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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The head of the headquarters of the trump accused of corrupt ties with Yanukovych

Against Donald trump continues to play the “Russian card”. Under attack was the head of the headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort, in the recent past worked with the Ukrainian Party of regions. In the article the NY Times about how the Kiev corruption fighters expose former power and associated of Manafort, Yanukovych’s party, named Pro and the mentioned statements trump about Putin. Would the Ukrainian security forces and politicians favor Hillary Clinton?

Investigators of the Ukrainian National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB), studying the secret records of the former Ukrainian leadership reported that they found the name of the head of the election headquarters of Donald trump Paul Manafort. This statement is contained in the bulk of this article, published yesterday in the New York Times.

“Clinton accused that she received from a number of Ukrainian leaders money to your Fund

66-year-old spin doctor by Paul Manafort, who in March became part of the electoral headquarters of the trump and Jun led the staff, really took in his career against Ukraine. In 2005, Manafort led a group of American political strategists who at the invitation of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov started to work on the image of the Party of regions. In 2007, the future head of the electoral headquarters of the tramp was dismissed from the electoral headquarters of the party of Viktor Yanukovych. However, Manafort continued to provide services to the leader of the regions, who in 2010 was elected President. On the fact of cooperation of Manafort with Yanukovych and based the allegations contained in the New York Times article.

“Handwritten account books show about $ 12.7 million in secret cash payments intended for Mr Manafort from the Pro-Russian political party of Mr Yanukovych from 2007 to 2012”, – stated in the material.

We are talking about the so-called black Ledger – handwritten materials volume of about 400 pages, found in the former headquarters of Party of regions on Lipskaya street in Kiev. Investigators NAB argue that the name of Manafort “was mentioned 22 times in the documents for five years.”

By Paul Manafort

(photo:Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Lawyer Manafort Richart, Chibi, quoted by the authors, emphasizes that his client “did not receive such payments, and the charges in Kiev “to a large extent politically motivated”. But anyway, the statement about the money, “the purpose of which is unclear”. Note that the Party of regions named “Pro”.

“Approving trump statements against Putin”

The authors do not hide that “stuffing” on the dubious Ukrainian contacts, the current head of the headquarters of the trump is associated with the presidential campaign in the United States. Note that, according to many American media, experienced consultant Manafort transformed trump, so that he strengthened their popularity.

The newspaper reminds about Russia-friendly statements, which affords the candidate in US presidents from Republicans.

“American foreign policy is becoming an acute issue in the presidential campaign – from approving the statements of Mr. trump to Putin and the annexation of the Crimea to the suspicion of the burglary by Russian hackers e-mails the Democratic party,” the material says the NY Times.

In the very next sentence States that “inspection activities of Manafort reveals new details of how he mixed politics and business, hiding it from view of the public and capitalizing that became the subject of attention of the new Kiev authorities”.

“Understand what is happening in Ukraine”

The point of view of the new government in conversation with the authors voiced Vitaly KASKO, which from may 2014 to February 2016 held the post of Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Note that in April vs KASKO opened a criminal case on suspicion of fraud in obtaining service apartments. Manafort “understand what is happening in Ukraine, it should be clear to any reasonable person that the clan Yanukovych, when he came to power, engage in corruption,” said KASKO the New York Times and added: “it is Impossible to imagine a person who will look at it and think that everything is in order.”

Among the accusations against Manafort mentioned in the article include the creation of offshore companies at the time of conclusion of the transaction on acquisition of the Ukrainian cable television.

On top of the head of the election headquarters of the trump recalled the collaboration with other “bad guys”, in addition to Yanukovych. In particular, reference was made to the work of Manafort on Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who, like Yanukovych, was overthrown in a popular uprising.” The fact of the work of Manafort with the administration of George H. W. Bush, as well as with the authorities of the US friendly Saudi Arabia in the New York Times article was not mentioned.

Where Manafort would lead to a “marginal threat” trump?

An article in the NY Times revelations Ukrainian relations Paul Manafort is not the first material of this kind, which published this edition.

Fellow at Washington Center for the national interest Rachel Bauman noted at the beginning of August, the most “striking example of the manipulation of facts became one of the articles the New York Times about the relationship of Manafort with the alleged “ugly side of Russian and Ukrainian politics.”

As Bauman writes, the authors of the NYT does not take into account the “numerous attempts” to tear Manafort former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych from Moscow and “drag” it to the side of Washington. New York Times mentions them in the article, but is silent about how all these attempts could adversely affect the interests of Russia, for example, in the field of energy.

In unison with the new York edition are high-ranking officials and politicians in Kiev. “No wonder Manafort previously headed the Yanukovych campaign, and now trump. Yanukovych in the Crimea fled to Russia. Where Manafort will lead trump? #Trampas?”, – posted July 31 on the page in Facebook the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. There’s also the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry has called trump a “dangerous outcast” and his words about the possibility of recognition of Russian Crimea – as a “shameless statement.”

On the same day at least reacting the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. “Statement of Donald trump about the Crimea and Putin went beyond domestic political campaign. Official candidate for President of the United States challenges the values of the free world, the civilized order and international law. It can hardly be called ignorance. It is a crime of ethical and civilizational principles.

Mirror dirt

A member of the presidential Council for interethnic relations, the political analyst Bogdan Bezpalko sure that in this way the Ukrainian authorities and politicians are trying to help Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. “In this situation is the attempt to influence the elections in the United States. Especially because Donald trump if not very successfully, confidently holds all the blows from their opponents,” Bezpalko said the newspaper VIEW.

He noted that he was surprised by the appearance of such compromising. In fact, it mirrored the dirt, which was used against Hillary Clinton. “Clinton accused that she received from a number of Ukrainian leaders money in his campaign Fund. Even published the relevant documents. But I’m sure that Hillary Clinton is unlikely to carry out its policies in accordance only with Ukrainian sponsors. It was just one of the lobbyists who were trying to stake out a place at the future President of the United States,” he said.

Moreover, the expert was surprised that the information appeared only now. “About the relations of the Ukrainian politicians with the Fund Hillary Clinton spoke long enough before the election. And now researchers have discovered… it is not clear that This requires a thorough check. By the way, where suddenly it can still negatively regard – I’m confused too. Compared to the current President Yanukovych is just the pinnacle of the Ukrainian state economically, politically and in all other respects. Therefore, even if the information about Manforce be true, I wonder how it can be used as incriminating evidence? For most people of Ukraine Yanukovych is economic stability, the absence of civil war. This is exactly what trump says. It is the trump accuses his opponents of waging wars around the world that brings damage to America. It calls to abandon this flawed political practice,” said Bezpalko.

The Open Secret

In turn, the scientist-americanist Yuri Rogulev convinced that any information that comes from the Ukraine, is unlikely to trust a hundred. “These documents relate to Yanukovych, who formally remained President of Ukraine, but was forced to leave its borders. Here you can write and say anything,” said Rogulev the newspaper VIEW.

He noted that the participation of American consultants in the work of Yanukovych’s campaign headquarters for anybody not a secret. “But there are Russian advisers participated. So in this very fact is not surprising. As for amounts, it is all from evil. Why payment was to be made illegal? This, of course, on the conscience of those who publish it”, – the expert believes.

According to him, the publication of such information can greatly affect the course of the presidential race. He explained that Manafort – Executive person, he carried out the work entrusted to him. “Such a person can be replaced. This is not the key figure that determines the policy of trump. It is difficult to assess what he wants to do Ukraine, knowing the fact that the official authorities of Ukraine enough are closely guarded by their overseas partners. And who in this case, they can end up is a big issue,” he explained.

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