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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Moscow electoral Commission has finished registration of candidates on elections in the state Duma

Chairman of the Moscow city election Commission Valentin Gorbunov on Monday reported on the readiness of the capital for the elections to the state Duma of the 7th convocation. 15 single member constituencies, which formed in Moscow, was made by the 215 candidates. Was 180 people: 178 of them nominated by political parties and two self-nominated candidates. Nominated 183 candidates from political parties and 32 in the self-nomination.

Valentin Gorbunov. Photo: AGN “Moscow”

According to Gorbunov, 8 people refused to participate in elections is voluntary. 6 candidates denied registration on the basis of verification of signature sheets. A self nominated 32 people. But of these, only 12 submitted documents. Four provided insufficient number of signatures. Valentin Gorbunov, for example, said that in the Central district there is an “eternal” candidate who is not the first time trying to register for the elections, but always brings only one signature — his own.

People who responsibly collect signatures in his support, was able to do it. Although because of limitations on the collection of signatures and their large numbers make it wasn’t easy. So registered on the basis of voter signatures in 196-m Babushkinskaya constituency Vladimir Lakeev, marriage signatures made up 2.15%. In 208 Central constituency was Maria Baronova from the “Open Russia”, the marriage of signatures amounted to 2.5%. Both candidates openly the opposition: Vladimir Lakeev support “Communists of Russia”, and Mary Baronova is a convicted oligarch crook Mikhail Khodorkovsky. But this did not prevent them to undergo strict selection of Mosgorizbirkoma.

Denied registration a total of 27 candidates, 21 candidates have not made the full required documentation for registration and 6 candidates in order of self-promotion is denied on the basis of verification of signature sheets.

Any complaints not received the counter-signature collectors, all conditions were created, no one no one interfered. No complaints in the placement of cubes. All candidates, all parties, no one interferes. Also no complaints on the issue of billboards.

As always, candidates complain to each other on campaigning. Typically, this information is not verified. Massive complaints have been received on the candidate Rashkin due to the fact that he sends in the forms and the envelopes of the state Duma of gratitude with calls to vote for candidates of the Communist party. The Moscow electoral Commission made a request to the office of the state Duma, and it turned out that this is not the original forms, there was a substitution. All materials are transferred in law enforcement bodies.

The only scandal happened with the candidate on 207-mu electoral district Alexander by Zakondyrin. He complained to the CEC that he was not aware that his signature check do not know anything at all. But in his signature sheets revealed 77 dead, as confirmed by the certificates of the FMS and Registrar, 17 minors and 1500 doubles. There are a few collectors recorded the same surname in their lists. It turned out that in 2009 during the elections in the MHD was prosecuted and he was convicted of the same facts. So here, apparently, it’s about the candidate-“the recidivist”.

In all open polling stations will be organized by CCTV. All expenses are picked up on the city budget. Will be created a national headquarters for CCTV, as in previous elections, the headquarters will be headed by the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov. Thus, the possibility of falsification of results: surveillance will be carried out not only during voting but also during the counting of votes. A response team of stakeholders (observers, journalists and representatives of candidates) in case of conflict situations at the polling stations will have the right to rewind the video and view the time.

All in all, the elections to the state Duma on 18 September 2016 in Moscow was an average of 12 candidates per district. When compared with previous years, the trend leads to an increase of applicants for the mandate, and hence to a more interesting and competitive elections.

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