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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chinese satellite quantum communication successfully went into orbit

From the cosmodrome Jiuquan in the Gansu province of China with the help of the carrier rocket “Changzheng-2D” was successfully launched the world’s first satellite quantum communication, recently received the name of Mo-Tzu in honor of an ancient Chinese philosopher and scholar. The spacecraft successfully launched into orbit, and China did not exclude that the launch could be the first step to creating a global network of quantum communication.

photo: pixabay.com

Developing a satellite quantum communication China began in 2011. Using this device is planned to conduct experiments on quantum teleportation over record large distances. Quantum teleportation is the transmission of information using quantum entangled photons, as one of which you can learn about the condition of the other. Although quantum teleportation has not much in common with the “teleportation” of fiction, she has an important practical advantage over other methods of data transmission: “listening” is similar to the data transfer channel physically impossible from the point of view of modern scientific knowledge, potentially making it the most secure available.

As told by the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pan, tsaneva, if quantum communication between the satellite and the object on the Ground is successful, in the future, China could send into space and other space vehicles such purpose, and by 2030 it is possible to create a global network of quantum communication. Academician also said that in the second half of this year is expected commissioning of the two-kilometer quantum communication line between Beijing and Shanghai.

As announced yesterday, the first satellite quantum communication has been called “Mo-zi”, since the tradition to name spacecraft in honor of the scientists there for a long time. As examples, experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences led the satellite of the Galileo and space telescope “Kepler”. Mo-Tzu lived during the IV-V centuries BC and developed a philosophical doctrine of universal love.


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