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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chaplin about the scandal on “echo”: God bless the destruction of some people

Vsevolod Chaplin gave his first extensive interview after the scandal that occurred during his performance at the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. As reported by the media, Chaplin said that God resolves to destroy (physically, not morally) of the national traitors and a “fifth column”. The broadcast Irina Vorobyova, drove the priest out of the Studio, demanded to remove the recording of the live site and to spread its transcript (however, later it was still published). MK started from the beginning and asked Chaplin what he had said in the Studio. And as it turned out that the “Echo” nothing in excess, he was not credited.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– I understand that my words media provide relatively correct, only discuss them hysterically. But I have no complaints: if the Russians heard something I said, it’s a small victory. And I said that Orthodox Christians can defend themselves against someone who wants to kill the Russians have a moral right to prevent terrorist attacks, and the Church does not forbid it. If it is heard, it means that I have fulfilled his mission. I can only assume that hysteria arose from our Western friends, who first believed that the Russian Orthodox Church forbids the faithful to defend themselves against murder and to protect his loved ones from him. No, God does not forbid it.

– The transcript of this radio I have, can I ask you to try to reproduce it?

– It all started with a discussion of the figure of Ivan the terrible and his repression. Against installation of a monument to him up in arms. We talked about it, and then the conversation moved to the topic of how this king fought with the traitors of Russia. I am to some extent protected him, but did not say that all the dead they were killed fairly. It is then the journalists were deprecatively. But that fight with the scouts, as a result of actions which, if unchecked, will be burned the whole city ” I said. Orthodox Christianity does not forbid them to stop as it was not forbidden during the great Patriotic war to kill Nazis. Then the conversation went on that I as a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church call to kill the modern “fifth column” – the opposition, journalists radiostancii… But that’s was not me.

– So you lied?

– No, I personally “direct speech” nothing more is attributed. I talked about the fact that the Orthodox can deal with traitors and enemies, and can even kill them. God bless the destruction of certain categories of people. Including terrorists. And talking about that terrorist, planning a blast with a huge sacrifice, not to destroy — this is one of the most fraudulent substitution. This is the case when you need to destroy.

The West wants to turn Russian Orthodox society void of pokémon, a society of victims, unable to resist the slightest aggression. Well, let them dream, and Christianity must be able to defend themselves, to see the danger and be able to resist it. Western liberals wanted when they come to destroy your family — you showed non-resistance to evil. As I said on the radio that resist the murderer and rapist Orthodox needs! Well, for me, it is deleted from the Studio.

– To understand and forgive the logic of a Pro-Western radio fans, too: now in Russia for extremism, terrorism, a “fifth column” equated ordinary honest people – fighters against corruption, embezzlement of public funds, arbitrariness of the authorities. Those who asked you questions, there is a fear that the last honest people will harass, and even ROC will support it… And I have such a fear is…

– And not to be afraid of. Just do not let yourself to destroy, as Orthodox Russia didn’t destroy neither the Mongol nor fascist. And God for that resistance to evil does not condemn.


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