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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A tendency to schizophrenia declared the fee of the person behind the mind

A group of researchers representing the University of Oslo and the University of California at San Diego made the assumption that schizophrenia is a kind of “side effect” of an incredibly advanced thinking that developed in Homo sapiens in the process of evolution. Although in the past scientists already suspected about the relationship of mind and schizophrenia at the genetic level, but new scientific research allowed to obtain another proof of this version.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

It is known that none of the existing living beings, besides humans, can suffer from a mental illness like schizophrenia. However, the researchers decided to find out if are prone to this disease closest relatives of humans — the Neanderthals. Representatives of this species were from a genetic point of view so close to the CRO-magnons that they could interbreed, the result is from 1 to 4 percent of the genome of modern humans of European and Asian origin make up the genes inherited by Neanderthals.

However, the Neanderthals, although he was very smart against other members of the animal world, no different level of intelligence, inherent to modern man, allowing to speak a language or to develop other complex skills.

Researchers have paid attention to what genes, according to modern scientific ideas, increase the risk of the person of schizophrenia, and compared these data with available information on the genome of Neanderthals. As a result, scientists have found that Neanderthals, in all probability, to schizophrenia at the genetic level was not inclined, and therefore, the predisposition to it in the ancestors of modern humans was formed after the two species split. Combined with the fact that the main feature of modern humans is the development of intellect, experts have considered logical to assume that it is for his humanity “pays” the tendency of some of its members to schizophrenia.

Their work, scientists reported in the journal Biological Psychiatry.

By the way, recently another group of scientists suggested that another psychological problem — a tendency to depression — some people today are somewhat “obliged” it is kinship with the Neanderthals.

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