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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

According to the head of Rosavtodor, abroad on track to spend significantly more

Among the leaders with the most expensive lines — the USA, Germany and Canada. How much it actually cost domestic highways, “MK” has found out from independent experts. According to their calculations, the construction of roads in Russia is more than 2 times higher than in EU countries.

photo: Alex geldings

“About “expensive” is one of the myths on debunking which we operate. Higher school of Economics together with foreign analysts in 2014-2015, conducted a study of pricing in road construction. According to the obtained data, the average cost of one kilometer of single-lane roads in Russia — 59 million rubles Is 1.5–2 times less than in the US, Germany and Canada. In the United States is 127 mln, in Canada 163 million rubles, in Germany — 81 million, in China — 29 million, in Poland — 25.8 million That is Russia is not the leader among the countries with the most costly routes,” — said the head of Rosavtodor Roman Starovoit media.

According to him, it is also important to note that in different countries the approach to the preparation of road estimates. “In Russia up to 30% of the cost of road works can take the cost of land acquisition, demolition and compensation. For comparison: in the US, Federal funding is allocated from the road Fund only provided that the state has already provided through its own budget for design and survey works, land acquisition, demolition and compensation to the owners, transfer of communications,” continues Starovoit.

However, the cost of roads in Russia, experts interviewed by “MK” estimate is not so optimistic.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov


Nikita ISAEV, the Director of the Institute of contemporary Economics: “a Statement of fact that the cost of road construction is not the greatest in the world, does not mean that Russia’s roads are cheap. Yes, in the United States and Canada, the roads are more expensive, but it is worth considering that we are talking about the sealing of asphalt and concrete roads with a lifespan of up to 40 years. So the excess of the cost of construction is 2.5 times more than kompensiruet long service life. In Moscow, for example, the roadbed is designed for 3 years of service (and then require a yearly partial repairs). We also have experience in the construction of concrete roads. For example, Large and Small concrete ring around Moscow, which appeared in 1955. Asphalt began only after perestroika, and now they do not cause serious pits in contrast to roads that do not have a concrete base. So more correct to compare the construction cost from Europe and China. As already mentioned, in Germany 1 km costs about 81 million rubles, China — 29 million, in Poland — 25.8 million it Turns out that we road costs 2.28 times higher than in Poland, although the average salary in 2 times less, the cost of fuel is also roughly 2 times lower. According to the HSE report, we have up to 30% of the cost goes to land acquisition and to 30.4% for the reconstruction of engineering communications. Note that this maximum value and the average are 3.2% and 3.8%, respectively. Thus, “purified” the cost of 1 km of roads is 57,23 million rubles. And there remains the possibility for the manipulation allegations that all goes into foreclosure and the utilities in contrast to Europe and the United States.

Pavel SIGAL, the first Vice-President “Support of Russia”: “the Problem of Russian roads not expensive, and that in quality they are inferior to even those tracks which are placed on similar technology. Of course, a certain influence plays a natural factor. However, they cannot explain the fact that the canvas, which should safely withstand 30-degree weather for 7-10 years, destroyed for 1-2 seasons. The key problem of Russian roads is a serious violation of the technology of their construction. Moreover, the company, which is engaged in laying of roads, does not bear any risk in case of destruction of the fabric, there is no adequate system for guaranteeing the quality of the product. And, of course, a significant impact on the high cost of our roads is a factor of corruption. The company is interested stacker to complete the project so that after a couple of years the road had to be changed as she will get another contract. The corruption factor is simply turned into a “business model”.


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