnodar region.

This record of the crops the Pitmen managed to achieve for the first time in the history of the region that was the result of the joint efforts of Agrochemistry, breeding and machinery manufacturers, as well as effective management and support.

“Dared to hope to don the soil and worked around the clock agrarians today, “skim the cream” new record”

History of competition with each other from the don and Kuban in different industries is estimated more than one century. First it was the art of war, then the economy, culture. The latest trend of competitive soccer, FC Rostov last few years have managed to leave behind both the neighborhood team.

But never the don APK is not managed to stay ahead of Kuban, on the key indicator of the domestic agricultural industry – the gross production of grain, at least early. Chernozem and Kuban better (a number of districts of the Rostov region – the zone of risky agriculture), and the climate is softer, and the Sunny days more.

However, recent years don farmers literally on the heels of neighbors over and over again updating a record crop yields – as of August 2013, here has collected 5.8 million tons of early grain crops, in August 2014 – 8,517 million tonnes in August 2015 – 8,539 million tons. The average yield when it hovered around 22 to 30 quintals per hectare.

The noticeable growth in recent years was due to significant government investment in agriculture and adopted measures to stimulate farmers don government for the modernization of agricultural machinery (within the last three years to purchase equipment local “Rostselmash” from the regional budget was allocated about 1 billion rubles).

The role played and the work of the scientific and breeding organizations actively participate in the annual increase in gross indicators.

A year ago on the Day of the harvest the Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev (he is always proud of the leadership of the Kuban agrarian and industrial complex) at a meeting in Rostov, congratulating the record 8.5 million tons, said: “You managed to gather a good harvest of early grains. But I can say that in your area there is potential for growth. I’m sure 9 or even 10 million tons of early grain crops is not far off.” At the same time, emphasizing the growth of productivity, added: “More than 30 quintals per hectare is a good result, but it can be much higher, because we have potential.”

Both orders of the Federal Minister met this year: the gross yield exceeded 10.5 million tons, the average yield of 36 quintals per hectare. The collection of the previous year increased by nearly 2 million tons, and a yield of 5.8 tons per hectare higher than last year. The new harvest more than 70% of wheat.

“For the third year in a row, don farmers beat their own record in the crops! This has never happened before. It was no accident – it is purposeful hard work, strategy, victory! It was a real battle for the harvest. On the background of the Olympic games that are taking place, Rostov oblast put his record and took his bread “Olympic gold” – 10,5 million tons. Our villagers have successfully overcome all trials and made his great contribution to Russian loaf of 2016, – said the Governor of the region Vasily Golubev. An important element for the success is the constant state support. In the current year at the expense of means Federal and regional budgets for agricultural support don provided about 7 billion rubles.”

Note that of this amount, 70% has already been transferred to the accounts of farmers, which is particularly important in terms of timely funding to the villagers for the transfer of these funds, as before, at the end of the year has little effect on field work – nature can’t be forced to wait when the battle for the harvest on account of every Sunny day.

Special acuity “battle” given the fact that last autumn was no rain, the winter grain had to actually sow in dry ground. Spring rainfall has helped, but the summer literally taken aback by hail and frequent rains. But dared to hope to don the soil and worked around the clock agrarians today, “skim the cream” of the new record, with 70% of the total threshed grain – wheat.

Given that for the needs of agriculture of the Rostov region the maximum required 2.5–3 million tons of grain, and the rest – an export potential. In fact, the Golden Fund of the don economy.

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