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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Yushchenko is forced to acknowledge the existence of the “Russian world” in Ukraine

The former President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has declared, that else at least the country was part of the “Russian world”. In 2008, according to sociologists, the majority of Ukrainians are ready to vote for Putin. Yushchenko clearly confuses cause and effect: it is not Russia engaged in the promotion of the Russian world. On the contrary – the Ukrainian nationalists destroy the Russian world in Ukraine.

The reason that Crimea was lost to Ukraine and what happened in Donbass, became a weak national consciousness of the Ukrainians. So says former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, as he told in interview to the Ukrainian newspaper “Apostrophe”.

“Historical memory is much stronger than all these artificial notions about shirts and whistles from the collection of Yushchenko”

“Putin appeared in the Donbass and in the Crimea, because it gave rise to our weak national identity and national unity, – believes Yushchenko. – When we did the analysis in 2008 when I was still President, then 70% of Ukrainians want to see their President Putin. Then, in 2008-2009, more than half of Ukrainians would answer in the affirmative to the question whether they want to see their President Vladimir Putin. On the part of our territories created the “Russian world,” he says.

Former Ukrainian President responds to the question, why the majority of Ukrainians are still part of “Russian world”. “As our great Metropolitan Ohienko, language is the essence of national. You could start with this analysis: we have a very weak point. When you have a national language, culture, Church, memory, custom, tradition, then you need a state that protects your national consciousness. If you don’t have much national consciousness, I am here to speak on some regions or on certain people, you find it hard Ukrainian essence”, – says Yushchenko.

For example, the correct formation of the political nation, he turns to Russia. “What is it consolidating? Not fat, not bread, not oil, although you can talk about it. Putin, touching this question, said: “Russian language – the state. Russia ends where the Russian language ends,” recalls the ex-President of Ukraine.

In this direction, we need to do a lot of what the current government, according to him, does not. “We talk about anything, but least of all are we talking from the point of view of speech or culture. To better illustrate this, turn on the TV – and if you find a channel that works in the Ukrainian language, it will be a rarity. And this is one of the most powerful means of communication. And look at books or Newspapers. I think that all Ukrainian today in a very difficult position.”

Indeed, despite the rise of nationalist sentiment in Ukraine in recent years, the majority of the population speaks it in Russian. As for polls, most recently in the 2015 edition “Nedelia” voted with the aim to answer the question “What policy you have entrusted the management of their country?”. The choice was given the names of Barack Obama, Victor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, XI Jinping, Alexander Lukashenko, and Yulia Tymoshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Oleg Lyashko, Igor Kolomoisky, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. To the surprise of the press, by a wide margin defeated Vladimir Putin, who was selected by 84 percent of respondents. Ukrainian experts explained the results of the General distrust of Ukrainians to their national politicians.

“Putin could be the President of Ukraine”

Director of the Ukrainian sociological company Research & Branding Group Eugene Kopatko confirm Yushchenko about Putin’s popularity in Ukraine in the second half of zero. He recalled that in these surveys were not identified local policy, but only the world leaders, US presidents, France, Russia and other countries. “Among the first, of course, was Vladimir Putin. For it spoke more than 50 percent,” said Kopatko the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the expectation that Putin could become President of Ukraine, were both on the West and East of the country, “but the motives were different.” “In the East people were closer, as he solves the problems associated with the reforms. And in the West the motive was somewhat different – it must be a strong leader who could govern the country. People had different attitudes to it, but many said that Putin could be President of Ukraine”, – said the sociologist.

Kopatko said that the Ukrainians were particularly attracted to Putin’s ability to solve the problems of their country. Ukrainians understood that it was the charismatic leader and the man who did a lot ten years for Russia. “It was somewhere for a year or two before the presidential elections in Ukraine, when Viktor Yushchenko is already ranking no. Therefore, the emphasis was that we need a strong leader who can reform the situation, make a good major changes in Ukraine”, – he said.

Kopatko said that now in Ukraine, leaders with high confidence just yet. In early 2015, the level of confidence in Petro Poroshenko was quite high, as the then Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. “But over the year, this rating is almost zeroed out. Yatsenyuk it was not at all, and Poroshenko – about 10%. And other politicians who could qualify for 30% support in the country now, no. There is a maximum of two to three policies, the level of trust which is slightly more than 20 percent. This is the highest indicator trust in the country”, – said Kopatko.

In turn, the Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov reminded that the idealist Yushchenko during his presidency, he fought with a phantom. For him and his supporters “Russian world” was a threat.

“Penny whistles from the collection of Yushchenko”

“In fact, “Russian world” is not a project that was made yesterday or the day before. But Yushchenko and his design thinking thought so. This thinking was vaccinated Ukrainian elite with the help of various Western foundations, educational programs, export elites to study in the United States and Western Europe. Yushchenko is actively passed through these training programs since the mid-nineties and early zero. Yushchenko was incorporated as a trained representative of the Ukrainian elite even became President with the support of American forces,” – said Martynov newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the Ukrainians themselves have come up with this myth, actually the “Russian world” is not created by someone, this is not a project, and socio-cultural space, which encompasses not only the territory of the former USSR, but in the surrounding space.

“It is impossible to simulate the space in a year or ten years. It evolved over the centuries. In this sense, they tried to break the course of history. Despite some temporary successes, they failed. Still, the historical memory is much stronger than all these artificial notions about shirts and whistles from the collection of Yushchenko”, – he said.

Martynov reminded that Viktor Yushchenko, as the hero of the first independence, did not allow himself to cross a certain line, beyond which was the point of no return in relations with Russia. “But historical memory is stronger. Here’s the people, the carriers of this historical memory. Such as the Ukraine 40 million. Those involved in this project to fight the Russian world in the design of a certain national identity, as they call it, is much smaller. It is primarily the tragedy of the Ukraine and the Ukrainian people”, – said Alexey Martynov.

“Russia is Putin. And Ukraine – who is this?”

Ukrainian political analyst, former editor in chief of the newspaper “Kiev Telegraph” Vladimir Skachko believes that Yushchenko only States the facts, and the country’s population, consciously or unconsciously, is tired of “greedy, lacking in initiative, spineless and completely incompetent leaders, who by and large do not put priority to national interests, and doing only his works.”

“Neither former presidents of Ukraine, nor the current Peter A. “Chocolate” are not leaders of the country in which she needs. Ukraine so this all disintegrated, Comedy, circus, amusement, only for the simple reason that she was not one to navigate. We are the part of the Soviet system, where a very strong paternalistic attitudes when there is a leader, a God-given power, which should be guided and which is personified in one man.

Russia is Putin. And Ukraine – who is this? A bunch of clowns and losers? No, of course. Disintegration upstairs desorientiert the entire population. They are trying to find idols less, here it is the deification, followed by dipping the face in the shit when something does not suit public opinion. Those commanders of the Maidan, the punitive battalions, the same Nadia Savchenko”, – said the jump newspaper VIEW.

But besides the former President, giving such an interview, and decides its own tasks.

“Yushchenko wants, of course, to remind myself. This is the practice of all former presidents, except for Yanukovych, who is nowhere. All of them are somehow afraid that someone will remind them of old sins, will take them over the soft spot and pull out. Every Ukrainian President, as usual, that the criminal code is possible for him to study. They all make some initiatives. Or shout it to the authorities, or, on the contrary, flatter her to get security guarantees. They don’t think they are losers. They think that public figures, so allow yourself to imagine themselves as a moral authority able to issue these or other recommendations with a plus sign or a minus sign,” – says jump.

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